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be remembered that this term is used in the sense of negative in relation to solar electricity. when man has found out how to contact and utilise positive solar electricity in combination with negative planetary electricity, we shall have a very dangerous condition brought about, and one of the factors which will eventually manifest in the destruction of the fifth root race by fire. at that great cataclysm as the bible says "the heavens will melt with fervent heat."70(148) this will be seen in a still greater degree in the next round, and will cause that destruction by fire of the forms of the men who have failed, which will liberate the lives on a stupendous scale, and thus temporarily 'purify- 310- a treatise on cosmic fire copyright 1998 lucis trust the earth from elements which would t


they can achieve, from their- 74- a treatise on white magic copyright 1998 lucis trust proximity and identification with their working materials, results more potent temporarily and more rapid in accomplishment than the worker in the white brotherhood, but the results are ephemeral; they carry destruction and disaster in their wake, and the black magician is eventually submerged in the resulting cataclysm. let us therefore remember the necessity of a correct use of the mind, and (at the same time) let us ever hold a position beyond and detached from the creative work of our minds, desires and physical accomplishment. four words stand forth as one considers rule iv. first, sound, the formula, or word of power which the soul communicates and so starts the work. this word is dual. it is soun

nd hours of agony which attract more attention than the more subtle and successful growth of divine awareness. every time there is a tendency towards synthesis and understanding in the world, every time the lesser is merged in the greater and the unit is blended in the whole, every time great and universal concepts make their impact upon the minds of the masses, there is a subsequent disaster and cataclysm and breaking down of the form aspect and of that which might prevent those concepts becoming physical plane facts. this is therefore the problem of the hierarchical workers: how to avert the dreaded suffering and carry man along whilst the tidal wave of this spiritual realisation sweeps over the world and does its needed work. hence the present call to service which is sounding like a tr


hierarchy. cooperation and the mutual interchange of wisdom and of knowledge are essential if this is to be perfected. the objectives of both methods the mystic and the occult are the same. second: it is necessary for working disciples at this time to appreciate the immediate emergency. there is a crisis in the affairs of men. this crisis must be viewed in terms of opportunity and not in terms of cataclysm or catastrophe. just as in the life of an aspirant to discipleship, there comes a life or a series of lives wherein there is direct conflict between the soul and the lower nature, so there is now an analogous crisis upon our planet. the object in both cases is that the soul may assume an increasing control over the form aspect. looking at it from another angle, this planetary soul functi

l see consummation. 5. the outer groups are a tentative and experimental effort to see how far humanity is ready for such an endeavour. iv. these groups are also an experiment which has for its objective the manifestation of certain types of energy which will, when effectively functioning, produce cohesion or at-one-ment upon earth. the present distraught condition in the world, the international cataclysm and apparent impasse, the religious dissatisfaction, the economic and social upheaval and the appalling effects of war are all the results of energies that are so potent owing to their immense momentum that they can only be brought into rhythmic activity by the imposition of stronger and more definitely directed energies. the groups are intended to work together eventually just as the va


ing. in this initial stage and whilst the battle is being fought out in the realm of desire (for that is where the major conflict is being waged, and all that is happening upon the physical plane is only a reflection of an inner conflict) the forces of these two groups, working with the energies of the sixth and seventh rays, have brought about in the field of physical living, a state of complete cataclysm. the economic situation and the religious hatreds are the two major instruments. this is a subject upon which you would do well to ponder. consequently, you have two groups, two objectives, two great formulated ideals, two streams of active energy and two rays predominantly in conflict, thus producing the differing ideologies. the result of this dualism is the external chaos, the differe


nd quite incomprehensible to the average astrologer and certainly to the average student. i would remind you, however, that several times in the great life cycle of the earth, there have been changing "pole-stars" and that our present pole-star has not always held that position. this science itself recognises. at each of the great shifts in the earth's axis, there has been upheaval, confusion and cataclysm, preceding reconstruction, stabilisation and relative quiet. of these macrocosmic events there are similar microcosmic correspondences in the lives of both humanity and individual man. hence the present world crisis though precipitated by human error and sinfulness, by past karma and emerging idealism (responsive to the development of the intellect and the appearance of the intuition) is

eason for the appalling early successes of the axis. the only factor which can successfully oppose desire is will, using the word in its spiritual connotation and as an expression of the first great divine aspect. there was little of that organised, spiritual will shown by the allies; they were animated naturally by desire for victory, desire for the arrival of the end of this all-engulfing world cataclysm, by desire for peace and the return of stability, the desire to end war once and for all and to break its constantly recurring cycle, and a steadily mounting desire to bring to a finish the terrible toll of suffering, of cruelty, of death, of starvation and of fear which is gripping humanity by the throat in the attempt to strangle out its life- 338- a treatise on the seven rays- volume


t young men will no longer enter them when confronted with ancient meanings to what they recognise as living truths. they are not interested in the virgin birth they are interested in the fact of christ. they know too much to accept the verbal inspiration of the scriptures; but they are prepared to believe in the word of god. life is so full of movement today, of heroes, of beauty, of tragedy and cataclysm and of reality and glorious opportunity that this generation has no time for the puerilities of theology. fortunately, there are within the church a few men of vision who will, eventually, change the reactionary attitude, but it will take time. in the meantime, the cults and the isms will engulf the people. this would not be necessary if the church would wake up and give a seeking, urgen


leaves behind him, finally and with no prospect of return, all relation with the cosmic physical plane. this death, necessarily, lies far ahead for all in the hierarchy and is at present only possible and permissible for a few in the council chamber at shamballa. it is not, however, a process through which sanat kumara will pass. he underwent this "transformation" many aeons ago, during the great cataclysm which inaugurated the lemurian age, and which was induced by his cosmic experience and the need for an inflow of energy from extra-planetary beings. i have given these brief summations so as to enlarge your general understanding of what the masters call "the extension of death in space" nevertheless, in the following pages we shall confine ourselves to the theme of the death of the physi


ing forms of teaching applied by the masters who take- 46- discipleship in the new age- volume ii copyright 1998 lucis trust pupils. this has created temporary difficulties which will not be present when the newer modes and methods are more generally established. the problem, therefore, of the modern disciple is peculiarly hard, and the masters bear this ever in mind. also the strain of the world cataclysm has increased these difficulties, and that strain is far more wide-reaching than is generally believed. do you realise wherein the strain consists, apart from the physical disasters and chaos, with its agony, despair, anxiety, and its demand for a poised and efficient exterior to be presented to the world? do you appreciate the keen ability of the trained disciple to react to the harrowi

k not unduly to lift and shield, for the shielding mother-complex is in itself a glamour. my love and strength is at your service. august 1940 my brother: one of the outstanding characteristics of the pledged disciple is that he learns to stand steady and unmoving no matter what may be happening to him or around him. much is happening to disciples these days for they bear the brunt of the world's cataclysm. you may perhaps find this an astonishing statement but i would ask you to remember that they meet the prevalent conditions on all three planes simultaneously and are at the same time endeavouring to live as souls. the accuracy of my statement is, therefore, apparent if you will ponder for a few minutes on the implications. there is appalling suffering everywhere. physically and emotiona


and purpose of divine intervention may clarify somewhat the issue. to the casual thinker and the untrained occult student it might appear that given an almighty deity or planetary logos he could with little trouble and much usefulness and compassion intervene in this sad world situation and bring to an end the warring of the nations through the medium of some spectacular happening, some dramatic cataclysm of natural process or some supreme appearing which would work much good. it might, it could be argued, conclusively convince the attacking, aggressive groups that their day is ended and that their efforts had better be drawn to an immediate finish. would that it were so relatively simple a matter; but the laws of nature, the free will of humanity itself and the inevitability of karma com

happening which would bring aggression to an end through destruction. it would probably be at such a cost of human life that there is definite hesitation over employing it by the custodians of natural law and the workers who understand divine purpose, apart from the fact that humanity has now reached the point in evolution where the expression of human free will is definitely possible. the use of cataclysm was the method employed in atlantean days, as you well know from the tales of the flood; and through the flood there was almost complete destruction of the civilisation of that time. it is hoped that such a drastic step will not be needed today, though there are ancient prophecies which foretell the possibility of the destruction of this world at this time through fire instead of flood

you well know from the tales of the flood; and through the flood there was almost complete destruction of the civilisation of that time. it is hoped that such a drastic step will not be needed today, though there are ancient prophecies which foretell the possibility of the destruction of this world at this time through fire instead of flood. which of the two methods divine embodiment and natural cataclysm will be employed will really be decided by humanity through its use or non-use of free will and understanding. if humanity fails to unite under the banner of the forces of light against the forces of material aggression and selfishness, then the "fiery ordeal" might be unavoidable. there are also sleeping hosts which may be evoked for the aiding of the spiritual forces, and certain ancie

re familiar groupings. in september 1940 i gave an interpretation of a new stanza of the great invocation, and in that communication i spoke of divine embodiments as the highest type of avatar for which humanity could look at this point in its evolution. i spoke of the activity of the hierarchy and of shamballa, should these two divine agencies decide that intervention in the form of a widespread cataclysm (engulfing all peoples) was necessary, and i referred to the emergence of inspired leadership as- 195- the externalisation of the hierarchy copyright 1998 lucis trust another and lower aspect of divine guidance and participation. such inspired leadership is now being given to humanity by winston churchill and franklin d. roosevelt, in contra-distinction to the focussed leadership of the

the appalling axis successes. the only factor which can successfully oppose desire is will, using the word in its spiritual connotation and as an expression of the first great divine aspect. there has been but little of that organised, spiritual will shown by the united nations; the allies are animated naturally by desire for victory, desire for the arrival of the end of this all-engulfing world cataclysm, by desire for peace and the return of stability, the desire to end war once and for all and to break its constantly recurring cycle, and a steadily mounting desire to bring to a finish the terrible toll of suffering, of cruelty, of death, of starvation and of fear which is gripping humanity by the throat in the attempt to strangle out its life. but all this determination is in most case

oodwill are working, but for the growth of the spirit of understanding and cooperation; this alone will be strong enough to break down racial barriers, heal the wounds of war, and build a new world structure adequate to the intelligent demands of the masses. in the earlier pamphlets, i sought (along with many other thinking people) to indicate the steps which might be taken to avert the impending cataclysm. among the most important upon which emphasis was laid was the growth of world goodwill, for goodwill is the active principle of peace. i sought also to stress international understanding, a future of shared planetary resources, and a recognition of a general historically-proved guilt in relation to the war, plus those ideas which could if developed end the era of separativeness. in spit

movement was not strong enough; the sword appeared on earth and mankind was plunged into war. since then the work of impressing the minds of the world disciples and of those whom they can influence has been along the lines of clarifying the issues, making plain that for which we fight, and arousing men and women to take such action as will, once and for all, end the possibility of a similar world cataclysm. the activities of our master, the christ, fall into three categories: 1. stiffening the will to fight on behalf of the spiritual issues and for the great humanitarian aims of the hierarchy. 2. impressing the minds of diplomats, thinkers and lovers of mankind to work out now certain post-war plans which will entirely change our present civilisation and bring about the new. 3. arousing th


king until now through the hierarchy, is with the life within the form; they have to proceed with the utmost caution as they thus work, because these lights know that the danger of premature direct contact with humanity- 94- a treatise on the seven rays- volume v: the rays and the initiations copyright 1998 lucis trust and of consequent overstimulation, are great. one of the causes of the present cataclysm is the fact that humanity was deemed capable of taking and receiving a "touch from shamballa" without stepping it down via the hierarchy, as has hitherto been the custom. the determination to apply this touch (which is in the nature of a great experiment) was made in 1825, when the great council had its usual centennial meeting. the results you know; they are working out before your eyes


