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the bread has 60% substitutes of cattle-fodder (beast-food, even the new york times of november 13, 1918, e.v. has it) so, being afraid, it dare not strike. and when the trouble begins, we aristocrats of freedom, from the castle or the cottage, the tower or the tenement, shall have the slave mob against us. the newspapers will point out to us that "the people" prefer to starve, and thank john d. rockefeller for the permission to do so. still deeper, there is a meaning in this verse applicable to the process of personal initiation. by "the people" we may understand the many-headed and mutable mob which swarms in the slums of our own minds. most men are almost entirely at the mercy of a mass of loud and violent emotions, without discipline or even organization. they sway with the mood of th


could not bribe frederic with a motor-car to grind in an office and help to strive and enslave his fellows. the bloated, short-of-breath, bedizened magnates of commerce and finance are not life, but a disease. the monster hotel is not hospitality, but imprisonment. civilisation is a madness; and while there are men like frederic there is a hope that it will pass. woe to the earth when bumble and rockefeller and their victims are the sole economic types of man! roderic sat down on his favourite bench against the wall, and took stock of things. how well he remembered the immense christ at the end of the room, a figure conceived by a giant of old time, one might have thought, and now covered with a dry, green lichenous rot, so that the limbs were swollen and distorted. it gave an incredibly


all work for the religion we love. we have had articles in past issues of the voys on misrepresentation of the craft on television and in movies. we are happy to once again give the addresses of tv networks and agencies that deal with broadcasters. remember, when writing, to state your case clearly and calmly and without abuse. rb abc-tv, 1300 avenue of the americas, new york, ny 10019 nbc-tv, 30 rockefeller plaza, new york, ny 10020 cbs-tv, 51 west 52nd street, new york, ny 10019 pbs-tv, 485 ltnfant plaza west sw, washington dc 20024 action for children's television, 46 austin street, newtonsville, ma 02160 federal communications commission, 1919 m street nw, washington dc 20554 national citizen's committee for broadcasting, 1346 connecticut ave. nw, washington dc 20554 national advertisi


with the help of money provided by the banks, those same banks lend them more money that doesn't exist to rebuild their shattered nations and infrastructure. this produces even more profits for the banks and, through debt, gives them control of those countries and their peoples. the rothschild empire quickly became highly skilled in such manipulation, as did those in america like j.r morgan, the rockefeller empire, and many others who, when you look behind the front organisations and 40. and the truth shall set you free smokescreens, are controlled by the same few families and individuals. there is evidence to suggest that in fact the house of rothschild was behind both of these great american business and banking empires, a demonstration of the rothschilds' brilliance for hiding the exte

is not to cast aspersions on jewish people as a whole, the vast majority of whom have no idea what is happening and certainly would not support it if they did know. many of the members of families i will name, like the rothschilds, rockefellers, and others, do not know the game plan, either. it is those who control those empires that i am seeking to expose, not everyone whose name is rothschild, rockefeller, or whatever. i believe that researchers over the years who have blamed the entire conspiracy on the jewish people as a whole are seriously misguided; similarly, for jewish organisations to deny that any jewish person is working for the new world order conspiracy is equally naive and allowing dogma or worse to blind them to reality. we are looking at a common thread- a lust for power a

this was all happening under the pretence of 'democracy. the elite bankers met at a place called jekyl island in georgia to put together the bill for the introduction of the new us central bank, the federal reserve system. they travelled in a luxurious private railroad car owned by senator nelson aldrich, the political mouthpiece for the elite in washington, and the grandfather of nelson aldrich rockefeller (the four times mayor of new york and the vice president of the united states under president ford. aldrich's daughter, abby, was married to john d. rockefeller jr. for years after the meeting on jekyl island, the 'educators, commentators, and 'historians' denied it took place. now this has been accepted, but it is said to have been an insignificant event. utter bilge. it was the momen

re the organisations and the businesses of the so called 'eastern establishment, which work in concert with the british and european round table members under a common global policy. among the central players and financial supporters of the round table in the united states were the 60. and the truth shall set you free carnegie united kingdom trust, the companies and trusts in the nexus around the rockefeller, j.p. morgan, and whitney families, along with others linked to the international financiers in london like the rothschilds and lazard brothers. all these people were supporters of the world government ideals of the new world order. the round table interconnected closely with other branches of the elite including freemasonry and, in the usa, with the sinister secret society based at ya

sinister secret society based at yale university known as the skull and bones society. i will explain much more about this later. for now, i need only say that many of the influential american names behind the first world war and the bolshevik revolution were members of or had connections with the skull and bones society. the two names which dominated the elite/round table network in america were rockefeller and morgan, who were both closely connected with and probably controlled by the rothschilds (comm 300. the rockefellers (real name, rockenfelder) are at the heart of the new world order deception to this very day. j.d. rockefeller started his standard oil company in 1853 to produce the fuel for oil lamps, but, as the potential for oil was realised, it became a global company with treme

ed with and probably controlled by the rothschilds (comm 300. the rockefellers (real name, rockenfelder) are at the heart of the new world order deception to this very day. j.d. rockefeller started his standard oil company in 1853 to produce the fuel for oil lamps, but, as the potential for oil was realised, it became a global company with tremendous power. in the early years of this century, the rockefeller empire encompassed scores of other industries and interests, including railways and banks. they owned or controlled the national city bank, the hanover national bank, the united states trust company, and leading insurance companies like equitable life and mutual of new york. the morgan empire was founded on steel, shipping, and the electricity industry, including general electric. in t

s trust company, and leading insurance companies like equitable life and mutual of new york. the morgan empire was founded on steel, shipping, and the electricity industry, including general electric. in the financial sector, the national bank of commerce, new york life insurance, and the guaranty trust company, the biggest trust company in america, were all morgan companies at that time.6 morgan/rockefeller were quite a twosome, and no us government or politician could rule without their consent. they were in league with other american families of the anglo-american political, banking, and business cartels in the eastern establishment, including the dulles family. john foster dulles and his brother allen will be another common thread in our story from the first world war to the kennedy as

he united states, in support of rothschild interests. when the first j.p. morgan died in 1913, he left only $11 million, a very modest sum, considering his reputation and the fortunes left by others. this is most likely to have been because he was a frontman for the rothschilds and not all-powerful in his own right. the wall street reporter, lincoln steffens, interviewed both j.p. morgan and j.d. rockefeller, and he realised that they were not the real power behind their empires "no-one ever seems to ask the question 'who is behind the morgans and rockefellers, he once wrote. it is noteworthy, too, that the morgans had a reputation for being anti-jewish while in fact working closely with the rothschilds. this ploy of "anti-semitism" is often used to camouflage rothschild interests. the rot

uals on both sides of the atlantic who worked together covertly in pursuit of the goal of world government, a world central bank, a world currency, and a world army. the technology for electronic money and a microchipped population would be added later. by now, certain names were appearing which would be involved in almost everything of global significance in the decades that followed: names like rockefeller, rothschild, morgan, harriman, milner, dulles, warburg, roosevelt, house, and baruch. these names will become familiar as the conventional view of history is overturned. such names and organisations within the elite/illuminati/brotherhood network have been behind the two world wars, the russian revolution, the rise of adolf hitler, and the constant manipulation of the financial system

war. another confirmation that the first world war was engineered for longer term reasons came in the 1950s, with the findings of a us congressional investigation by the reece committee into the carnegie endowment for international peace. it was found to be an organisation dedicated to creating war! this organisation is one of a network of so-called tax-exempt foundations started by the carnegie, rockefeller, and ford families, which help to fund the new world order plan. norman dodd, the reece committee's director of research, reported the findings of his investigator kathryn casey: dodd said that at one meeting of the carnegie trustees, the question was asked "is there any means known to man more effective than war if you want to alter the lives of an entire people" it was decided that t