truction, besides atlantis, of the phlegyae (see pausanias and nonus, who both tell how "from its deep-rooted base the phlegyan isle stern neptune shook, and plunged beneath the waves its impious inhabitants- dionysius lib xviii. p. 319. faber felt convinced that the "insulae phlegyae" were atlantis. but all such allegories are more or less distorted echoes of the hindu tradition about that great cataclysm, which befell the fourth, really human, though gigantic, race, the one which preceded the aryan. yet, as just said, like all other legends, that of "the deluge has more than one meaning. it refers in theogony, to pre-cosmic transformations, to spiritual correlations- however absurd the term may sound to a scientific ear- and also to subsequent cosmogony; to the great flood of waters (mat

up in the ark and sends out "a dove in search of dry land("isis unveiled" vol. ii, pp. 423 and 424. george smith notes in the "tablets" first the creation of the moon, and then that of the sun "its beauty and perfection are extolled, and the regularity of its orbit, which led to its being considered the type of a judge and the regulator of the world" if this story related simply to a cosmogonical cataclysm- even were this latter universal- why should the goddess ishtar or astoreth, the moon, speak of the creation of the sun after the deluge? the waters might have reached as high as the mountain of nizir (chaldean version, or jebel djudi (the deluge mountains of the arabian legend, or yet ararat (of the biblical narrative, and even the himalaya (of the hindu tradition, and yet not reach the

creation, the others treat, one of the great flood of matter on earth, and the other of a real watery deluge. in the satapatha brahmana, manu finds that "the flood had swept away all living creatures, and he alone was left- i.e, the seed of life alone remained from the previous dissolution of the universe, or mahapralaya, after a "day of brahma; and the mahabharata refers simply to the geological cataclysm which swept away nearly all the fourth race to make room for the fifth. therefore is vaivasvata manu shown under three distinct attributes in our esoteric cosmogony (a) as the "root-manu[[footnote(s* all such expressions are explained in the "anthropogenesis" of this book, and elsewhere* one has to remember that, in the hindu philosophy, every differentiated unit is such only through the

lt lakes and desolate barren deserts, there was a vast inland sea, which extended over middle asia, north of the proud himalayan range, and its western prolongation. an island, which for its unparalleled beauty had no rival in the world, was inhabited by the last remnant of the race which preceded ours "the last remnant" meant the "sons of will and yoga" who, with a few tribes, survived the great cataclysm. for it is the third race which inhabited the great lemurian continent, that preceded the veritable and complete human races- the fourth and the fifth. therefore it was said in isis that "this race could live with equal ease in water, air, or fire, for it had an unlimited control over the elements. these were the 'sons of god; not those who saw the daughters of men, but the real elohim

neo, and the principal isles of polynesia "the high plateaux of hindustan and asia, according to this hypothesis, would only have been represented in those distant epochs by great islands contiguous to the central continent. according to the brahmans, this country had attained a high civilization, and the peninsula of hindustan, enlarged by the displacement of the waters, at the time of the grand cataclysm, has but continued the chain of the primitive traditions born in this place. these traditions give the name of rutas to the peoples which inhabited this immense equinoctial continent, and from their speech was derived the sanscrit. and the indo-hellenic tradition, preserved by the most intelligent population which emigrated from the plains of india, equally relates the existence of a con

the close of the sixth root-race. what their form will be is of secondary consideration. the form means nothing. species and genera of the flora, fauna, and the highest animal, its crown- man, change and vary according to the environments and climatic variations, not only with every round, but every root-race likewise, as well as after every geological[[vol. 2, page] 263 millions of years hence. cataclysm that puts an end to, or produces a turning point in the latter. in the sixth root-race the fossils of the orang, the gorilla and the chimpanzee will be those of extinct quadrumanous mammals; and new forms- though fewer and ever wider apart as ages pass on and the close of the manvantara approaches- will develop from the "cast off" types of the human races as they revert once again to ast

pearance, the human races lived happy, exempt from sickness and suffering- as the same races are made to live under yima's rule, in the mazdean vendidad. two deluges may also be traced in universal tradition by carefully comparing hesiod, the rig veda, the zend-avesta, etc, while no first man is ever mentioned in any of the theogonies save the bible* everywhere the man of our race appears after a cataclysm of water, after which tradition mentions only the several designations of continents and islands which sink under the ocean waves in due time "gods and mortals have one common origin" says hesiod (ibid. v. 108; and pindar echoes the statement (nem. vi, 1. deucalion and pyrrha, who escape the deluge by constructing an ark like noah's (see apollod, 1, 7, 2, and ovid, metam. i, 260, 899, as

here have been as yet seven manus. those who know that there are seven rounds, of which we have passed three, and are now in the fourth; and who are[[footnote(s* pralaya- a word already explained- is not a term that applies only to every "night of brahma" or the world's dissolution following every manvantara, equal to 71 maha-yugas. it applies also to each "obscuration" as well, and even to every cataclysm that puts an end, by fire or by water in turn, to each root-race. pralaya is a term like that of "manu- the generic name for the sishtas, who, under the appellation of "king" are shown in the puranas as preserved "with the seed of all things in an ark from the waters of that flood (or the fires of a general volcanic conflagration, the commencement of which we already see for our fifth-ra

ians and christ and the church "esoteric buddhism" p. 55[[vol. 2, page] 314 the secret doctrine. remnants that perished 850,000 years ago* after which there was no great submersion until the day of plato's atlantis, or poseidonis, known to the egyptians only because it happened in such relatively recent times. it is the submersion of the great atlantis which is the most interesting. it is of this cataclysm that the old records (see the "book of enoch) say that "the ends of the earth got loose" and upon which the legends and allegories of vaivasvata, xisuthrus, noah, deukalion and all the tutti quanti of the elect saved, have been built. tradition, taking into no account the difference between sidereal and geological phenomena, calls both indifferently "deluges" yet there is a great differe

that the old records (see the "book of enoch) say that "the ends of the earth got loose" and upon which the legends and allegories of vaivasvata, xisuthrus, noah, deukalion and all the tutti quanti of the elect saved, have been built. tradition, taking into no account the difference between sidereal and geological phenomena, calls both indifferently "deluges" yet there is a great difference. the cataclysm which destroyed the huge continent of which australia is the largest relic, was due to a series of subterranean convulsions and the breaking asunder of the ocean floors. that which put an end to its successor- the fourth continent- was brought on by successive disturbances in the axial rotation. it began during the earliest tertiary periods, and, continuing for long ages, carried away su

te, its extremities (the poles) agree with its middle circle (equator, when it runs slower and tilts in every direction, there is a great disturbance on the face of the earth. the waters flow toward[[footnote(s[[footnote continued from previous page] portions of the submerged fourth-race continent which were "beyond the pillars of hercules" and which happened to keep above water after the general cataclysm. the last remnant of these- plato's atlantis, or the "poseidon (another substitute or rather a translation of the real name- was the last of it some 11,000 years ago. most of the correct names of the countries and islands of both continents are given in the puranas; but to mention them specially, as found in other more ancient works, such as the surya siddhanta, would necessitate too len

inents, since the fourth race atlanteans got some of the lemurian relics, and, settling on the islands, included them among their lands and continents, yet a difference should be made and an explanation given, once that a fuller and more accurate account is attempted, as in the present work. easter island was also taken possession of in this manner by some atlanteans; who, having escaped from the cataclysm which befell their own land, settled on that remnant of lemuria only to perish thereon, when destroyed in one day by its volcanic fires and lava. this may be regarded as fiction by certain geographers and geologists; to the occul[[vol. 2, page] 327 on foot across the oceans. tists it is history. what does science know to the contrary "until the appearance of a map, published at basle in

er been geologically explored; and that they may some day upset entirely their present theories? why not admit that our present continents have, like lemuria and atlantis[[vol. 2, page] 333 the old continents. been several times already submerged, and had the time to re-appear again and bear their new groups of mankind and civilisations; and that at the first great geological upheaval at the next cataclysm, in the series of periodical cataclysms that occur from the beginning to the end of every round, our already autopsized continents will go down and the lemurias and atlantises come up again" not the same identical continents, of course. but here an explanation is needed. no confusion need arise as regards the postulation of a northern "lemuria" the prolongation of that great continent in

ave appeared above the new waters on the face of the globe, so as to receive the new stranger. to it also will emigrate and settle all those who shall be fortunate enough to escape the general disaster. when this shall be- as just said- it is not for the writer to know. only, as nature no more proceeds by sudden jumps and starts, than man changes suddenly from a child into a mature man, the final cataclysm will be preceded by many smaller submersions and destructions both by wave and volcanic fires. the exultant pulse will beat[[vol. 2, page] 446 the secret doctrine. high in the heart of the race now in the american zone, but there will be no more americans when the sixth race commences; no more, in fact, than europeans; for they will have now become a new race, and many new nations. yet t

se the separation of virgo-scorpio into two; which, owing to a secret sign added and the libra invented by the greeks, instead of the secret name which was not given, made 12 (vide isis unveiled, vol. ii, p. 456* the above is, perhaps, a key to the dalai-lama's symbolical name- the "ocean" lama, meaning the wisdom ocean. abbe huc speaks of it[[vol. 2, page] 503 the myth of bel and merodach. local cataclysm, which swept the waters south and west and so formed the present great desolate desert, left only a certain oasis, with a lake and one island in the midst of it, as a relic of the zodiacal ring on earth. for ages the watery abyss- which, with the nations that preceded the later babylonians, was the abode of the "great mother (the terrestrial post-type of the "great mother chaos" in heave

ching the earth, refer to the three successive continents and races issuing one after and from the other, as explained more fully elsewhere. after the third time, ahura mazda warns yima in an assembly of "celestial gods and excellent mortals" that upon the material world the fatal winters are going to fall, and all life will perish. this is the old mazdean symbolism for the "flood" and the coming cataclysm to atlantis, which sweeps away every race in its turn. like vaivasvata manu and noah, yima makes a vara (an enclosure, an ark) under the god's direction, and brings thither the seed of every living creature, animals and "fires" it is of this "earth" or new continent that zarathustra became the law-giver and ruler. this was the fourth race in its beginning, after the men of the third bega

y lasted 36,800,000 years triassic jurassic cretaceous tertiary lasted 7,360,000 years (probably in excess) eocene miocene pliocene quaternary lasted 1,600,000 years (probably in excess. such estimates harmonise with the statements of esoteric ethnology in almost every particular. the tertiary atlantean part-cycle, from the "apex of glory" of that race in the early eocene to the great mid-miocene cataclysm, would appear to have lasted some 3 1/2 to four million years. if the duration of the quaternary is not rather (as seems likely) overestimated, the sinking of ruta and daitya would be post-tertiary. it is probable that the results here given allow somewhat too long a period to both the tertiary and quaternary, as the third race goes very far back into the secondary age. nevertheless, the

ond column continued from previous page] like the first, second, and third root-races of men* but this would require more space than can be now allotted to the subject. tertiary age- the third race has now almost utterly disappeared, carried away by the fearful geological cataclysms of the secondary age, leaving behind it but a few hybrid races. the fourth, born millions of years before* the said cataclysm took place, perishes during the miocene period* when the fifth (our aryan race) had one million years of independent existence (see "esoteric buddhism" pp. 53-55. fourth ed) how much older it is from its origin- who knows? as the "historical" period has begun, with the indian aryans, with their vedas, for their multitudes* and far earlier in the esoteric records, it is useless to establi

been found in one locality alone, in miocene strata (pikermi, near athens. if man was not then, the period is[[footnote continued on next page[[vol. 2, page] 724 the secret doctrine. which runs thus "seek for the remains of thy forefathers in the high places. the vales have grown into mountains and the mountains have crumbled to the bottom of the seas. fourth race mankind, thinned after the last cataclysm by twothirds of its population, instead of settling on the new continents and islands that reappeared while their predecessors formed the floors of new oceans- deserted that which is now europe and parts of asia and africa for the summits of gigantic mountains, the seas that surrounded some of the latter having since "retreated" and made room for the table lands of central asia. the most

as given at the pre-historic con[[footnote(s* he witnessed and remembered it too, as "the final disappearance of the largest continent of atlantis was an event coincident with the elevation of the alps" a master writes (see esoteric buddhism p. 70. pari passu, as one portion of the dry land of our hemisphere disappeared, some land of the new continent emerged from the seas. it is on this colossal cataclysm, which lasted during a period of 150,000 years, that traditions of all the "deluges" are built, the jews building their version on an event which took place later in "poseidonis* the antiquity of the human race in "men before metals" by m. joly, professor at the science faculty of toulouse, p. 184[[vol. 2, page] 752 the secret doctrine. gress held at brussels in 1872, proves that the ave

the same is found in the indian pantheon, where rishis and the sons of brahma are reborn as mortals[[vol. 2, page] 776 the secret doctrine. that both stand as symbols for lands, islands, powers of nature, elements, nations, races and sub-races, the esoteric commentary will become comprehensible. it says that the three giants are three polar lands which have changed form several times, at each new cataclysm, or disappearance of one continent to make room for another. the whole globe is convulsed periodically; and has been so convulsed, since the appearance of the first race, four times. yet, though the whole face of the earth was transformed thereby each time, the conformation of the arctic and antarctic poles has but little altered. the polar lands unite and break off from each other into


ng thousands of generations of seers whose respective experiences were made to test and to verify the[[vol. 1, page] 273 the pith and marrow of occultism. traditions passed orally by one early race to another, of the teachings of higher and exalted beings, who watched over the childhood of humanity. that for long ages, the "wise men" of the fifth race, of the stock saved and rescued from the last cataclysm and shifting of continents, had passed their lives in learning, not teaching. how did they do so? it is answered: by checking, testing, and verifying in every department of nature the traditions of old by the independent visions of great adepts; i.e, men who have developed and perfected their physical, mental, psychic, and spiritual organisations to the utmost possible degree. no vision

nor prophecy; no more than is the signalling of a comet or star, several years before its appearance. it is simply knowledge and mathematically correct computations which enable the wise men of the east to foretell, for instance, that england is on the eve of such or another catastrophe; france, nearing such a point of her cycle, and europe in general threatened with, or rather, on the eve of, a cataclysm, which her own cycle of racial karma has led her to. the reliability of the information depends, of course, on the acceptation or rejection of the claim for a tremendous period of historical observation. eastern initiates maintain that they have preserved records of the racial development and of events of universal import ever since the beginning of the fourth race- that which preceded b

ber" it is the one among the signs of the zodiac, philo adds, that the sun visits in twelve months, and it is to honour that sign that moses divided his nation into twelve tribes, established the twelve cakes (levit. xxiv, 5) of the shewbread, and placed twelve precious stones around the ephod of the pontiffs (see de profugis) according to seneca, berosus taught prophecy of every future event and cataclysm by the zodiac; and the time fixed by him for the conflagration of the world (pralaya, and another for a deluge, is found to answer to the time given in an ancient egyptian papyrus. it comes at every renewal of the cycle of the sidereal year of 25,868 years. the names of the akkadian months were called by, and derived from, the[[vol. 1, page] 650 the secret doctrine. names of the signs of


e source! towards the end of atlantis, groups of people began to escape from their increasingly devastated land. some left the prison while their vibratory rate was still high enough for them to do so; others became trapped by accident or design. as atlantis crumbled, some settled in the areas we now know as egypt and the middle east, central america, and the united states. those who survived the cataclysm which followed, passed on their knowledge to their children in myths and stories. this is one possible answer to the apparent mystery of how when the americas were 'discovered' by the europeans in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, they found many cultures and beliefs of the native peoples to be remarkably similar to (sometimes the same as) those in the 'old world' of europe and the


n" history. they were the kings and queens who claimed the "divine right" to rule because of their bloodline- the bloodline of the gods. these ancient royal lines in places like egypt, sumer, and the indus valley, had a white skin and often blue eyes, yet they were known as the dragon kings or serpent kings by those who knew the secret of their hybrid nature. lemuria was destroyed by a staggering cataclysm that struck the earth, maybe 11,500 to 12,000 years ago. atlantis went the same way, in stages, over the thousands of years that followed. the universal stories of the great flood are related to this. when atlantis came to an end amid more enormous geological upheavals, the bloodlines and their "gods" began again in the near and middle east from about 4,000bc with an empire based in sume

to explore the earth, they seeded the land that is known as atlantis, which is said to have been in the atlantic on the geologically unstable mid-atlantic ridge. samsel says that early atlanteans were a dark-skinned people, not unlike the native americans. he believes the native american people are directly descended from lemurians and atlanteans who settled in the americas before the first great cataclysm some 48,000 years ago and native american legends support this theme.17 his view is that in those earlier days of atlantis and lemuria the people 18 children of the matrix lived under the "law of one, the understanding that everything is the same energy expressing itself in different forms. the law of one is the knowledge that everything is connected to everything else and ultimately all

t, india and tibet came under the control of the empire. the one temple was divided and ineffective, the sun temple flourished and the sons of belial prospered. during that time, one law priests were leading migrations of the red race west to the americas and east to africa. they sought to preserve the law of one and so they built new circles in the far lands".19 samsel says that the second great cataclysm brought an end to atlantis. he believes that they used their "super weapons" against what we now call china and they tried to "utilize the earth as a great conductor through which to direct at their adversaries" using the vast crystal, which is a common theme in atlantean stories. but, he says, the "earth hurled the force back upon them" and the final, disastrous, cataclysm was triggered

nographer, maurice ewing, wrote in national geographic magazine, that "either the land must have sunk two or three miles or the sea must once have been two or three miles lower than now. either conclusion is startling."25 when european explorers first landed in the canary islands the people said they were descendants of the atlanteans and were shocked to realise that other people had survived the cataclysm that destroyed their homeland. the geological and biological evidence also suggests that the widespread volcanic activity that caused the sinking of the land in the region of the azores happened at the same time as the break up and sinking of the land mass known as appalachia, which connected what we now call europe, north america, iceland and greenland.26 even their degree of submergenc

,000 years ago.28 lake titicaca on the peru-bolivia border is today the highest navigable lake in the world at some 12,500 feet. around 11,000 years ago, much of that region was at sea level.29 why are so many fish and other ocean fossils found high up in mountain ranges? because those rocks were once at sea level and recently so in geological terms, too. how interesting then that plato dated the cataclysm that destroyed the continent of atlantis to around 9000bc and so do allan and delair in their superb work, when the earth nearly died. they say it happened around 9500bc. the american researcher charles hapgood claimed that the surface of the earth had moved by some 3,000 miles around 10000bc' rocks that contain iron act like a compass. as the molten rock cools, the molecules align with

oint. it throws the whole system out. greenwich was chosen by a committee only in 1884 despite protests by one prominent member, the astronomer royal of scotland, charles piazzi smyth, that the 0 degree meridian should run through the great pyramid. flem-ath has further established that some 50 sacred sites in mexico are aligned to a north pole located in the hudson bay area, as it was before the cataclysm.39 even those built since the upheavals have been placed on older sites that aligned with the old north pole. the same is true of rosslyn chapel near edinburgh in scotland.40 this is an illuminati "holy grail" full of their ancient symbolism and built by the st clair-sinclair family, one of the foremost of the illuminati bloodlines and one of the founding forces behind the knights templa

remote asian monasteries going back tens of thousands of years. this evidence supports the view that the continent known as mu or lemuria now rests on the bed of the pacific. the polynesian tribes and other related peoples retain many legends of their sunken land of origin and easter island natives in the 22 children of the matrix pacific claim their land was once part of a continent destroyed by cataclysm.42 a chinese text found in a buddhist cave called dunhuang in western china in 1900 included fragments of a map that featured an island continent in the pacific.43 south american legend tells the same story of their ancestors arriving from a lost continent, among them a guy called aramu muru, who carried the knowledge of the lemurian brotherhood or mystery school.44 the hopi tribe in ari

led that the 50,000 wild plants he examined from around the world originated in only eight areas- all of them mountainous.61 in james churchward's view this would have been because the mountains were formed during the cataclysms and therefore many lowland areas were raised to a great height. according to ancient accounts, supported by much other evidence, when the earth had settled down after the cataclysm, or cataclysms, the survivors began to return from the high mountains north of sumer in turkey and iran into the plains of mesopotamia. it was in the turkish mountains, on mount ararat, that the symbolic noah's ark came to rest when the waters receded, the bible claims.62 the sumerian tablets also relate how the anunnaki "gods" returned to rebuild and restore their devastated heartlands

mi5 (figure 6. according to the story, the design for the great seal was handed to the founding father and rosicrucian, thomas jefferson, by a mysterious stranger dressed in a cape with a hood that covered his face. after the end of atlantis the survivors took this symbol to places like egypt and from there it continued to be used by the llluminati secret society network that reemerged after the cataclysm. the three-pronged trident was the symbol of the royal line of atlantis and this later became the three-pointed fleur-de-lis, a symbol of the llluminati bloodline to this day. the key atlantean "god" was the fire god, votan38 who would turn up later in the americas and europe as wotan and wodan. the american organisation, the lemurian fellowship, which researches the history of the lost

s in all parts of the globe. with them went their serpent symbolism which has survived to this day in places like china and, most certainly, within the illuminati. it was during the atlantean-lemurian era that the same knowledge, stories, and symbolism were communicated all over the planet, and the royal bloodlines of the extraterrestrial races were seeded everywhere. this explains how, after the cataclysm, when european races "discovered" the americas, australia, and other apparently unconnected regions of the world, they found the people telling the same stories and following the same basic religions as each other (figure 8. the common origin was atlantis-lemuria. as they travelled and colonised the americas and what became egypt and the middle east, europe, scandinavia, and china, the a

and late called pan. the goat is still a symbol of worship for the illuminati and saranists today under the name baphomet. there are many surviving records that claim a lineage of egyptian kings going back tens of thousands of years before the formation of the egyptian civilisation described by official historians. this supports the stories of an atlantean/lemurian colony in egypt long before the cataclysm. the colonisation of greece is also far older than officially claimed and this colony (called the athenians) went to war with atlanteans before the deluge. plato wrote of this war and official historians have dismissed it because they say that greece did not exist that long ago. they are mistaken. the "classic greece" they ruled by the gods 41 focus upon was a later expression of that cu

ods" arriving from a sunken continent in the pacific. polynesians claim that survivors from this lost continent travelled to india before returning to the remnants of their homeland, the pacific islands, and becoming the polynesians.59' james churchward says that these peoples also settled in egypt via india. chinese legend talks of a continent in the same area called maurigosima, which sank amid cataclysm, but its king, peiru-un, escaped to mainland china and continued his bloodline there.60 this happened a number of times as lemuria and atlantis fell to cataclysmic events. i will focus from here on what happened after the stage-by-stage destruction of atlantis in the period from around 10,000bc to 5000bc. when the earth settled down after the incredible upheavals, the survivors from atla