shall set you free dodd said that kathryn casey then found other minutes, dealing with the work of the carnegie endowment to prevent american life returning to its pre-war state. changing the way people lived and thought was, after all, the main point of the war. dodd reported that..they came to the conclusion that, to prevent a reversion, they must control education. and then they approached the rockefeller foundation and they said 'will you take on the acquisition of control of education as it involves subjects that are domestic in their significance. and it was agreed. then together, they decided that the key to it was the teaching of american history and they must change that. so, they then approached the most prominent of what we might call american historians at that time with the id

s that rhodes prevented the rothschilds from winning control of the south african gold industry. as a result, she says, they have sought to blame him for the deeds of the real head of the round table, alfred milner. 3 carroll quigley, the anglo-american establishment (books in focus, new york, 1981 edition) p312 4 ibid p5 5 carroll quigley, anglo-american establishment, pl97 6 this information on rockefeller and morgan holdings comes from wall street and the bolshevik revolution by anthony c. sutton (veritas publishing, morley, western australia, 1981)p49-50 7 the new order, our secret rulers, pl7 8 the new order, our secret rulers, p10 9 jim keith, casebook on alternative 3 (llluminet press, lilburn, usa, 1994) p20 10 said at a hearing of the post-war graham committee, which investigated

of the british and american delegations at versailles when they gathered at the hotel majestic in paris on may 30th 1919. the two groups were composed of members of lord milner's round table from britain and colonel house's 'inquiry' group from the united states. quite simply, they were dedicated to the creation of the new world order. the round table had close links with the rothschild, morgan, rockefeller, and carnegie empires, and these connections were extended to the royal institute of international affairs (riia. in britain, the astors, including major john (jacob) astor (comm 300, a director of hambros bank and owner of the times newspaper (after 1922) were operating at the heart of both the round table and the institute, and many of the former associates of cecil rhodes were invol

ronts 85 considerable sway at oxford and other universities and within the london school of economics. funding this infiltration and the publications and propaganda was never a problem. whenever money is required, some part of the brotherhood network will provide it. by 1926, the money was flowing in for books and other work from the carnegie united kingdom trustees, the bank of england, and j.d. rockefeller. the rothschilds were, and are, the power behind the scenes. within seven years of its launch, the funding of the institute by the major banks and multinationals was already established; this continues today with global companies making donations to the cause. in 1926, funding came from, among many others: the bank of england; barclays bank; lloyds, and lloyds bank; westminster bank; m

and people, controlled by the same elite, cast a web of manipulation and deceit across the atlantic from london to new york and washington, and then further afield, too. much of the funding for this new world order network comes from the taxexempt foundations. these are the foundations created by the big names of banking, industry, and finance, to make donations to various causes. people like the rockefeller, ford, and carnegie families all formed foundations and presented them as vehicles of philanthropy. in fact, they are used as tax havens in the name of united fronts 87 charity while most of the money is actually channelled into organisations and subject areas which support and promote centralised control. this reality almost became public in the 1950s, but the elite control of the med

reece committee discovered that the carnegie endowment for international peace was promoting war and the foundations were presenting the united nations as the base for a socialist-communist coalition. all these findings came from an official congressional committee.4 this is still happening today and behind the names all these major foundations, including ford and carnegie, are controlled by the rockefeller family. the ford foundation came in for especially strong criticism. it gave a billion dollars to the cause of 'education' and a million dollars to the council on foreign relations. the foundations are another arm of global manipulation. norman dodd was the reece committee's director of research and he interviewed the then ford foundation president, h. rowan gaither, as part of his rep

and in 1934 around 85% of german petroleum products were imported. this would obviously dry up during a war. but a deal between farben and the rockefellers ensured a constant supply of oil to germany. farben began to invest vast sums from the wall street loans into research aimed at developing processes to make oil from the german reserves of coal. what they couldn't discover for themselves, the rockefeller's standard oil gave to them! in january 1933, just before hitler came to power, a report from the commercial attache at the us embassy in berlin said: unitedfronts 93 "in two years germany will be manufacturing oil and gas enough out of soft coal for a long war. the standard oil of new york is furnishing millions of dollars to help."19 the rockefellers also helped i.g. farben with chem

used for the latter months of the war. the two men certainly have obvious facial differences when their pictures are put side by side. 35 the spotlight (september 12th 1994) pl5 36 the atlantic monthly (november 1945) 37 ibid 38 bulletin of atomic scientists (october 1946) 39 pugwash comes from the name of the canadian estate of industrialist, cyrus eaton. he began his career as secretary to j.d. rockefeller before he became a business partner of the dynasty. 40 the spotlight (may 16th and september 12th 1994) chapter 7 master races he same attitude that suppressed the challenge to the manipulation of world war two, today sees people vilified and jailed for questioning some of the official versions of the holocaust in nazi germany. if you do that, no-one listens to the evidence because thi

l in his 1973 book, none dare call it conspiracy "one major reason for the historical blackout on the role of the international bankers in political history is that the rothschilds were jewish [anti-jewish people..have played into the hands of the conspiracy by trying to portray the entire conspiracy as jewish. nothing could be farther from the truth. the traditionally anglo saxon j.p. morgan and rockefeller international banking institutions have played a key role in the conspiracy. but there is no denying the importance of the rothschilds and their satellites. however, it is just as unreasonable and immoral to blame all jews for the crimes of the rothschilds as it is to hold all baptists accountable for the crimes of the rockefellers "the jewish members of the conspiracy have used an org

ace purification by sterilisation and the prevention of births to those considered inferior bloodstocks (population control societies. all of this was up and running long before anyone had heard of adolf hitler and the nazis. hitler's germany was a vehicle for part of this movement; it wasn't the whole movement. soon after hitler had abolished elections and become dictator of germany in 1933, the rockefeller-funded dr rudin was commissioned to write the law for the prevention of hereditary diseases in posterity, which involved the forced sterilisation of anyone considered genetically inferior. a quarter of a million people who were mental patients, blind, deaf, or alcoholics were sterilised on the order of special eugenics courts. rudin supervised this policy and trained the psychiatrists

mmittee formulated plans to depopulate the poorer countries: i.e. those people who do not have white skins. the growth of such peoples, said draper, was a threat to the national security of the united states.20 eisenhower dismissed draper's proposals, but with support from his fellow racial purity fanatics, he went on to found the population crisis committee 'draper fund, which- together with the rockefeller and dupont families- continued to promote eugenics under the guise of population control. draper was advisor to president lyndon johnson on this subject and that administration began to use the overseas aid programme to fund birth control in non-white countries. another of draper's21 like-minds in american politics was to be prescott's son, george bush, a vocal supporter of general dra


ynasty. throughout history, the reptilians have perpetuated their "purest" bloodlines by marrying as closely as possible to their own genetics. it is vital to remember that these bloodlines do not just breed through their official partners. they have stunning numbers of children out of wedlock. these offspring are then brought up with names that are different to the major illuminati families like rockefeller and rothschild. so when one of these children, called clinton, roosevelt, or whoever, enters a position of power, the people do not relate them to the illuminati families because they have a different name. but, and i can't emphasise this enough, they are the same bloodline. this is how they hide the tribe, the anunnaki genetic network. phillip eugene de rothschild, who now lives in am

infowars.com. among the participants at bohemian grove past and present are george bush; george w. bush; al gore; ronald reagan; richard nixon; jimmy carter; gerald ford; dwight d. eisenhower; lyndon johnson; herbert hoover; teddy roosevelt; dan quayle; robert kennedy (jfk's brother; joseph kennedy (jfk's father; earl warren (head of the warren commission, which "investigated" jfk's murder; david rockefeller; laurance rockefeller; nelson rockefeller; henry kissinger; mikhail gorbachev (the soviet union and the "west" were always controlled by the same force; william f. buckley, an american publisher and major illuminati operative; george shultz, the former secretary of state to ronald reagan; walter cronkite, america's most famous news reader; william randolph hearst, the the shape-shifter