age-by-stage destruction of atlantis in the period from around 10,000bc to 5000bc. when the earth settled down after the incredible upheavals, the survivors from atlantis and lemuria began to recolonise the planet. and one of their key centres became known as sumer, the "cradle of civilisation, in the eyes of official history. this was the restarting of ruled by the gods 43 civilisation after the cataclysm. sir laurence gardner is the current front man of the ancient imperial royal dragon court and order, which was originally created in egypt about 2000bc to support the agenda of the so-called "dragon kings" or reptilian bloodlines. gardner says that sumaire in the old irish language means dragon. he writes "it is also reckoned that the subsequent culture of the region, phonetically called

n legends is that, especially in the latter stages, there emerged a very dark force that took over the mystery schools and the seats of power and used their advanced knowledge in the most horrendous and malevolent ways. they manipulated people's minds and caused mayhem with the misuse of esoteric "magic- the manipulation of energy. massive conflicts erupted and some accounts suggest that even the cataclysm itself could have been caused by the way they imbalanced the earth's energy field. this was the anunnaki at work- just as they are today. sources 1 w.t. samsel article "the aliens are among us" for the david icke e-magazine, volume 9. january 15th, 2000. available on the david icke website 2 the return of the serpents of wisdom, p 7 3 ibid, p 21 4 ibid, p 22 5 ibid, p 40 6 ibid, p 7 7 ib

eavals re-emerged from the mountains and underground shelters and began to rebuild a shattered world. we are perhaps talking of around 7,000 years ago when atlantis was finally destroyed, although there are differing opinions on the precise timescale. some ancient accounts say that the extraterrestrial "gods (the "anunnaki" of the sumerian tablets) left the planet in their flying craft during the cataclysm and returned when it was over. wherever the surviving bloodlines and descendants of the mystery school initiates of atlantis and lemuria resettled, advanced civilisations began to reappear. egypt, china and the indus valley in india were among them, but the most significant became known as sumer between the euphrates and tigris rivers in what we now call iraq (figure 9. lawrence augustin

expert in sumerian and egyptian hieroglyphics and the sanskrit language of the indus valley. a rare gift indeed, and this allowed him to travel these regions, reading the ancient accounts and the stories on the temples and monuments to show without question that sumer, egypt, and the indus valley were parts of one empire based on sumer (figure 10. it should be emphasised, however, that before the cataclysm a high civilisation had existed for tens of thousands of years in india, as a colony of lemuria, and that egypt, another lemurian/atlantean colony, also went back long before the sumer empire. sumer, too, had lemurian/atlantean origins. waddell's work is documented in detail in hisbook, egyptian civilisation, atlantis revisited 49 figure 10: official history claims that the three highly

snakes from ireland. but there was also crossbreeding between the serpent race and the nordics, which created the hybrid bloodlines that overwhelmingly became the ruling bloodlines of the aryan dynasties. brinsley le pour trench says in his book, the sky people (award books, new york, 1970) that the crossbreeding between the serpent race and the white race began on mars before it was destroyed by cataclysm. arizona wilder (formerly jennifer greene, a victim of the illuminati mind control projects and a conductor of their sacrificial rituals, told me that during her "training" she was told that the reptilians and the nordics fought on mars and crossbreeding took place there before they moved to earth. she says that the reptilians have followed the nordics around the galaxy for aeons because

ns "when the 'gods' began to physically interbreed with the atlantean people, we see the introduction of the 'royal lineage, the 'royal bloodlines' that were put into positions of power and rulership over the atlantean people so long ago. those of the royal bloodline were looked upon as gods by the general population of atlantis of the time. these ruled atlantis until the event of the first great cataclysm, which brought the lemurian-early atlantic age to a close. that the reptilian influence over humanity in this area took place in a similar manner, at roughly the same point in time or shortly thereafter, is..likely to be the case "the human race has been influenced and controlled since approximately 70,000 years bce or midway through the lemurian-early atlantic age. this involved several

of the hybrids this far back in history still had clear reptilian features, especially some sort of scaly skin on the chest. in the hindu classic, the mahabharata, a "demi-god" hybrid called kama was born from the union between an earth woman and the sun god, surya. the child is described as being "clad in a coat of armour, like a divine being. by the time of "noah, just before the final atlantis cataclysm, humans were rebelling against the control of the anunnaki-nefilim and those of the hybrid bloodline were seriously unpopular. they were said to wear the "badge of shame, which could have been a patch of reptilian skin, particularly on the chest. the anunnaki "gods" began to hide their true nature for the same reason and operated behind the cover of the humanreptilian priesthood who were

nipulating from behind the scenes and through their hybrid bloodlines, and they are on the brink of replacing their formerly overt global empire (their old world order) with their covert global empire (their new world order. they are the hidden force behind the introduction of the global centralisation of power that is exploding all around us today. the anunnaki, at least after the final atlantis cataclysm, sought to hide their reptilian form by keeping out of public view as much as possible. now you see them, now you don't the reptilian bloodlines covertly operating within human society created many of the ancient mystery schools to hoard the knowledge of true history, and the esoteric and technological expertise of atlantis, lemuria, and the post-cataclysmic world, especially the sumer e

. prince votan's arrival in north america was celebrated with an annual ceremony known as thanksgiving, later stolen by the european pilgrims and still a major festival in the united states.43 a key area for illuminati rituals and mind control projects is mount shasta in northern california and this is also at the centre of many legends about "serpents" and lemurians settling before and after the cataclysm. as with all of these former atlantean and lemurian peoples, they were obsessed with building structures on the vortex points. some 40,000 stone circles, pyramids, and mounds were built in north america.44 burning flames were often placed on the top of the mounds and they were never allowed to be extinguished. these were the symbol of the "great spirit" or "serpent fire, a continuation o


sion of highly advanced knowledgethat was later lost to most people. in every culture throughout the world are ancientstories and texts which describe the gods who brought this advanced knowledge. thiswould again explain the mystery of how the ancients had a phenomenal understandingof astronomy. there are endless legends all over the world of a time they call thegolden age, which was destroyed by cataclysm and the fall of man. the ancientgreek poet, heslod, described the world before the fall:man lived like gods, without vices or passions, vexation or toil. in happy companionshipwith divine beings (extraterrestrials, they passed their days in tranquillity and joy, livingtogether in perfect equality, united by mutual confidence and love. the earth was morebeautiful than now, and spontaneous

affected either its surface, atmosphere, speed and angle of orbit or rotation.i think the themes of the sumerian tablets are correct, but i doubt some of their detail,not least because of the vast period that passed between 450,000 years ago when theanunnaki are said to have arrived, and the time, only a few thousand years ago, whenthese accounts were written down. there was certainly an enormous cataclysm on theearth around 11,000 bc which destroyed the advanced civilisations of the high-techgolden age and that date of 13,000 years ago is highly significant and very relevant tothe time we are living through now. just as the planets of the solar system revolvearound the sun, so the solar system revolves around the centre of the galaxy, or this partof it at least. this central sun or galact

, the light source, and for the second 13,000years it is tilted away, some researchers believe. these cycles are therefore verydifferent as the planet is bathed in positive light for 13,000 years and then moves intothe darkness for the next 13,000. this fundamentally affects the energy in which weall live. interestingly, it was 13,000 years ago that the golden age would appear to haveconcluded in cataclysm and conflict, and today, with the 13,000 year cycle of darknessreaching its conclusion, there is a rapid global spiritual awakening and incredible eventsawait us in the next few years. we are entering the light again. so there was a fantasticcataclysm around 13,000 years ago which brought an end to the high-tech civilisationsof the golden age. but was it the only one? the evidence sugges

ce-free until about 7,000 years ago. there was no ice ageas officially suggested. its another illusion. when you look at the evidence thatofficial science presents to support the conventional idea of an ice age and the way thisevidence is fundamentally contradicted by the provable facts, it is astonishing howsuch nonsense could become conventional truth in the first place.22 before thisincredible cataclysm, and/or one of the others, the earth had a uniform tropical climate,as fossilised plants have shown. this would have been changed not only by the arrivalof the ice on the surface, but also by the destruction of a canopy of water vapour aroundthe earth, as described in genesis and other ancient texts. this canopy would haveensured a uniform tropical climate everywhere, but suddenly it was

mity to the sun demanded that the first earth humans were the black races withthe pigmentation to cope with the much fiercer rays of the sun. ancient skeletons foundnear stonehenge in england and along the west coast of france display the nasal andspinal characteristics of many female africans.31 desborough says that mars, then witha climate very much like ours, had a white race before the v enus cataclysm. hisresearch has convinced him that the white martians built the pyramids which have beenrecorded on mars and they went to war with an advanced black race to conquer theearth. these wars, he says, are the wars of the gods described in endless ancient texts,not least the hindu v edas. desborough adds that after the cataclysm, the white martianswho had settled on earth were stranded here w

truth in all the views summarised in this chapter of the cataclysmicupheavals the earth has suffered in the period between 11,000 and 1,500 bc. the firstone ended the golden age and obliterated the high-tech civilisations that had existedbefore then. the extraterrestrial races either left the planet beforehand or survived athigh altitudes or by going deep within the earth. the same with the later cataclysm.many of the extraterrestrials, and most earth humans, did not survive these events.those that did were left with the job of starting all over again without, at least at first,the technology available before. the survivors fell into two main categories, those ofmostly extraterrestrial origin who retained the advanced knowledge, and humans, theslave race in general, who did not. the former

all mammals.7adrian j. desmond, one of the worlds leading researchers into dinosaurs, says thatcreatures like the saurornithoides, were separated from other dinosaurs by a gulfcomparable to that dividing men from cows.8 he asks: who knows what peaks thesophisticated bird-mimics would have attained had they survived?9 studies have22suggested that had the dinosaurs not been wiped out by yet another cataclysm about 65million years ago, they would have evolved into a reptile humanoid by now.10 dalerussell, the senior paleontologist at northern california university, was asked by theus space agency, nasa, to produce a report on what extraterrestrial life might looklike.11 he evolved the troodon dinosaur in line with natural genetic changes overmillions of years and created a model of a being he

).the draco system includes thestar thurban, once the northstar, by which the egyptianpyramids are orientated.14according to the research ofauthor graham hancock, theancient temple complex atangkor wat in cambodia is areplica of the dracoconstellation as it would havebeen in 10,500 bc.15 this is the time when the earth and its people, human andextraterrestrial, would have been recovering from the cataclysm of 11,000 bc andrebuilding their civilisation. the author and researcher, robert bauval, says that thepyramids at giza align with the stars on the belt of orion as they would have been in10,500 bc when orion was at the lowest point in its cycle (the orions are anotherextraterrestrial race operating on this planet, i understand. and hancock and otherresearchers suggest that the lion-bodie

look at this, the more it is clear to me that whatthe reptilians did on mars they have done here. they infilitrated the home populationthrough interbreeding and took the place over. it seems to me that there were alreadyreptile-aryan bloodlines among the martians when they came to earth. one of themain locations for the anunnaki and the martians or aryans, particularly during andafter the v enus cataclysm of around 4,800 bc, were the mountains of turkey, iran andkurdistan, and it was from here that they and their hybrids re-emerged when thewaters receded. it was they who created the instant advanced civilisations in the lowlands of sumer, egypt, babylon and the indus v alley. a particular centre for theanunnaki reptilians would seem to have been the caucasus mountains and this is anarea t

ns, scots and anglo saxons (the christian bookclub of america, hawthorne, california, first published 1924, p 65.53from the ashes of angels, p 191.54ibid.55second book of enoch, 1:4-5.56revelation, 12:9.57ibid, 20:2-3.58geza vermes, the dead sea scrolls in english (penguin books, harmondsworth, 1990).59ibid, p 7.50chapter threethe babylonian brotherhoodas the flood waters receded after the v enus cataclysm the survivors came down fromthe mountains and up from within the earth. they settled on the lowlands and plainsand began to rebuild. this was when sumer, egypt and the civilisation in the indusv alley suddenly appeared at a very high level of technological advancement, althoughthey had existed before and were now restored after the upheavals.the sumerian society began at the peak of its

e?the evidence of the connections between the middle-near east and the british islesand ireland is simply enormous. you can follow the flow of peoples, knowledge,culture, language, deities, symbols and rituals, very comfortably. i wonder, however, ifthis was all travelling between these two areas of the world for the first time fromaround 3,000 bc or whether, in the ancient past before the v enus cataclysm, it had allgone in the reverse direction. could it be that the origins of the middle-near eastcultures had actually been in what became the british isles and europe, and after 3,000bc it was taken in the reverse direction. i cant present detailed evidence of this at themoment, but my research is moving that way. if the british isles and parts of europewere badly affected by earth upheava

nof christianity and its arrogant indoctrination and imposition of its desperately limitedvision of life which has created a mind-prison for literally billions of people over almost2,000 years. all the worlds major religions, hinduism, christianity, judaism and islam,came out of the very same region of the middle and near east from which the aryanrace and the reptile crossbreeds emerged after the cataclysm of perhaps 7,000 years ago.these religions were designed to imprison the mind and engulf the emotions with fearand guilt. they were usually based on some saviour-god figure like jesus ormohammed and only by believing in them and following their dictates can we findgod and be saved. that is precisely what the babylonian priests said about nimrodwhen the blueprint for control-by-religion w

con, the rosicrucianinitiate, wrote into the shakespearean plays the secret teachings of the fraternity of r.c.and the true rituals of the freemasonic order, of which order it may be discovered that hewas the actual founder.22the rituals and symbols of freemasonry can be traced back to ancient egypt andbeyond. in truth, its knowledge of sacred geometry, numbers and form, go back to beforethe last cataclysm. the dionysiac artificers or architects, composed of initiates of thebacchus-dionysus (sun) mysteries whose role it was to design the public buildings andmonuments, can be traced back at least three thousand years if not more.23 it was thesearchitect-initiates who designed the great buildings of constantinople, rhodes, athensand rome and it was this same stream who built the temple to th

inner central sunwhich provides the heat and light. in the film version of the jules v erne story, which iwatched again recently, the scene is depicted in the same way. interestingly, the mainopposition v ernes explorers face are from massive reptiles, one of which they foundin the sunken city of atlantis. there has been speculation, supported by muchevidence, that dinosaurs may have survived the cataclysm of 65 million years ago byliving within the earth, particular in the southern polar regions. tom rich, apalaeontologist at the museum of victoria, australia, suggested this possibility after hediscovered the fossilised remains of a polar dinosaur in 1987 in an excavated tunnel onthe southern tip of victoria state at a place known as dinosaur cove.14 jules v erne, ahigh initiate, would ha

stopped. this doesnt mean there willbe no gravity because that is created by other phenomena, not the spin of the planet.something like this seems to have happened at least 14 times in the last 4.5 millionyears. the last is estimated to have been about 11-13,000 years ago, a window of timewhich corresponds with many estimates of the end of atlantis and the beginning of therecovery from that great cataclysm after about 10,500 bc. 13,000 years ago would havebeen the halfway point in the great cycle of 26,000 years which is ending now, anothertime of great change. i am not saying the earth is going to stop rotating, but i certainlywould not dismiss the possibilityit could be, however, that there was a magnetic pole shift more recently, about 3,500-600 years ago from examination of the ice in


ment of air, i obviously have no natural affinity with it. the ceremony went exceptionally badly even for an air ritual. two of the principal officers, husband and wife, helped to maintain its reputation as a contentious element by having a family jar in the middle of the proceedings, and the usual upsets and smashings occurred on a generous scale. for the next fortnight i lived in the midst of a cataclysm of crockery. i smashed my way through two entire tea-sets and all the mantelpiece ornaments. the ornaments just fell off the mantelpiece one by one of their own accord. i actually saw two of them do it. i did not know at the time that the element of air had this sinister reputation. i realised that something queer was afoot, however, and asked my teacher about it. she was much amused, bu


as become a standard part of new age mythology and is frequently mentioned in channeled literature. among the interesting twists on the idea of lemuria is that attributed to ramtha, the entity who speaks through j. z. knight. ramtha says he was a lemurian. lemuria, according to ramtha, was not a separate continent but a section of the ancient continent of atlatia (as he calls atlantis. an initial cataclysm, some thirty-five thousand years ago, destroyed the northern half of the continent, including lemuria. survivors found shelter in onai, the great port city of atlatia. ramtha says he was born of a lemurian mother who had escaped to onai. sources: blavatsky, helena p. the secret doctrine. 2 vols. london: theosophical publishing, 1889. cerve, wishar s [h. spencer lewis. lemuria: the lost c


corted her out of the ship, and she returned to her car. subsequently, stalnaker claimed, she found that she had extraordinary psychic gifts that allowed her to read other people s minds and to practice paranormal healing. before long stalnaker was channeling the alien woman, who called herself antron. antron reported that she was from a star galaxy. she had come to prepare earthlings for a great cataclysm. we want to take the good people with us to recolonize elsewhere, she said (beckley, 1989. see also: channeling further reading beckley, timothy green, 1989. psychic and ufo revelations in the last days. new brunswick, nj: inner light publications. gansberg, judith m, and alan l. gansberg, 1980. direct encounters: the personal histories of ufo abductees. new york: walker and company. anu

e of the atlantis legend, nothing of substance has come to light in the nearly twenty-five centuries that separate us from plato s account to lead reasonable people to conclude that such a lost continent ever graced the atlantic ocean. in imagining at- lantis (1998) richard ellis writes, plato s description of atlantis was of a rich and powerful society that was swallowed up by the sea in a great cataclysm, and every remnant of it de- atlantis 33 stroyed. like the iliad and the odyssey, it has managed to survive for more than two millennia. but unlike homer s epic poems, plato s tale rarely considered an important part of his voluminous output has not only survived as a demonstration of the storyteller s art, but also has become a part of our own mythology. see also: bermuda triangle; chan

know his name at the time in 1948 when a mental voice from a flying saucer told him, you will hear from us later (clark, 1971. four years later solem met paul 2, a self-identified angel from venus. solem was informed that he had been a venusian in a previous life and that his mission in the present incarnation was to work with north and south american indians to prepare the city of zion. a great cataclysm was coming, and in its wake a utopian society would be built with the aid of space people and their earthly allies. solem surfaced publicly in july 1969 at the fort hall indian reservation in idaho, where he and several indian associates declared in a series of campfire meetings that flying saucers had arrived to fulfill a hopi prophecy about the day of purification. according to hopi tr

e pseudonym given her in the classic sociological book when prophecy fails (1956. in 1954, through space people who communicated with her through automatic writing, she learned of an imminent catastrophic, earth-changing event, to occur a week before the end of the year. she and her small band of followers in illinois and michigan would be swooped up in a flying saucer and rescued just before the cataclysm took place. martin and her followers sought to publicize the prophecy, only to be ridiculed in newspapers all over the country. after the failure of the prophecy, martin soon renamed sister thedra at the urging of her space contacts moved to the southwest, then to peru for five years. returning to the united states, she established and headed a contactee-oriented spiritual group in mount

ege president john a. hannah later told the press that students had complained about laughead s propagandizing them on a peculiar set of beliefs of questionable validity( the end, 1955. effectively cutting their ties to east lansing, the laugheads moved into the martin residence and awaited the arrival of the flying saucers that would save them and their companions at the onset of the december 21 cataclysm. on december 17, a chicago newspaper exposed the group s strange beliefs and laughead s loss of employment. other papers around the country, and soon afterward the world, picked up the story, and the result was blistering ridicule on an international scale. the publicity also left the relentlessly gullible group open to pranks that periodically sent its members packing in preparation for


e unique. thus my morality taught me by dream symbols. as in life, so in sleep-all things have a sexual significance, hidden by righteousness. herein is a mystery and the means to will. what is all humanity but one's own forgotten deliberationbecoming restless? the unexpected bark of a dog should not frighten. neither is medicine taken by pronouncing the name of the remedy. verily, in the time of cataclysm it is too late to pick the right word" the dream that came true one night aaos was pleasured with this dream: in his early youth, he met a beautiful maiden-famous among men who knew perfection. she was everything desirous, even to her name. he became her lover, and knew her. to be true. but an evil voice spoke unto him and he doubted her, believing the voice-because it was of one he had


m lima. in the draughty arrivals hall we were offered coca tea in little plastic cups as a prophylactic against altitude sickness. after considerable delay and exertion, we extracted our luggage from customs, hailed an ancient american-made taxi, and clanked and rattled down towards the dim yellow lights of the city far below. graham hancock fingerprints of the gods 69 lake titicaca. rumours of a cataclysm around four o clock the next afternoon we set off for lake titicaca in a rented jeep, fought our way through the capital s incomprehensible permanent rush-hour traffic-jams, then drove up out of the skyscrapers and slums into the wide, clear horizons of the altiplano. at first, still close to the city, our route took us through a zone of bleak suburbs and sprawling shantytowns where the

g the waters which descended toward lake titicaca in onrushing and unrestrainable torrents.9 posnansky s evidence that a flood had been the agent of the destruction of tiahuanaco included the discovery of lacustrine flora, paludestrina culminea, and paludestrina andecola, ancylus titicacensis, planorbis titicacensis, etc, mixed in the alluvia with the skeletons of human beings who perished in the cataclysm. and the discovery of various skeletons of orestias, fish of the family of the present bogas, in the same alluvia which contain the human remains..10 in addition, fragments of human and animal skeletons had been found lying in chaotic disorder among wrought stones, utensils, tools and an endless variety of other things. all of this has been moved, broken and accumulated in a confused hea

. as the reader will recall from part iii, it was believed that this deluge had swept over the entire earth at the end of the fourth sun: destruction came in the form of torrential rain and floods. the mountains disappeared and men were transformed into fish. 8 according to aztec mythology only two human beings survived: a man, coxcoxtli, and his wife, xochiquetzal, who had been forewarned of the cataclysm by a god. they escaped in a huge boat they had been instructed to build and came to ground on the peak of a tall mountain. there they descended and afterwards had many children who were dumb until the time when a dove on top of a tree gave them the gift of languages. these languages differed so much that the children could not understand one another.9 a related central american tradition

s thought to be the fifth and last. in similar fashion the oral traditions of ancient greece, collected and set down in writing by hesiod in the eighth century bc, related that prior to the present creation there had been four earlier races of men on earth. each of these was thought more advanced than the one that followed it. and each, at the appointed hour, had been swallowed up in a geological cataclysm. the first and most ancient creation had been mankind s golden race who had lived like the gods, free from care, without trouble or woe. with ageless limbs they revelled at their banquets. when they died it was as men overcome by sleep. with the passing of time, and at the command of zeus, this golden race eventually sank into the depths of the earth. it was succeeded by the silver race

course, there were four suns prior to our own. such minor differences concerning the precise number of destructions and creations envisaged in this or that mythology should not distract us from the remarkable convergence of ancient traditions evident here. all over the world these traditions appear to commemorate a widespread series of catastrophes. in many cases the character of each successive cataclysm is obscured by the use of poetic language and the piling up of metaphor and symbols. quite frequently, also, at least two different kinds of disaster may be portrayed as having occurred simultaneously (most frequently floods and earthquakes, but sometimes fire and a terrifying darkness. all this contributes to the creation of a confused and jumbled picture. the myths of the hopi, however