picted holding the flame of knowledge. the coat of arms of the city of london, one of the global centres for the serpent cult today, is the st george's cross being held (owned, controlled) by two flying reptiles (figure 22. when you drive into the city alongside the river thames, you pass two flying reptiles holding the cross of st george (see picture section. as i mentioned before, the reptilian rockefeller bloodline has placed a gold statue of prometheus in the rockefeller centre in new york (figure 23. the heraldry and coats of arms of poland are another example. they include the images found among all european royalty and aristocracy- the openly reptilian serpent, griffin, salamander, and caduceus, plus the sphinx and unicorn.36 rule britannia the accounts in the edda of the battles be

it be that this marriage of "adam" and "eve" in the edda was symbolic of the interbreeding between those of the nordic and reptilian bloodlines that became known as the "aryans" and the "serpent kings? their wedding procession described in the edda can be seen on hittite rock sculptures dating to around 3000bc in king figure 23: the gold statue of prometheus with the flame of illumination at the rockefeller center in new york figure 24: thor/lndara/george fights with balder, whose legs are symbolically depicted as serpents 160 children of the matrix thor/indara/adam's old capital of pteria, which is now bogaz koi in turkey (figure 25 "adam and eve" are depicted exchanging a cross-like emblem and a "globe" object, which waddell says is an apple from the rowan or mountain ash tree. this tre

s rendered. llluminati everywhere there is a network of llluminati front organisations that have been increasingly exposed in recent years. among them are the bilderberg group and the council on foreign relations, and i will say more about this network in a later chapter. henry kravis, owner of kindercare, is a member of the council on foreign relations and has attended meetings of the rothschild-rockefeller-kissinger-orchestrated bilderberg group. he was on the guest list at the bilderberg bash at turnberry in scotland between may 14th-17th, 1998. his second wife, marie-josee kravis, a senior fellow at the illuminati-funded hudson institute, is also a bilderberger and member of the council on foreign relations. her other connections include being a columnist on the canadian financial post

e netherlands where its first official meeting took place in may 1954, but bil can have many connotations "bil, for instance, was another name for "thor, the first king of sumer, according to the edda, and bil also relates to bel, the ancient sun god. bil-der-berg actually translates, apparently, as "bil or bel of the mountain. the bilderberg group is co-ordinated by lovers of humanity like david rockefeller and henry kissinger. prince bernhard, a german habsburg and former nazi ss officer, married into the dutch royal family, the merovingian house of orange. this is the same bloodline as william of orange who played such a pivotal role for the illuminati when he sat on the british throne, signed the charter to create the bank of england, and started conflicts in ireland that continue to t

generale de belgique- the massive banking and utility conglomerate in belgium. he is also chairman of the illuminati front, the european round table of industrialists. this formulates policy for the european commission, which then dictates to the european union. davignon is a founder member and president of amue, the association for the monetary union of europe, as well as being a member of david rockefeller's trilateral commission, the european institute in washington, and a director of anglo-american mining. european monetary union is a progression to the world currency. in his position as industry commissioner in the 1980s, davignon was instrumental in turning european institutions from supporting small business to supporting big business. he did this by getting european industrialists

they sell you a solution that involves centralisation and when that doesn't work (on purpose) they sell you another solution that involves more centralisation. the illuminati, as my other books document, controlled the people who created the united nations and they have controlled those who have administered its policy to this day. even its headquarters in new york is built on land donated by the rockefeller family, who also donated the land for the headquarters of the league of nations. the un building was previously the site of a slaughterhouse. with the illuminati obsessed with blood sacrifice and symbolism, that is no coincidence. the world central bank and currency money, together with fear, are the main weapons of human control. when you follow the bloodlines through history there ar

nths before his retirement that it dawned on him that all the money he had been lending for the bank throughout his career was just an illusion. it had never actually existed. in the united states the trillions of dollars of government debt, serviced by the sweat and toil of the people, is "owed" to the us "central bank, the federal reserve. this was launched in 1913 by agents for the rothschild, rockefeller, and j.p. morgan banking families (see..and the truth shall set you free) and, ever since, the us government has borrowed its "money" from the "fed. the head of the federal reserve is currently the llluminati satanist alan greenspan (bil, tc, cfr, who took over from paul a. volker (bil, tc, cfr. you get the picture. greenspan attends the rituals at bohemian grove and, according to phil

r their own benefit. most of the "quackery" goes on every day in the official hospitals and doctors' surgeries and the evil is in the billions of people who suffer and die when they could be cured if these suppressed healing methods were in widespread use. this is not to condemn all doctors, only the system which imprisons them. why do you think so many of the most prominent illuminati like david rockefeller and henry kissinger are able to jet around the world like 40 year olds when they are both in their 70s? by using the drugs that the rockefeller pharmaceutical empire turns out for the rest of us? you must be joking. these people know they are causing the death and suffering of billions by their actions, but they don't give a shit, just as most humans don't give a shit about the plight

as unquestioned truth. nonsense. the fact that large numbers of aids victims are not serving the dragon: the future 365 hiv-positive is proof alone that all aids cases are not hiv related. hiv is actually a weak virus and it has been labelled the all-encompassing villain to hide the real causes of shattered immune systems. what a coincidence that "wonder drugs" to treat people with hiv, like the rockefeller cartel's infamous azt, have a rather significant side effect: they destroy..the immune system! no, it's true. azt was a chemotherapy drug for cancer and was found to be so toxic it had to be withdrawn. when you see the effects of chemotherapy drugs that are still in use, how toxic must azt really be? chemotherapy drugs have a simple role. they kill cells. not just cancer cells. all cel

hey kill all the cancer cells before they kill enough healthy cells to kill the patient? this is why chemotherapy patients get so ill and even if the cancer is eliminated they have a permanently damaged immune system because the drug also kills the white cells that protect us against disease. when illuminati agents whipped up the anger of homosexuals to demand that a treatment be found for hiv, a rockefeller company took azt back off the shelf as a "wonder drug. its "wonder" was that it increased the creation of white blood cells, the body's immune system that hiv is supposed to destroy. what they didn't tell you was that this initial increase in white cells was because azt was so poisonous, the body's defence mechanism jumped into action when it was administered and produced all the white

s research team and has progressed "ahead of schedule. the illuminati agenda is not dependent on the necessary technology becoming available by accident. it is developed well in advance and is introduced in line with the planned timescale. at that point we are told the technology has just been discovered when in fact it has been waiting in the wings for years. the tax-exempt foundations, like the rockefeller foundation, give vast sums to scientific research, but, as a us congressional committee established in the 1950s, they do not lose control of how the money is spent and insist that the research serves the needs of 372 children of the matrix the global agenda. the illuminati-controlled princeton university was involved in the development of this micro-chip along with the new jersey inst

ere is little money or sponsorship in that. science is geared to finding a new drug or industrial technique that will generate a fortune for its funders. it's a money-making machine and not inspired by an open-minded spirit of discovery. as a congressional committee established as far back as the 1950s, those funders of "scientific" research in us universities, the tax-exempt foundations like the rockefeller foundation, were dictating what the outcome of that research would be before it had even started! without such an agreement, the funding was not handed over (see..and the truth shall set you free. this policy is to suppress an undesired outcome because, in carl sagan's words "all inquiries carry with them some element of risk. there is no guarantee that the universe will conform to our

owledge the illusion, the frustration dissolves because it's just a game, just a ride, just a movie of our own making. we can make it a nice picture or a horror film. that's our choice. it is, always was, and will always be. so i love you richard warman; i love you bernie farber; i love you jason cowley; i love you george bush, queen of england, queen mother, prince philip, henry kissinger, david rockefeller, edgar bronfman, rothschild dynasty, lord carrington, al gore, ted heath, tony blair, peter mandelson, billy graham, and all the others named in my books. if i don't love you, i don't love myself, because i am you and you are me. we are different aspects of the same infinite whole. no, we are the infinite whole. 426 children of the matrix a time to choose the game is reaching a crucial

as controlled by the rothschilds through their lackeys the warburgs. paul warburg, who manipulated into existence the privately owned "central bank" of america, the federal reserve, in 1913, was on the board of american i.g. indeed hitler's i.g. farben, which ran the slave labour camp at auschwitz, was, in reality, a division of standard oil, officially owned by the rockefellers, but in truth the rockefeller empire was funded into existence by .the rothschilds, among others. see..and the truth shall set you free and the biggest secret for the detailed background of this and other aspects of this story. the rothschilds also owned the german news agencies during both world wars and thus controlled the flow of "information" to germans and the outside world. incidentally, when allied troops en