7. graham hancock fingerprints of the gods 197 chapter 25 the many masks of the apocalypse like the hopi indians of north america, the avestic aryans of pre-islamic iran believed that there were three epochs of creation prior to our own. in the first epoch men were pure and sinless, tall and long lived, but at its close the evil one declared war against ahura mazda, the holy god, and a tumultuous cataclysm ensued. during the second epoch the evil one was unsuccessful. in the third good and evil were exactly balanced. in the fourth epoch (the present age of the world, evil triumphed at the outset and has maintained its supremacy ever since.1 the end of the fourth epoch is predicted soon, but it is the cataclysm at the end of the first epoch that interests us here. it is not a flood, and yet

every living creature by drowning the world in water; the var is a means of surviving a terrible and devastating winter which will destroy every living creature by covering the earth with a freezing blanket of ice and snow. in the bundahish, another of the zoroastrian scriptures (believed to incorporate ancient material from a lost part of the original avesta, more information is provided on the cataclysm of glaciation that overwhelmed airyana vaejo. when angra mainyu sent the vehement destroying frost, he also assaulted and deranged the sky .5 the bundahish tells us that this assault enabled the evil one to master one third of the sky and overspread it with darkness as the encroaching ice sheets tightened their grip.6 3 vendidad, fargard ii, cited in the arctic home in the vedas, pp. 300

. rearing and swerving aside, they left their wonted way; then all the earth was amazed to see that the glorious sun, instead of holding his stately, beneficent course across the sky, seemed to speed crookedly overhead and to rush down in wrath like a meteor. 21 this is not the place to speculate on what may have caused the alarming disturbances in the patterns of the heavens that are linked with cataclysm legends from all over the world. for our purposes at present, it is sufficient to note that such traditions seem to refer to the same derangement of the sky that accompanied the fatal winter and spreading ice sheets described in the iranian avesta.22 other linkages occur. fire, for example, often follows or precedes the flood. in the case of phaeton s adventure with the sun, the grass wi

rves more vivid memories in its myths than any other; that of the so-called teutonic tribes of germany and scandinavia, a culture best remembered through the songs of the norse scalds and sages. the stories those songs retell have their roots in a past which may be much older than scholars imagine and which combine familiar images with strange symbolic devices and allegorical language to recall a cataclysm of awesome magnitude: in a distant forest in the east an aged giantess brought into the world a whole brood of young wolves whose father was fenrir. one of these monsters chased the sun to take possession of it. the chase was for long in vain, but each season the wolf grew in strength, and at last he reached the sun. its bright rays were one by one extinguished. it took on a blood red hu

rious times there have been terrible natural disasters. but there has not been a single occasion in the past 5000 years when mankind as a whole can be said to have faced extinction. has this always been so? or is it possible, if we go back far enough, that we might discover an epoch when our ancestors were nearly wiped out? it is just such an epoch that seems to be the focus of the great myths of cataclysm. scholars normally attribute these myths to the fantasies of ancient poets. but what if the scholars are wrong? what if some terrible series of natural catastrophes did reduce our prehistoric ancestors to a handful of individuals scattered here and there across the face of the earth, far apart, and out of touch with one another? we are looking for an epoch that will fit the myths as snug

undisputably those of modern humans, and supplanting the neanderthals completely by about 35,000 years ago.9 in summary, human beings like ourselves, whom we could pass in the street without blinking an eyelid if they were shaved and dressed in modern clothes, are creatures of the last 115,000 years at the very most and more probably of only the last 50,000 years. it follows that if the myths of cataclysm we have reviewed do reflect an epoch of geological upheaval experienced by humanity, these upheavals took place within the last 115,000 years, and more probably within the last 50,000 years. cinderella s slipper it is a curious coincidence of geology and palaeoanthropology that the onset and progress of the last ice age, and the emergence and proliferation of modern man, more or less sha

y be wrong in assuming that they were all primitive cave dwellers. in reality little is known about them and almost the only thing that can be said is that they were men and women exactly like ourselves physiologically and psychologically. it is possible that they came close to total extinction on several occasions during the upheavals they experienced; it is also possible that the great myths of cataclysm, to which scholars attribute no historical value, may contain accurate records and eyewitness accounts of real events. as we see in the next chapter, if we are looking for an epoch that fits those myths as snugly as the slipper on cinderella s foot, it would seem that the last ice age is it. 13 john imbrie and katherine palmer imbrie, ice ages: solving the mystery, enslow publishers, new

t some point between 12-13,000 years ago a destroying frost descended with horrifying speed upon siberia and has never relaxed its grip. in an eerie echo of the avestic traditions, a land which had previously enjoyed seven months of summer was converted almost overnight into a land of ice and snow with ten months of harsh and frozen winter.24 a thousand krakatoas, all at once many of the myths of cataclysm speak of times of terrible cold, of darkened skies, of black, burning, bituminous rain. for centuries it must have been like that all the way across the arc of death incorporating immense tracts of siberia, the yukon and alaska. here, interspersed in the muck depths, and sometimes through the very piles of bones and tusks themselves, are layers of volcanic ash. there is no doubt that coi

were bison, horses, camels, sloths, mammoths, mastodons and at least seven hundred sabre-toothed tigers.27 a disarticulated human skeleton was also found, completely enveloped in bitumen, mingled with the bones of an extinct species of vulture. in general, the la brea remains( broken, mashed, contorted, and mixed in a most heterogeneous mass 28) speak eloquently of a sudden and dreadful volcanic cataclysm.29 similar finds of typical late ice age birds and mammals have been unearthed from asphalt at two other locations in california (carpinteria and mckittrick. in the san pedro valley, mastodon skeletons were discovered still standing upright, ungulfed in great heaps of volcanic ash and sand. fossils from the glacial lake floristan in colorado, and from oregon s john day basin, were also e

reated. the ice age was over. however, the seven thousand years 31 path of the pole, p. 133, 176. 32 the evolving earth, guild publishing, london, 1989, p. 30. 33 ice ages: solving the mystery, p. 64. 34 path of the pole, pp. 132-5. graham hancock fingerprints of the gods 213 prior to that date had witnessed climatic and geological turbulence on a scale that was almost unimaginable. lurching from cataclysm to disaster and from misfortune to calamity, the few scattered tribes of surviving humans must have led lives of constant terror and confusion: there would have been periods of quiescence, when they might have hoped that the worst was over. while the melting of the giant glaciers continued, however, these episodes of tranquillity would have been punctuated again and again by violent floo

k astronomer from his pedestal as the discoverer of precession unless we can find a significantly more accurate value recorded in a significantly more ancient source. of course, there are many potential sources. at this point, however, in the interests of succinctness, we shall limit our inquiry to universal myths. we have already examined one group of myths in detail (the traditions of flood and cataclysm set out in part iv) and we have seen that they possess a range of intriguing characteristics: 1 there is no doubt that they are immensely old. take the mesopotamian flood story, versions of which have been found inscribed on tablets from the earliest strata of sumerian history, around 3000 bc. these tablets, handed down from the dawn of the recorded past, leave no room for doubt that the

hat no scholar has ever been able to establish a date for the creation of any myth, let alone for these venerable and widespread traditions. in a very real sense they seem always to have been around part of the permanent baggage of human culture. 2 the possibility cannot be ruled out that this aura of vast antiquity is not an illusion. on the contrary, we have seen that many of the great myths of cataclysm seem to contain accurate eye-witness accounts of real conditions experienced by humanity during the last ice age. in theory, therefore, these stories could have been constructed at almost the same time as the emergence of our subspecies homo sapiens sapiens, perhaps as long as 50,000 years ago. the geological evidence, however, suggests a more recent provenance, and we have identified th

ver, suggests a more recent provenance, and we have identified the epoch 15,000-8000 bc as the most likely. only then, in the whole of human experience, were there rapid climatic changes on graham hancock fingerprints of the gods 237 the convulsive scale the myths so eloquently describe. 3 the ice age and its tumultuous demise were global phenomena. it is therefore perhaps not surprising that the cataclysm traditions of many different cultures, widely scattered around the globe, should be characterized by a high degree of uniformity and convergence. 4 what is surprising, however, is that the myths not only describe shared experiences but that they do so in what appears to be a shared symbolic language. the same literary motifs keep cropping up again and again, the same stylistic props, the

mexico long before columbus, and is linked in both places to certain attributes like the colour red, it can hardly be a coincidence. likewise, when one finds numbers like 108, or 9 x 13 reappearing under several multiples in the vedas, in the temples of angkor, in babylon, in heraclitus dark utterances, and also in the norse valhalla, it is not accident..4 connecting the great universal myths of cataclysm, is it possible that such coincidences that cannot be coincidences, and accidents that cannot be accidents, could denote the global influence of an ancient, though as yet unidentified, guiding hand? if so, could it be that same hand, during and after the last ice age, which drew the series of highly accurate and technically advanced world maps reviewed in part i? and might not that same

technical arguments of de santillana. 2 what those arguments predominantly concern is the recurrent and persistent transmission of a precessional message in a wide range of ancient myths. and, strangely enough, many of the key images and symbols that crop up in these myths notably those that concern a derangement of the heavens are also to be found embedded in the ancient traditions of worldwide cataclysm reviewed in chapters twentyfour and twenty-five. in norse mythology for example, we saw how the wolf fenrir, whom the gods had so carefully chained up, broke his bonds at last and escaped: he shook himself and the world trembled. the ash-tree yggdrasil was shaken from its roots to its topmost branches. mountains crumbled or split from top to bottom. the earth began to lose its shape. alr

forms, multiples and combinations, all over the ancient world. an example was given in chapter thirty-three the norse myth of the 432,000 fighters who sallied forth from valhalla to do battle with the wolf. a glance back at that myth shows that it contains several permutations of precessional numbers. likewise, as we saw in chapter twenty-four, ancient chinese traditions referring to a universal cataclysm were said to have been written down in a great text consisting of precisely 4320 volumes. thousands of miles away, is it a coincidence that the babylonian historian berossus (third century bc) ascribed a total reign of 432,000 9 death of gods in ancient egypt, p. 205. 10 ibid. 11 ibid. graham hancock fingerprints of the gods 254 years to the mythical kings who ruled the land of sumer bef


and below the ground; the embodiment of all the snarling and chaos and grinning fear that lurk behind life. it had looked at me as it died, and its eyes had the same odd quality that marked those other eyes which had stared at me underground and excited cloudy recollections. one eye was blue, the other brown. they were the dissimilar martense eyes of the old legends, and i knew in one inundating cataclysm of voiceless horror what had become of that vanished family; the terrible and thunder-crazed house of martense. the shunned house by h. p. lovecraft written october 16-19, 1924 published in the shunned house, athol, ma: the recluse press, 1928, pages 9-59. i from even the greatest of horrors irony is seldom absent. some times it enters directly into the composition of the events, while s