er parents. phillip eugene de rothschild, who claims to be one of these offspring, says that the rothschild family has produced hundreds of thousands of unofficial children to be placed in positions of power under different names. i know that sounds a fantastic figure, but much of this is done through illuminati sperm banks and artificial impregnation. like bill clinton, who is almost certainly a rockefeller, these "ordinary kids from ordinary backgrounds" go on to be extraordinarily successful in their chosen field. hitler, too, would have produced unofficial children to maintain his strand of the bloodline and there will obviously be people of his bloodline alive today. so which rothschild was the grandfather of hitler? alois, hitler's father, was born in 1837 in the period when salomon

conflict. if they did they could not be sure of the outcome and that's not the way they play the game. so we know who controls the jewish leadership in israel- the rothschilds. who, hitler was a rothschild? 439 therefore, controls yasser arafat? the same people, i would suggest, who controlled menachim begin of israel and president anwar sadat of egypt during the "peace agreement" brokered by the rockefeller-controlled jimmy carter administration. what is done is done and the people of israel-palestine need to work together in harmony and mutual respect. there is no other way, except for more deaths, suffering, and conflict- exactly what the rothschilds and the illuminati desire. they have horrendous plans for israel in which all sides will suffer, not least their plans for a major event a


e, they condemn thewatchers as like super-gangsters, a celestial mafia ruling the world .59 many peopleask me how todays brotherhood elite can cause such death, destruction and suffering,without showing any emotion. at least some of the reptile genetic streams do not appearto feel emotion like humans and they seem to be far more ruthless, too. ive justdescribed george bush, henry kissinger, david rockefeller and so on, and thats notsurprising because they are examples of the reptile race at work in the human sphere.what i have outlined in this chapter will astonish even most of those who havefollowed my work and supported it over the years, and i understand that. but i havelearned from enormous, and at times extreme, experience to follow the flow of life andgo where it takes me. when i fee

ormed in 1717. through this, the british reptile-aryanscontrol the american judges, lawyers, police, and so on, and through otherorganisations, like the council on foreign relations and the trilateral commission,they manipulate the american political system. the american judges are fully awarethat their courtrooms are controlled by british admiralty law, but they keep quiet andtake the money. the rockefeller family are the bloodline branch managers in americafor the london headquarters and it is the rockefellers who, quite provably, decide whois going to be president. in other words, the london elite decide. the queen ofengland, prince philip and the main members of the british royal family all know thisand are helping to orchestrate it. who is the grand master of the english mother lodgeo

onal bank with the powerto issue us bank notes. these were notes lent to the government at interest by themasonic bankers. the bankers had survived the greenbacks and the architect of thatbill, lincolns secretary of the treasury, salmon p. chase, was such a hero that thefreemasons named one of their banks after him, the chase bank, now the chasemanhattan, controlled (at least officially) by david rockefeller. i think you will haveseen by now that the great events which have divided humanity and caused constantconflict, be they wars, religions, whatever, come back to the same source and the sameagenda. whats more they interweave between the same people in a most remarkableway.in the story i have just told of the creation of the united states, you also find aconnection to the conflict in nor

st paulscathedral (london, thepantheon (paris) and thecongress building(washington..and (left to right) the egyptian obelisk called cleopatras needle in london, the obelisk from luxor in the placede ia concorde in paris, and the washington monument in washington dc202 the eternal flame is theclassic symbol of thebabylonianbrotherhood. here it isheld by thebrotherhood hero,prometheus (left, atthe rockefeller centrein new york. it can also be seenon the statue of libertyon an island in newyork harbour (left, andits mirror image on anisland in the riverseine in paris (right).the flame is used as a brotherhood signatureafter their assassinations. a flame was placedon president kennedys grave at the ariingtoncemetery (below) and the freemasonsa replica of the statue of liberty flame placed on

le bloodlinesbecause they know they will be easiest to plug in to the reptilians on the lower fourthdimension. this is one reason for the highly detailed genetic records kept by themormons, another brotherhood operation at its top level. so when people in powerappear to have no blood links with these families, the opposite may be true. a number211of researchers believe bill clinton to be a closet rockefeller and he is certainly blood-related to the british monarchy, every scottish monarch, and king robert i of france.st germain, now a messiah figure to many new agers, was a friend of william ofhesse-hanau, and his brother, karl. apparently, karl wrote that germain, an alchemistand magician, had been raised by the de medici (black nobility) family in italy.8 manynew agers today talk about t

bankers from therockefeller-morgan-rothschild-harriman cartels met secretly at jekyl island ingeorgia to discuss tactics and the nature of the bill they wished to be passed to establishthe bank they so badly desired. jekyl island, it appears, was owned by the payseurs andevery member of the group was a payseur trustee. their political spokesman wassenator nelson aldrich, the grandfather of nelson rockefeller, the four times governorof new york and vice-president of the united states after gerald ford replaced richardnixon in the wake of watergate in 1974. aldrichs daughter, abby, was married to johnd. rockefeller jr. when the federal reserve bill was going before congress thebankers who had written the bill vehemently opposed it in public. the bankers werevery unpopular by this time and th

(comm 300, who said that he had. probably more power than perhaps any other mandid in the war..6 baruch and mandel house were the day-to-day decision makers inthe american branch of the london-based round table.in the 1950s, yet more confirmation of how the first world war was manipulatedwas revealed by a us congressional investigation into the tax-exempt foundations in theunited states, like the rockefeller foundation, the ford foundation, and the carnegieendowment for international peace, which the investigation found was manipulating war!another thing to watch. the brotherhood name organisations in a way that leads peopleto believe their aim is the opposite of what they are really there to do. for instance, if youwant to run drugs without being suspected, do it through an anti-drug agen

t end too quickly.7223dodd said that his investigator, kathryn casey, found other minutes dealing with thework of the carnegie endowment to prevent american life returning to a pre-war state.changing the way people lived and thought was, after all, the main point of the war.dodd said:they came to the conclusion that, to prevent a reversion, they must control education.and then they approached the rockefeller foundation and they said: will you take on theacquisition of control of education as it involves subjects that are domestic in theirsignificance? and it was agreed. then together they decided that the key to it was theteaching of american history and they must change that. so, they then approached themost prominent of what you might call american historians at that time with the idea o

hat nuclear weapons know-how was beingpassed from the united states to the soviet union throughout the cold war, not leastthrough the pugwash conferences inspired by einstein and bertrand russell (comm300) of the bloodline russell family. pugwash comes from the name of the canadianestate of the industrialist cyrus eaton, where the conferences were held. eaton began hiscareer as secretary to j. d. rockefeller and became a business partner of the rockefellerdynasty. in 1946, bertrand russell, a friend of einstein, said it was necessary to use thefear of nuclear weapons to force all nations to give up their sovereignty and submit to thedictatorship of the united nations.11eventually the agendas time-scale reached the point where the countries of thesoviet union had to be encompassed into the

d the point where the countries of thesoviet union had to be encompassed into the european union and na to in line with227the plan for a world government and world army. that could not be done while thesoviet union was still there and seen as the evil empire. onto the stage suddenlycame michail gorbachev; an associate and subordinate of those two brotherhoodmanipulators, henry kissinger and david rockefeller, and it was his job to play thegood guy and break up the soviet union. the berlin wall came down and peoplethought it was a blow for freedom, but it was just another step on the road to totalglobal domination. gorbachev left office and now runs the brotherhood-fundedgorbachev foundation which puts on prestigious conferences calling for a worldgovernment. he is another shape-shifting re