ura of evil. perhaps it was what they had heard of the infamous old wizard whose picture had once stared from the panelled overmantel, and perhaps it was something different and irrelevant; but in any case they all half sensed an intangible miasma which centred in that carven vestige of an older dwelling and which at times almost rose to the intensity of a material emanation. v. a nightmare and a cataclysm 1 and now swiftly followed that hideous experience which has left its indelible mark of fear on the soul of marinus bicknell willett, and has added a decade to the visible age of one whose youth was even then far behind. dr. willett had conferred at length with mr. ward, and had come to an agreement with him on several points which both felt the alienists would ridicule. there was, they

ole personality seemed to have undergone an insidious mutation- a mutation so deep that one could scarcely reconcile his two aspects with the supposition that both represented equal sanity. word-choice, spelling- all were subtly different. and with my academic sensitiveness to prose style, i could trace profound divergences in his commonest reactions and rhythm-responses. certainly, the emotional cataclysm or revelation which could produce so radical an overturn must be an extreme one indeed! yet in another way the letter seemed quite characteristic of akeley. the same old passion for infinity- the same old scholarly inquisitiveness. i could not a moment- or more than a moment- credit the idea of spuriousness or malign substitution. did not the invitation- the willingness to have me test t


speration- an intelligent desperation apparently sufficient to prove every theory of herbert west. certainly, the nerves were recalling the man s last act in life; the struggle to get free of the falling aeroplane. what followed, i shall never positively know. it may have been wholly an hallucination from the shock caused at that instant by the sudden and complete destruction of the building in a cataclysm of german shell-fire- who can gainsay it, since west and i were the only proved survivors? west liked to think that before his recent disappearance, but there were times when he could not; for it was queer that we both had the same hallucination. the hideous occurrence itself was very simple, notable only for what it implied. the body on the table had risen with a blind and terrible grop


and below the ground; the embodiment of all the snarling and chaos and grinning fear that lurk behind life. it had looked at me as it died, and its eyes had the same odd quality that marked those other eyes which had stared at me underground and excited cloudy recollections. one eye was blue, the other brown. they were the dissimilar martense eyes of the old legends, and i knew in one inundating cataclysm of voiceless horror what had become of that vanished family; the terrible and thunder-crazed house of martense. 1998-1999 william johns last modified: 12/18/1999 18:4499the music of erich zann by h.p. lovecraft written dec 1921 published march 1922 in the national amateur, vol. 44, no. 4, p. 38-40. i have examined maps of the city with the greatest care, yet have never again found the ru


oo had grown tired of law and order, and had abandoned all the city to its fate. then men in olive-drab came, bearing muskets, till it seemed as if in its sad sleep the street must have some haunting dreams of those other days, when musketbearing men in conical hats walked along it from the woodland spring to the cluster of houses by the beach. yet could no act be performed to check the impending cataclysm, for the swart, sinister men were old in cunning. so the street slept uneasily on, till one night there gathered in petrovitch s bakery, and the rifkin school of modern economics, and the circle social club, and liberty cafe, and in other places as well, vast hordes of men whose eyes were big with horrible triumph and expectation. over hidden wires strange messages traveled, and much was


d ideas. in regard to these merely scientific people, an apt and a forcible remark has been made: natural selection can only preserve such slight variations as are immediately useful. it cannot provide a savage with brains suited to the remote needs of his civilised descendants some thousands of years later. all is progressive, and all is development, with these philosophers. they have no idea of cataclysm. when the whole world is the offspring when the mountains, with the mutilated and the riven faces which they present to us, are the children thunderstricken of the intelligent (sudden to the world sometimes, snapping gradations and evolutions with miracle. master, guide, and god of all! thinkest thou that those skies have forgotten to be in earnest, be-cause them goest mouthing through t

s lost paradise; that (through it originally) everything was possible, as the gift of god; which explains the classic fables of orpheus, amphion, and. the mythological wonder-workers in music; that music is modulated in the movements of the planets according to the re-arrangement of the postdiluvian world, and in conformity with the re-adjustment of the solar-system after mysterious aberration or cataclysm; that mortality cannot hear, and that the human soul is so debased that it only catches intermittently the faint echo of the continuous universal music which in other now material senses is the life and growth and splendour of everything* music is magic, is sacred, and a power as all harmony must be; the nerves of the world the aspiration of living things the spell which breaks-up and ex


equence between mars and jupiter, and near the beginning of the nineteenth century small planetoids began to be discovered at the designated place. they now number much over a thousand, and it is suspected that millions of small pieces of space debris occupy this belt. astronomical science has never fully accepted the idea that a planet exploded in that location, but a case can be made for such a cataclysm, and it would explain the origin of stones which fell to the earth. the asteroid zone is the only gap in the bode systems, but some of the derivatives of that system, which seem to fit observed data a little bit more snugly, have gaps which do not seem to be filled. furthermore, such systems indicate zones surrounding the larger planets which are not always occupied by satellites, and wh

ns in several parts of the world that the ancestors of some races and tribes were flourishing before the moon existed. a detailed build-up for this antiquity is beyond the scope and ability of this book. mainly we are interested in showing that such an antiquity did exist, and that it is conceivable that some very early race, 200,000 years ago or so, may have developed space flight, and after the cataclysm of 12,000 years ago may have chosen to stay in space, thinking it a safer habitat than this uncertain planet. we offer no proof for this supposition. what we do offer is a set of conditions which might make it possible, plus a long series of observations of activity in space which gives every appearance of being the result of intelligent direction. such a hypothesis relieves us of having

a case can be made, without too much difficulty, in spite of the anti-atlantians who have a phobia against it; and we can show that there have been two at least two principle waves of civilization. the first can be said, roughly, to be antediluvian and the second postdiluvian, speaking in general terms and putting the flood, or its equivalent, far enough back in history so as to coincide with the cataclysm which caused it. all of the centers of civilization and cultural renaissance recognized by present-day anthropologists india, peru, yucatan, egypt, babylonia, greece, china, rome, england and others are but the reviving remnants of an empire and civilization which colonized the world a hundred thousand years ago. they area all "parts" or nuclei, in one great renaissance which has been ta


hered you to me that we might oppose this unchaste plan 9 before it bears its bastard fruit full term and gives it ruinous and pernicious birth as in the time of our kingdom's founding when magog bore gog his base issue who, like savage beasts, made war upon us, making us slaves and sport until our brother, now turned against us, cast down, from the sky, a mount that broke the earth below in dire cataclysm and thus destroyed the hateful giants. this is why you are thus gathered" lo! they acclaimed michael's false counsel for their own malice ruled their ears and governed the intent of their hearts. from the throng, crying out for vengeance for the uncommitted crime that i had done, came the voice of auriel, the fourth of the brothers for they were my brethren no more "what proof" he inquir

athered you to me that we might oppose this unchaste plan before it bears its bastard fruit full term and gives it ruinous and pernicious birth as in the time of our kingdom's founding when magog bore gog his base issue who, like savage beasts, made war upon us, making us slaves and sport until our brother, now turned against us, cast down, from the sky, a mount that broke the earth below in dire cataclysm and thus destroyed the hateful giants. this is why you are thus gathered" lo! they acclaimed michael's false counsel for their own malice ruled their ears and governed the intent of their hearts. from the throng, crying out for vengeance for the uncommitted crime that i had done, came the voice of auriel, the fourth of the brothers for they were my brethren no more "what proof" he inquir

orld where once they had been one. this is the history of the first men. this is the telling of their origins and how was won the means to judge all things. this is how mankind knew peace first and then was taught war by the art of gabriel. thus was much won and lost in those first days. this is the story of the one nation and the many. this is the history of the first men. this is the truth! 204 cataclysm hear me o my prophet! lo! i sing of ancient things, forgotten to the memories of man and beast. i sing of times that have passed long since, and with them passing much that was good. i sing of the noble men of old ages that walked upon the earth as giants and who were most bright, outshining the thousand stars that adorn the field of night. their tread was like thunder and their voices l

us the nephilim alone might speak the spell and employ its power upon the earth. this spell shall open the cataracts of the sky and release the deep waters from their reservoirs, throwing open the hundred gates that the torrents might be loosed upon the earth, sweeping all like dread, thunderous worms. all the earth shall be thus drowned and all that lives upon the earth shall be so slain by this cataclysm. you shall therefore instruct noah to build a boat that shall be in length three hundred cubits that shall be in breadth fifty cubits that shall be in height thirty cubits. into this great vessel he shall install all his family that they might escape the waters and two of each kind of beast that goes on earth that the produce of my creation be not lost. in all this shall you instruct noa

eeping faith when all were arrayed against you. god does reward such servants as you most amply of his generosity. come then and speak those words you must 271 and initiate this washing away. cleanse the earth of your fathers' sins and make it once more fit for god. so do i charge you in his name and so must you do if you are indeed his allegiant slave. speak then these words with me and let this cataclysm begin" so stood michael and noah at the prow of that constructed in the desert, the vessel of heaven's wrongful purpose. from the dawn unto the dusk they sang discordantly the syllables that convoked the waters of heaven and earth. as that remorseless bore on and the sun traversed the azure dome upon its appointed path unto the west the sky became black with clouds and all was in shadow

m and then, the tides falling back and back in constant ebb as once they had flowed great, the mountain-sides and hills then the valleys and the plains revealed themselves to the sight of those that went upon the ships and they rejoiced to see all things upon the earth restored to equilibrium. at that time all the land was bare and no green thing grew from the soil. all was desolated by the great cataclysm. yet no darkness is there where no light burns nor despair that fosters no hope. deep beneath the barren soil hid the seeds of the thousand plants, washed away by the waters of the flood. with the waters fallen back to their place and the light of the burning sun making warm once more the sodden earth to new life were those germs stirred 285 and even before the waters had retreated utter


have them today were almost entirely rewritten after the return from the captivity; and the priestly writers who did this work transfigured in a glow of enthusiastic romance the poetic traditions of their nation. 266. the jewish migrations 267. the jewish race is an offshoot of that semitic people who formed the fifth sub-race of the atlantean root-race. some four thousand years before the great cataclysm of 75,025 b.c, which overwhelmed the first atlantean empire of egypt, the manu had led his especial followers into the uplands of arabia in order that they might be separated from the bulk of the atlanteans, and that a new type might be evolved from them which would later be developed into the aryan root-race. strict injunctions were given by the manu that there was to be no intermar-ria

om the bulk of the atlanteans, and that a new type might be evolved from them which would later be developed into the aryan root-race. strict injunctions were given by the manu that there was to be no intermar-riage with neighbouring races, so that the purity of the new stock might be maintained; and the idea of these men that they were a chosen people was fostered to that end. shortly before the cataclysm some seven hundred of the best and most promising of these people were led into central asia by the manu, and they grew there after many thousands of years into a great nation, the nucleus of the aryan race that was later to rule the world. 268. about 40,000 b.c. the manu led out the second sub-race of the new root-race to colonize arabia once more, since the semites who had been left be


at the evil that had been unleashed upon the world by their hand, took counsel among themselves and wielded their power to cast down the lands wherein the nephelim dwelt, overwhelming the entire population in one day and night by volcanic upheaval and subsequent flood, of such a planetary magnitude that to this day, throughout many parts of the world, there yet remains evidence of this appalling cataclysm in the form of layers of silt and debris beneath a certain level of geological strata, as well ,as the recurring legends of the flood and atlantis current throughout the western hemisphere. the early christian writer of the tale of beowulf recounts how, written in runes upon the hilt of an enchanted sword said to have been made by the nephelim themselves, king hrothgar of the danes reads