background in the united kingdom and istress the american cfr is subordinate to, and takes orders from, the royal institute inlondon. these interlock with the illuminati; the knight orders like the knights of stjohn of jerusalem (malta; the network controlled by the british monarch which i willreveal later; the freemasons, rosicrucians, and the round table; the americanfoundation network like the rockefeller foundation and an endless web ofinterconnecting groups operating ultimately to the same global leadership. this networkwas spanning the globe by the 1930s and the brotherhood was ready for its biggestproject yet, the second world war. it was an effort to achieve further centralisation ofpower and the creation of a global body which could be evolved into a worldgovernment. we know that

was donethrough a subsidiary company called the united banking corporation (ubc) of whichprescott bush was a director and leading light. the ubc connected the w. a. harrimancompany of new york (brown brothers, harriman, after 1933) with the businessnetwork of fritz thyssen, the german steel entrepreneur and banker, who funded hitlerfrom the 1920s. the harriman operation, like the j. p. morgan and rockefeller empires,was bankrolled by the payseurs and the rothschilds. meanwhile, the rothschilds werealso in control of hitlers i. g. farben.among those on the board of farbens us subsidiary, american i. g, was paulwarburg, the payseur/rothschild trustee and agent who was sent to the united statesto introduce the federal reserve banking scam that came to fruition in 1913. hisbrother, max warburg

erer and torturer, josefmengele. the cia was the creation of british intelligence and particularly its eliteinner circle known as the special operations executive (soe. the cia replaced thewartime us intelligence organisation, the office of strategic services (oss, whichwas born out of the payseur empire intelligence operation. the oss was headed bybill donovan, a puppet of the payseur-rothschild-rockefeller circle, and a formerclassmate of franklin delano roosevelt. donovans law tutor at the brotherhoodowned columbia university was professor harland e stone, who would later becomeus attorney general. another of stones proteges was j. edgar hoover, the 33rddegree freemason and infamous head of the fbi at the time of the kennedyassassination. significantly, as i highlight at length in..and

dulles were from a southern slave owningfamily and were cousins of the rockefellers. the dulles law firm, sullivan andcromwell, handled the us affairs of i. g. farben and hitlers major backer, fritzthyssen, introduced allen dulles to him. john foster dulles wrote heil hitler on hisletters to german clients and he was sent to germany to negotiate new loans for thenazis on behalf of the rothschild-rockefeller round table group. the loans weremade to help the germans pay back their war reparations which the same john fosterdulles had helped to impose as a member of the american delegation at the v ersaillespeace conference in 1919. no wonder, then, that the cia was created by nazis, fornazis. among them was reinhard gehlen, hitlers ss spymaster for the russian front,who was appointed by alle

lderberger and freemason, aureho peccei (comm 300, the number two at fiat tofigure 26: the round table network. 263the black nobility bilderberger, giovanni agnelli. peccei once said to his friend, theformer us secretary of state, alexander haig (tc, knight of malta, that he felt likeadam weishaupt reincarnated.3 weishaupt was the man behind the bavarian illuminati.the club of rome, set up at the rockefeller familys private estate at bellagio in italy,created the environmental movement. the rockefellers and the rothschilds have playedthe environmental movement like a violin. the club of rome has used the environmentto centralise power and confiscate land. it claims to be campaigning to save the planetwhen in truth it is just another front for the agenda intent on controlling the world and

or therecolonisation programme through financial control. also, the privatisation mania underthatcher-reagan-bush handed over state assets to the brotherhood transnationalcorporations at knock-down prices. when thatcher had outlived her usefulness she wasdumped, because everyone 15 expendable to the cause. in 1991, a relatively unknowngovernor for arkansas called bill clinton was invited by david rockefeller to thebilderberg meeting in baden-baden, germany. a year later this man of british (blacknobility) royal blood was president of the united states. in 1993, a british labourparty home affairs spokesman called tony blair was invited to the bilderberg meetingat v ouliagment, greece, and a year later after the sudden and unexpected death of thelabour leader, john smith, it was blair who to

ptfoundations throughout the former y ugoslavia before and during the war. just acoincidence, nothing to worry about. this is only one example of the techniques andorganisations used to change the world by making wars and deciding what happens as aresult of them. problem-reaction-solution. some of the names behind the bilderberggroup and the wider network are very familiar, the rothschilds, david rockefeller,henry kissinger, and lord carrington. i have written much about the rothschilds, but itis important to know about the other three as well. they are not the very top of thepyramid people, but they are right up there at the operational level:david rockefeller (cfr, tc, bil, riia, comm 300)the rockefellers (previous name rockenfelder) became the most powerful family inthe united states wi

ey are not the very top of thepyramid people, but they are right up there at the operational level:david rockefeller (cfr, tc, bil, riia, comm 300)the rockefellers (previous name rockenfelder) became the most powerful family inthe united states with the help of rothschild money and, no doubt, through othersources, too. the manipulation of the united states and the wider world abounds withthe name rockefeller, be it j. d. rockefeller, nelson rockefeller, winthrop268rockefeller, laurance rockefeller, or the most notorious of them in the second halfof the 20th century, david rockefeller. if the rockefeller family and its networks andinterconnecting bloodlines had never existed, the united states would be a verydifferent place today: a land with far greater freedom than it currently enjoys, as

er, nelson rockefeller, winthrop268rockefeller, laurance rockefeller, or the most notorious of them in the second halfof the 20th century, david rockefeller. if the rockefeller family and its networks andinterconnecting bloodlines had never existed, the united states would be a verydifferent place today: a land with far greater freedom than it currently enjoys, as wouldthe world in general. david rockefeller, the long-time head of the chase manhattanbank and still unofficially in charge, was secretary of the council on foreign relationsstudy group which created the marshall plan for the reconstruction of europe after thesecond world war. marshall plan funds were used to promote the european union andto undermine the authority of the nation states. the man appointed to head the marshallplan

oreign relationsstudy group which created the marshall plan for the reconstruction of europe after thesecond world war. marshall plan funds were used to promote the european union andto undermine the authority of the nation states. the man appointed to head the marshallplan in europe was. averell harriman (comm 300, skull and bones society) whobased himself at the rothschilds paris mansion. david rockefeller was chairman of thecouncil on foreign relations from 1946-53 and created the trilateral commissionunder the leadership of henry kissinger (cfr, tc, bil, riia, comm 300) andzbigniew brzezinski (cfr, tc, bil. brzezinski was a professor at the brotherhood-founded columbia university and authored the book, between two ages: america srole in the technotronic era, which mirrored the brotherh

trilateral commissionunder the leadership of henry kissinger (cfr, tc, bil, riia, comm 300) andzbigniew brzezinski (cfr, tc, bil. brzezinski was a professor at the brotherhood-founded columbia university and authored the book, between two ages: america srole in the technotronic era, which mirrored the brotherhood vision for the world. hewas national security advisor to jimmy carter, the man david rockefeller selected in1976 to become the first trilateral commission president of the united states. davidrockefeller is the man behind all the presidents because he controls the money, media,and politics, to ensure that both presidential candidates answer to him. that was true ofgeorge bush and bill clinton in 1992 and bob dole and bill clinton in 1996. if youcontrol the money, the media, and th


gist with a philosophical interest in the unknown possibilities of mankind. born at sainte-foy-les lyons, france, june 28, 1873, carrel studied at the universities of dijon and lyons, obtaining his m.d. in 1900. in 1904 he went to canada, hoping to raise cattle, but ended up instead pursuing his surgical skills at the hull physiological laboratory, chicago. in 1906 he became a staff member of the rockefeller institute for medical research, and in 1912 received a nobel prize in physiology and medicine for his work on vascular surgery and transplantation of organs. he joined the french army in world war i and with henry drysdale dakin developed the carrel-dakin solution for sterilizing infected wounds. his philosophical interests came to the forefront in his first book, man the unknown (1935


us institute, 1970. the principle of reincarnation. copenhagen, denmark: martinus institute, 1938. the road to initiation. copenhagen, denmark: martinus institute, 1957. martiny, m(arcel (1897) physician with special interests in parapsychology. he was born on november 11, 1897, in nice, france, and studied at the faculte de medecine, universite de paris (m.d. with honors, 1925. he worked for the rockefeller institute mission during world war i and was employed at beaujon hospital (1925.32, leopold bellan hospital, paris (1933.45, and hospital foch in the years after the war. from 1949 on he was director of the anthropotechnical laboratory, prophylactic institute, paris. other appointments include secretary-general, medico- surgical society of the free hospitals of france (1932; president

mprint, and moved the operation from new york to secaucus, new jersey. in 1973, morrow launched a second occult series for causeway books, an imprint of a& w. publishers, inc, new york. morrow wrote some of the new introductions for this series under the pseudonym charles sen. the significant influence of morrow s publishing work was recognized by the national endowment for the humanities and the rockefeller foundation, which initiated an oral history recording project on the advanced literary-intellectual life of new york city between 1925 and 1975. tape recordings have been made of morrow and other individuals for deposit in the oral history division of the columbia libraries. morrow extended his psychological studies from freudianism to maslow s humanist psychology and the holistic dept

er 4, 1932, in india. he did his college and graduate work at andhra university, waltair, india (b.a. hons, philosophy 1953; m.a. hons, psychology 1955; ph.d, 1962. he was a lecturer in the departments of philosophy and psychology at andhra university from 1953.58. he left in 1958 to come to the united states as a fulbright scholar. his stay at the university of chicago was extended a year with a rockefeller fellowship. he returned to india in 1960 as chief librarian at andhra university (1960.61, but then moved on to north carolina to work with j. b. rhine at the parapsychology laboratory at duke university, durham, north carolina. he returned to andhra university in the mid-1960s and in 1967 established the department of parapsychology, the only such university department of its kind in

artled when it was over, as he knew that i had bowled him over. so much so that he claimed i was the only one that had ever detected him. reese was at one time an assistant to thomas a. edison, who held seances with him. in his later years, edison worked on apparatus to communicate with the dead. reese also had a reputation for dowsing and was said to have discovered valuable oil deposits for the rockefeller company. sources: ernst, b. m. l, and hereward carrington. houdini and conan doyle. new york: a& c boni, 1932. reeves, m. london restaurant proprietor who, in association with f. m. parkes, gained renown in 1877 as one of the earliest practitioners of spirit photography in england. he was said to have contributed a considerable part of the team s power, as without him parkes could not


perfect docil-ity to our molding handsthe task we set before ourselves is a beautiful one, to train thesepeople as we find them to a perfectly ideal life just as they are. so we will organize our chil-dren into a little community and teach them to do in a perfect way the things their fathersand mothers are doing in an imperfect way in the home, in the shop and on the farm (repre-sentative of the rockefeller general education board) there is a premise or a clause in the lexicons of the black sorcerers that they do in factobey. it is obligatory for them to tell us in one way or another what their machinationsand designs are, and what is happening or ever going to happen to their prospectivevictims. and they are letting us know right now, often by way of the media, but the so-called good are

aster, going where they are told, working where they are told, and thinkingwhat they are told to think. the line between man and automaton becomes negligible:ours is the age which is proud of machines which think and suspicious of men who try to (h. m. jones)in our dreams we have limitless resources and the people yield themselves with perfect docil-ity to our molding hands (representative of the rockefeller general education board. impotent and jaded, we will remain until we awaken from our comatose state and getconnected to our own sovereign power again. the holy grail that will take the scalesfrom our eyes is nothing more that realizing and changing the perspective dynamicsdetailed above. to emphasize this point, another illustration may be in order:in the game of chess, the most powerf

ic templeappendix c: suggested areas of research280atlantis, alien visitation, and genetic manipulation in dallas. the masons who co-coordinated the assassination were traitors to their guest, unitedstates president john f. kennedy. an article in the realist, 1991, suggests that george bush wastaped in a telephone conversation with [masons] lyndon johnson, j. edgar hoover, allen dulles,and nelson rockefeller, in which the parties discussed the assassination of john f. kennedy. somemasons who were involved in the cover-up of the kennedy assassination are as follows:johnson had received the entered apprentice degree in johnson city lodge no. 561, texas, onoctober 30, 1937. johnson, as next in line for the presidency, was the most direct beneficiary ofjfk's death. he was a mason who hated jfk

recommending this practice in boston, massachusetts. 1722 in wales, a dr. wright refers to inoculation against smallpox in the british isles as an ancientpractice. a citizen of wales, 99 years old, states that inoculation had been known and used during hisentire lifetime, and that his mother stated it was common during her life, and that she got smallpoxthrough her inoculation. 1723 johann peter rockefeller arrives in the u.s. colonies from germany. 1723 first record of smallpox immunization in ireland, when a doctor in dublin inoculates 25 people.three died, and the custom was briefly abandoned. appendix f: general chronology of events324atlantis, alien visitation, and genetic manipulation 1724 first record of vaccination for smallpox in germany. it soon fell into disfavor due to the num

suppress dissent in russia. appendix f: general chronology of events330atlantis, alien visitation, and genetic manipulation 1837 crisis of 1837. all banks suspend specie payment. 600 banks fail. banks that charge interestexpanding rapidly. 1837 j.p. morgan is born. 1838 smallpox epidemic in england. 1839 chinese burn 3,000 tons of opium, to the relief of oversupplied british traders. 1839 john d. rockefeller is born. 1839 first time a disease is traced to a parasitic organism (schoenlein, fungal infection of scalp. 1840 roughly 70% of citizens in the u.s. have independent livelihoods (see 1776. 1840 baltimore dental college graduates swore not to use mercury amalgam. 1840 albert pike builds a mansion in arkansas where he designs plans for three world wars and threerevolutions. pike becomes

nese protest british import of drugs. 1841 clinton roosevelt writes the science of government founded on natural law, outlining theilluminati plans for the regimentation of mankind under the control of the enlightened ones and thedestruction of the constitution. 1842 treaty of nanking brings britain vast wealth and control over hong kong. 1842 salt wells in pennsylvania found to have oil. william rockefeller exploits and begins buying upland in pennsylvania. 1843 port of shanghai opened to foreign trade. the first lot in the port is rented by britains jardinemathieson& co. other lots are rented by samuel russell, an american representing baring brothers.captain warren delano (fdrs grandfather) becomes a member of the canton regatta club and entersinto dealings with the hong society. delano

s brought to western united states, feeding an imported opiumtrade estimated at 285,000 pounds per year into the u.s. 1846 independent u.s. treasury established. 1846 former slaves in caribbean left to manage old sugar plantationa situation that would last untilsugar plantations would eventually be taken over by the united states. 1847 american medical association (ama) organized in the u.s. 1848 rockefeller interests establish prime goal of control of u.s. medical system. 1848 karl marx communist manifesto created. proposes: abolition of private property in land (throughgradually increasing property tax, heavy progressive or graduated income tax, abolition of inheritancerights (inheritance tax, confiscation of private property, a central bank, forced distribution of popula-tion and centra

rd carried a copy of the manifesto in order to help enforce the spread of compulsory schoolingfor native americans. 1848 california gold rush. atlantis, alien visitation, and genetic manipulation331 appendix f: general chronology of events 1848 dr.semmelweis at the university of vienna medical school cuts infant deaths by requiring doc-tors to wash their hands. subsequently fired. 1849 william a. rockefeller indicted for raping a hired girl. william also bills himself as a cancer spe-cialist and sells petroleum-based products as elixir. 1850 two states in the united states, massachusetts and new york, create an active paradigm that saysthe state is the father of children and create laws to cause a social phasing out of blood family loy-alty and a phasing in of loyalty to state. the two sta

d standard reinstated in the united states. 1880 beginning of a 20 year period where elite american students of wundt in germany return andbecome heads of psychology departments at harvard, university of pennsylvania, cornell, and allmajor universities and colleges. wundt trains james cattell, who returns to the u.s. and trains over 300in the wundtian system which, with help from the carnegie and rockefeller foundations, eventuallyassume control of psychological testing in the united states for all the soldiers of the first world war. 1880 in denmark citizens consume 29 pounds of sugar each annually. 1880 recorded death rate from diabetes in denmark is 1.8 per 100,000. atlantis, alien visitation, and genetic manipulation335 appendix f: general chronology of events 1880 britain import 105,5

olarships at oxford. 1890 standard oil purchases deutsch-amerikanische petroleum-gesellschaft. 1890 u.s. depression of 1890 created by international bankers. 1890 sherman silver purchase act. 1890 andrew carnegie writes a series of eleven essays called the gospel of wealth, a treatise whichessentially stated that free enterprise and capitalism no longer existed in the united states, because heand rockefeller owned everything, including the government, and that competition was impossibleunless they allowed it. eventually, says carnegie, the young children will become aware of this andform clandestine organizations to fight against it. carnegie proposes that men of wealth form a syntheticfree enterprise system based on cradle-to-grave schooling. the people who advanced through schoolingwould

s 1892 gustave le bon writes the evolution of matter, detailing the use of ordinary non-radioactiveelements to create nuclear reactions. heavily suppressed data not permitted in the public domain. 1892 cholera epidemic in hamburg, germany. threat of importation into the u.s. forced the establish-ment of the new york city health department division of pathology, bacteriology and disinfection. 1892 rockefeller trust transferred to holding company, standard oil of new jersey. 1893 standard oil establishes resident agents in the far east. 1892 america takes the lead in worldwide sugar consumption, surpassing the british. sugar consump-tion would double again by 1920. 1893 banking panic of 1893. 1893 tesla works on building remote controlled devices using radio waves. 1893 german dr. julius hen

s taken up later by psychiatry. appendix f: general chronology of events338atlantis, alien visitation, and genetic manipulation 1898 cecil rhodes amasses fortune in gold and diamonds in south africa. 1898 eugenic sterilization bill is unsuccessfully introduced into the legislature in michigan, providingfor the castration of all inmates of the michigan home for the feebleminded and epileptic. 1898 rockefeller interests prime goal of control of medical education in u.s.a. 1898 tesla produces a vibrational device capable of causing earthquakes, a tiny electromechanicaloscillator. 1898 v accination act of 1898 in england. elections held for the board of guardians, the administra-tors of the vaccination laws, and by 1898 over 600 boards in england were pledged not to enforce thelaw. the act of

l in britain after beer is contaminated with arsenic from the production ofcarbonic acid gas from coal in the sugar refining process. 1900 max planck formulates quantum theory. 1901 j.p. morgan partner willard straight becomes assistant to sir robert hart, chief of imperial chi-nese customs service, conducting opium traffic. later, straight becomes head of morgan banks fareastern operations. 1901 rockefeller institute for medical research founded. 1901 tesla patent 685,012, in which he describes supercooling of conductors to lower resistance. at thistime, tesla wanted to sue marconi for patent infringement. marconi had used tesla patent #645,576,filed in 1897 and issued march 20, 1900. tesla begins building wardenclyffe tower for radio broadcast-ing and wireless transmission of power. 1901

in which he describes supercooling of conductors to lower resistance. at thistime, tesla wanted to sue marconi for patent infringement. marconi had used tesla patent #645,576,filed in 1897 and issued march 20, 1900. tesla begins building wardenclyffe tower for radio broadcast-ing and wireless transmission of power. 1901 j.p. morgan buys $23 million in stock of central railroad of new jersey. 1902 rockefeller general education board founded, with the objective of racial amalgamation and abo-lition of difference between sexes. the overt stated objective: the promotion of education in the unitedstates without distinctions of sex, race, or creed. incorporators include frederick t. gates (rock-efellers right-hand man, daniel coit gilman (vice president peabody fund and slater fund, presidentof

g else does. the policy isimmediately taken up by the u.s. military. 1902 tesla files patent #1,119,732 on an apparatus for transmitting electrical energy. patent issuedin 1914. also #685,975, apparatus for utilization of radiant energy. 1902 british lord kelvin proclaims agreement with tesla in regard to two issues: mars was signalingamerica, and the conservation of non-renewable resources. 1903 rockefeller institute for medical research expands influence. 1903 william j (bill) donovan studies law at columbia university.1908. fdr was one of donovans classmates (see 1915) 1903 tesla's money problems grow more severe. j.p. morgan sends the remainder of the promised$150,000, but it barely covers bills. 1903 united states immigration adds epileptics and insane persons to the list of excluded

ical experiment station at cold spring har-bor, new york. eugenicist charles b. davenport is assigned to be director. 1904 german alfred ploetz founds the archive for racial and social biology, which becomes the chiefjournal of the german eugenics or race hygiene movement. eugenics is popularized in germany byernst haeckel. 1904 german chemical companies negotiate to merge interests. 1904 john d. rockefeller issues occasional letter no.1 detailing plans to mold the people, reducenational intelligence to the lowest common denominator, destroy parental influence, traditional and cus-toms, and eliminate science and real learning, in order to perfect human nature. 1904 first ultraviolet lamps invented. general theory of radioactivity postulated. 1904 eugenics established as a course at univers

fabian society opens an american branch, the intercollegiate socialist society (iss).changed name to league for industrial democracy in 1921. one of the founders was john dewey, whowould travel to russia in the late 1920's to help organize a marxist educational system. 1905 first communist revolution in russia fails. lenin sent to switzerland. funds used for this firstattempt provided by john d. rockefeller through standard oil representatives. 1905 einstein formulates his special theory of relativity and photon theory of light. 1905 benedictine monk adolph lanz forms the order of the new temple, and was publisher of themagazine ostara, which had the ancient symbol of the swastika on the cover. in later years, adolph hit-ler would meet with lanz at lambach abbey, where hitler would be int

political and financial systems. it is from thismeeting that hitler would develop the ideas brought forth in mein kampf. 1905 new y ork times notes in its obituary of baron alphonse de rothschild that he possessed $60 mil-lion in american securities, despite the fact that financial authorities deny rothschilds are active in u.s.finance. 1906 j.p. morgans southern railroad merger. 1906 william a. rockefeller dies in freeport, illinois 1906 first pure food and drug law in the united states passed. 1906 election in england. 1906 china and britain agree to reduction of opium production. atlantis, alien visitation, and genetic manipulation341 appendix f: general chronology of events 1906 investigations into the content of coca-cola are halted by the u.s. secretary of agriculture. 1906 in germa

henry moray begins to experiment with extraction of electricity from the ground. 1909 fdr invests in oak island treasure company off nova scotia. 1909 carnegie institution of washington incorporated by daniel coit gilman, frederic delano, cleve-land dodge, and others. 1909 lord alfred milner begins organizing round table groups in chief british dependencies and in theunited states (to 1913. 1909 rockefeller sanitary commission established. beginning of rockefeller foundation. 1909 new york press, january 26, 1909, publishes a report by w .b. clark which states, cancer waspractically unknown until cowpox vaccination began to be introduced. i have seen 200 cases of cancer,and i never saw a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person. scientific evidence begins to mount thatwhere human lymph is

a. incidence of tuberculosis (tb)rises dramatically in japan. 1910 moray able to extract enough power from the ground to operate a small electrical device. morayenrolls in a correspondence course in electrical engineering. 1910 first tb sanitarium opened. tb death rate 180:100,000. 1910 ama requests carnegie foundation to survey all u.s. medical schools. simon flexer (later to bea director of the rockefeller foundation) produces the report. 1910 carnegie institutes his wundt model of volkschulen, school for the masses, in his home town ofgary, indiana between 1910 and 1914. the system had no academic endeavor at all. the gary systemwas pioneered by william wirt. 1910 rockefellers have achieved working control of the carnegie foundations. the educational trustcontrols all jobs in education

wirt. 1910 rockefellers have achieved working control of the carnegie foundations. the educational trustcontrols all jobs in education, and is run out of stanford and columbia teachers college. 1910 the one-room schoolhouse is no longer in existence in the united states. 1910 meeting on jekyll island to plan federal reserve system. nelson aldrich. 1910 dr. olin west becomes tennessee director of rockefeller sanitary comm. 1910 dr. james douglas founds the national radium institute for treatments. 1910 the round table quarterly begins publication. 1911 moray begins to realize the energy he has been working with is oscillatory in nature, and that theenergy was not coming from the earth, but from some outside source to earth. the oscillations werefurther realized as being more like waves fro


s of the hindus, and the anunnaki of sumeria. they appeared to embrace the truth in every religion, as if they took a bit of every religion and formed a new one, calling it the occult. but perhaps what has actually happened is that every religion has remaining shreds of occult truth, simply different shreds; this made the occult the purest remaining copy of the ultimate truth. from jay-z to david rockefeller, the individual members of the illuminati come from many different backgrounds, and from many times and places, but the tie that is interwoven in all they do, the tie that truly binds, is the occult. indeed, from where i was standing, all roads led to the occult. so my researching eye began to wander away from the exclusive realm of satanism and black magic, and turned its attention to


ion room was made available to the public. since then each assembly has opened with one minute of silence. in 19557 the meditation room contained a 300-year old, 800-pound, 37- inch wide upright section of an agba (mahogany) tree from french equatorial africa. it was the idea of wallace harrison, director of the international board of architects which planned the u.n; co-architect and director of rockefeller center; and member of the board of directors of the socialist new school of social research in new york city (see who's who in america, 1959) the room contained a philodendron plant on the altar, to symbolize some unknown person killed in a war; an olive green rug; 25 russet-colored chairs; and a blue and while u.n. banner set in front of a ceiling-to-floor white drape. friends op the

nk p. graham of the u.n, and william ernest hocking and kirtley f. mather of harvard, all of whom have communist-front records (see may-june and july-august 1059 and july-august 1962 issues of the laymen's movement review. the movement has included among its members dwight d. eisenhower ibid, july-august 1961. the most important friend of the movement from its inception, however, has been john i. rockefeller, jr. a methodist missionary, weyman c. huckabee, secured and received grants from john d. rockefeller. jr.'s davison fund and from his (new york city) riverside church funds for five consecutive years (1937-41, for a health center in hiroshima. japan (ibid, may-june 1960. huckabee then became the secretary of the movement in new york in 1941 and secured two grants a year for the organi

ed and received grants from john d. rockefeller. jr.'s davison fund and from his (new york city) riverside church funds for five consecutive years (1937-41, for a health center in hiroshima. japan (ibid, may-june 1960. huckabee then became the secretary of the movement in new york in 1941 and secured two grants a year for the organization from the davison fund until it was liquidated. thereafter, rockefeller continued his yearly grants without fail from his own personal funds. during the 22 years huckabee remained with the movement a million dollars was raised for its work (lbid, july-august 1962. when the movement first sought to secure wainwright house for its headquarters in 1951, john d. rockefeller. jr, gave $5,000.00 of the 825,000.00 needed (ibid, may-june 1961. since 1951, 10,000 i

ings; its members have been addressed by the president of the national council of churches, j. irwin miller (lbid, may-june 1962; its conference rooms have been used by the episcopal, presbyterian, methodist, baptist, congregationalist, and quaker churches (ibid, january-february 1963. when the friends of the meditation room agreed to raise $15,000 to pay for the redecoration of the room, john d. rockefeller, jr. gave $5,000 of the amount sought (ibid, may-june 1960. dag hammarskjold personally raised another $10,000 from the marshall field family for the cost of the fresco in the room (lbid, november-december 19611. the united steel workers, cio-afl, gave $500.00 (lbid, july-august 1961. the movement was formed in 1940. the man who started it was dr. arthur complon, the scientist who firs

ing to set up such a state. her column on the subject dated october 28, 1962, follows- 47- between the lines by edith kermit roosevelt the universal theocratic state an international apparatus is working to set up a universal theocratic state. already the high priests, prayers and temples of the universal cull are with us. curriculums are being drafted to indoctrinate our children in what john d. rockefeller, jr. calls''the church of ail people" the first step is to break down loyalty to a single religious faith. in june 1959 the women's international religious fellowship (wirf) was founded by representatives from 11 nations. this group composed of mothers of different faiths meet at bazaars and picnics so their children may share national dishes and learn the dances of foreign lands. thei

nt of the herald tribune; the president of paramount pictures; officials of the theosophical society, world union, world brotherhood, international spiritualists, vedanta society, and the cited fellowship of reconciliation; identified members of the communist party and many long-time communist-fronters (see e.k.r. columns; the head of the socialist party, norman thomas; financiers such as john d. rockefeller iv; lawyers like eustace seligman of sullivan and cromwell; religious figures: ralph w. sockman, james a. pike, maurice n. eisendrath, henry p. van dusen, and nelson glueck; industrialists: thomas b. watson, jr, president of ibm, and milton mumford, president, lever brothers; celebrities: steve allen, arthur godfrey, jackie robinson, faith baldwin, jack benny, cary grant, garry moore


t newspaper, december 7, 1998) 164 codex magica nelson mandela, political leader of south africa, shakes hands (masonic) with south african communist party leader oliver tambo. mandela, lionized by the western press, is a life long communist activist and a known terrorist criminal. mandela acquired power at the helm of the south african government by arrangement with the heads of the llluminati s rockefeller, rothschild, and oppenheimer dynasties. in exchange, the llluminati cartel holds exclusive rights to south africa's mineral rich assets of diamonds, gold, and platinum (photo: from the book, in the words of nelson mandela, published by carol publishing group, york, 1998) new york governor george pataki and new york state senator joseph bruno meet in december 2003 with tetsuro higashi

etwork historically run behind the scenes by the jewish-led illuminati chieftains. nixon knew what he was risking. he well knew that john f. kennedy's murder was orchestrated by the jewish illuminati with the backing of zionist vice president lyndon b. johnson and with the connivance of j. edgar hoover's mafia-infiltrated fbi and the skull& bones-run cia. nixon had been a close associate of david rockefeller and had met privately with the rothschilds a number of times. nixon also had attended the notorious homoerotic occultic rituals of the bohemian club outside san francisco. still, as president, he had hoped to mount an offensive against the elite and dislodge them from their position of awesome power in the united states. instead, it was nixon and his entourage who were dislodged, falli

of the house of the temple, scottish rite, washington, d.c, reports that lyndon b. johnson never got past the master mason (3o) degree. this author believes, however, that johnson was initiated into other secret societies and orders than freemasonry and, of course, he was a key political mover and shaker acting on behalf of both zionist interests and the nation's oil elite. 398 codex magica david rockefeller, sr, illuminati insider, multibillionaire, and founder of the trilateral commission. this photo, in the upscale town& country magazine, was without caption or explanation. it is obviously staged as it shows the exaggerated masonic arm sign. note that the image of rockefeller's torso is not even centered, even though a highly professional photographer took the photo, and town and countr

r, michael jackson. here we see rabbi boteach in a pose familiar to practitioners of cabala (photo and article: the international jerusalem post, december 28, 2001) 448 codex magica ben stiller, popular jewish comedian and movie celebrity, in a cabalistic pose with his hands. his left hand folded on top over the left indicated stiller follows the left-hand (dark) path. on the opposite page, david rockefeller gives notice he follows the right-hand path. san francisco mayor gavin newsom lets insiders know he's one of them with this cabalistic hand/arms gesture. newsom became the gay community's ultraliberal darling in 2003 by promoting gay marriages. time magazine's editors go wild in this article, mentioning that the mayor is "simply adored" touting his many achievements, and insisting that

som became the gay community's ultraliberal darling in 2003 by promoting gay marriages. time magazine's editors go wild in this article, mentioning that the mayor is "simply adored" touting his many achievements, and insisting that publishers give him a "fat cat" contract to write a book (time, april 25, 2005) magical signs of the jewish cabala 449 the glossy magazine town& country selected david rockefeller, sr, president of chase manhattan bank and founder of the trilateral commission, as "our generous american for 1995" this full page photo, bearing no caption or explanation, was included in the magazine exactly as you see it. occult experts and those knowledgeable of masonic and cabalistic signals will recognize the significance of rockefeller's pose; also the "x" design cufflinks and

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