priate, and indeed they preserve many of the seeds of truth "gnostic" itself in its etymological derivation means much the same as "witch "one who knows "one who concerns himself or herself with the hidden wisdom" it is the tattered remnants of the wisdom of the watchers, or gods, which constitutes the lore of the witch. the wisdom was said to have been borne away from the lost lands prior to the cataclysm by certain survivors, who knew the minds of the watchers, and fled the oncoming doom. the knowledge is said to have been preserved until such a time as bit by bit in devious manners it could be secretly reintroduced to humanity once more. babylonian legends of uta-napishtim and the biblical noah or his greek parallel, deucalion, all contain echoes of this belief. witch lore, moreover, te


rd bulwer-lyttons book, the coming race, he describes the existence ofadvanced beings living in tunnels and caverns beneath the surface of the earth. herefers to these beings as the ana, saying they were forced below because of earthearths first deluge12atlantis, alien visitation, and genetic manipulation changes and a flood which destroyed their civilization thousands of years before thebiblical cataclysm. in david ickes children of the matrix, we read: thirty-six underground cities have been discovered in cappadocia so far and some are hugecomplexes going down eight levels. the ventilation systems are so efficient that even eightfloors down the air is still fresh. thirty vast underground cities and tunnel complexes havealso been found near derinkuya in turkey. the hopi indians speak of a

nipulation of energy. dickhoff says that the monk led 400 warrior-monks into thecaverns to do battle with this serpent cult. scholar and researcher, j. j. hurtakdeclares: in our research in africa, the far east and the mountains of south america, we have comeacross statuary of very grotesque beings, who according to the indian and shamanistic tra-dition, went into the earth at the time of a great cataclysm .the apache indians tell stories of tunnels between their lands and the city of tiahuan-aco and claim that their ancestors traveled for years by this route. the indian chiefsalso assured that the tunnels were..carved out by rays that destroy the living rock. and that their creators were..beings who live near the stars (from uriel s machine by christopher knight and robertlomas) in celtic

sed by theante-diluvians when they took over a race.the arabiansthe arabians were an important branch of the great atlantean stock (p. 278) atlantis, alien visitation, and genetic manipulation197 appendix b: book abstracts atlantis the antediluvian world by ignatius donnellythe atlanteans they existed during the bronze age and at the beginning of the iron age (p. 307)the dispersion of mankindthis cataclysm must have occurred near the first cradle of mankind, and before the dispersion of thefamilies from which the principal races were to spring; for it would be at once improbable and uncriticalto admit that, at as many different points of the globe as we should have to assume in order to explainthe wide spread of these traditions, local phenomena so exactly alike should have occurred, their

em of caste (p. 82)appendix b: book abstracts250atlantis, alien visitation, and genetic manipulation one foot in atlantis by william henrynicholas roerich (agent of the serpent brotherhood)the guru of henry a. wallace and fdr who lead the occult search for the body of jesus in shambhala.(see p. 1) their plan was to connect america with a group of spiritual masters whom they believed sur-vived the cataclysm of atlantis and who lived in shambhala, secretly influencing world affairs (p. 2)alien stone of powerat that time roerich made the bold claim that he was in possession of a piece of a mysterious stonefrom another worldroerich claimed, had sent the stone to earth from the star sirius. it had previouslybeen given to the emperor of atlantis and then to king solomon in jerusalemthe stone had

e pyramid. it would have taken more than 2.3 millionblocks of stone with an average weight of 2.5 tons each. the total weight would have been 6 milliontons, the height, 482 feet. it is the largest and the oldest of the pyramids of giza. 2.1470 b.c) atlantis destroyed? a continent was reputedly the size of europe. it boasted gorgeouscities, advanced technology and utopian government. it suffered a cataclysm and was reduced torubble that sank beneath the sea, lost forever. the legend of atlantis has been around for thousandsof years, and whatever its factual validity may be, it does claim a noble heritage, for its earliestknown proponent was plato.the greek philosopher wrote of atlantis in two of his dialogues, timaeus and critias, around370 b.c. plato said that this was a true story which d


family, and a multitude of animals depart from the ship and repopulate the earth. in the popol vuh, the sacred stories of the mayans, the great god created humans by carving them from wood. but soon humanity lost the grace of the creator because they had forgotten him, so he sent a huge flood to consume disobedient humanity. only a single couple, dubbed the great father and mother, survived this cataclysm to repopulate the earth. the chibca people of columbia tell the story of a man name bochica, who came upon them long ago. he was an old man of a different race than the chibcas, and sported a long, thick beard. he taught the locals, who lived as barbarians, how to live civilized and in peace with each other. bochica s wife, on the other hand, wasn t so great; she caused a global flood th


ave accompanied the first man and woman to earth. introduction 7 our notion of time, the limited time of creation, is merely a trick of ahura mazda s to limit the power of ahriman. at the end of time, all will be purified, and as in norse mythology a fresh, new creation will arise. the flood just as many mythologies look forward to the destruction of this world in a catastrophe, such as the norse cataclysm called ragnarok, so many record a time, within this creation, when the gods grew angry with humankind, and attempted to destroy them with a flood. the biblical story of the deluge is one of many such accounts, and owes much to the sumerian/babylonian account in the epic of gilgamesh, in which the noah figure is named utnapishtim (see p. 19. the ancient greeks told how zeus tried to destr

al cataclysmic battle of ragnarok (see above. magic fetter fenrir is bound by an unbreakable fetter called gleipnir. it was made by the dark elves from the sound of a cat s footfall, a woman s beard, a mountain s roots, a bear s sinews, a fish s breath, and a bird s spittle. it was as soft and smooth as silk. the battle of ragnarok ragnarok, sometimes called the twilight of the gods, is the final cataclysm that will destroy this world and the gods. after three terrible winters, a universal war will break out and the god loki now an enemy of the aesir and his son, fenrir the wolf, will break from their bonds. loki will then sail with an army of the dead to the final battle, in which fenrir will swallow the sun, and kill odin; thor will slay the world serpent, but die from its poison; and th


and eternity. all men are called into the lists, but the number of the elect. that is, of those who succeed. is invariably small. in other words, the men who are desirous to attain are numbered by multitudes, but the chosen are few. now, the government of the world belongs by right to the flower of mankind, and when any combination or usurpation prevents their possessing it, a political or social cataclysm ensues. men who are masters of themselves become easily masters of others; but it is possible for them to hinder one another if they disregard the laws of discipline and of the universal hierarchy. to be subjects of a discipline in common, there must be a community of ideas and desires, and such a communion cannot be attained except by a common religion established on the very foundation

oem of the apocalypse presupposes in the young evangelist a complete system and traditions individually developed by himself. it is written in the form of a vision, and weaves into a brilliant framework of poetry the whole erudition, the whole thought of african civilization. an inspired bard, the author touches upon a series of ruling events; he draws in bold outlines the history of society from cataclysm to cataclysm, and even further still. the truths which he reveals are prophecies brought from far and wide, of which he is the resounding echo. he is the voice which cries, the voice which chants the harmonies of the desert and prepares paths for the light. his speech peals forth with mastery and compels faith, for he carries among 142 the ritual of transcendental magic savage nations th

born of the sun for the admiration of civilizations to come. the theory of the four ages is found in the apocalypse, as it is also in the books of zoroaster and in the bible. the gradual reconstruction of primeval federations, of the reign of god among peoples emancipated from the yoke of tyrants and the bonds of error, are foretold clearly for the end of the fourth age, and the recurrence of the cataclysm, exhibited at first from afar, is portrayed in the fulness of the book of hermes 143 time. the description of the cataclysm and its duration; the new world emerging from the waves and spreading in all its beauty under heaven; the great serpent, bound for a time by an angel in the depths of the abyss; finally, the dawn of that age to come, prophesied by the word, who appeared to the apost


ablished hierarchy at ragnarok. if death itself is viewed as a sort of personal ragnarok, then trickster is providing for the destruction of the established sequence. instead of dropping the physical envelope and fading into the all-nothingness, the skinwalker is empowered to break free from the chains with which the natural gods have imprisoned him. further, the skinwalker can cause the personal cataclysm that destroys the natural way and allows him to gate-walk away from death and into immortality. thus, the old, natural way has lost its control and been made impotent. v. why would a setian wish to do a skinwalker working? this is one of the questions that priest mcgranahan has asked me to address in this paper. it is an excellent question. since i cannot speak for anyone but myself, my


vilize primitive societies, passing on the secret of written language, and supervising construction of some of the world fs most mysterious structures of the ancient world. the pyramids of egypt and the americas, the sphinx in egypt, and the megaliths of western europe are among the structures attributed to the genius of atlanteans. according to most accounts, atlantis was suddenly destroyed by a cataclysm of earthquakes and floods and swallowed up by the sea. no definitive remnants have ever been found, and the exact location of the glost continent h remains debatable. the idea of atlantis was first expressed in the works of plato (c. 428.348 or 347 b.c.e, the greek philosopher, who stressed that a perfect world exists in ideas. for example, a shoe, according to plato, exists as an idea b

cient mythology, spent five years investigating plato fs account of atlantis, and, in december 2001, announced his conclusion that the myth of the lost continent took place only in plato fs mind. in alford fs theory, the greek philosopher invented atlantis as a metaphor for the ancient version of the contemporary gbig bang theory. h atlantis, as a symbol for a lost paradise, represented a kind of cataclysm of all cataclysms that brought about the beginning of all time. t h e g a l e e n c y c l o p e d i a o f t h e u n u s u a l a n d u n e x p l a i n e d 222 places of mystery and power floorbed of atlantis (archives of brad steiger) the discouraging theories of the skeptical do little to diminish the enthusiasm of those who earnestly believe in the physical reality of atlantis. the atla


the library of the o.t.o. and elsewhere. but in pure free masonry and especially in the o.t.o. this synthesis has been made with greater accuracy and skill, and with higher concentration, with more lucidity, with dramatic and poetic genius, so it is easier for ourselves to distinguish the jewel from its setting, and possibly in the event of the rite and its tradition being lost in some universal cataclysm for worthy successors inspired by our lord to retrieve our loss, and recover the word. now then let us once again recall to you, very illustrious sir knights of the order of the temple of the east, the history of our religious and military monks and knights, how, issuing from the west as crusaders, they met with initiates in the armies of salah ud din, and from them obtained the secret c


e of the stratum on the objects found within, and also the age of the artifacts on the type of stratum in which they lie, then we are dealing with a catch-22 type of dating system wherein any theoretical date could be applied. and usually the stratum are aged based on the assumption that they took millions or billions of years to accumulate, rather than on the possibility that a global deluge and cataclysm might have accounted for many of the layered deposits and their artifacts. which would open up the possibility of humans and saurians having existed contemporaneously with each other before the deluge. scientists consider alligators, crocodiles, iquanas and kimodo dragons to be relative descendants of the earlier saurians. however these "saurians" survived, and if this is the case is it

s divine decree should be the calling card for all of you potential "jesu-di" knights out there. as you can see by the fact that i'm still kickin and swinging in spite of the relentless and painful psychic attacks of the "repti-poltergeists, it's worked for me- branton] it proceeded to transmit into "d's" mind the "official" version of its species history here on earth, i.e. how they survived the cataclysm of the dinosaurs by living underground, became intelligent, were alternately worshipped by humans as gods and reviled by humans as monsters etc etc etc. during her visit she saw a clutch of reptilian eggs. she said she wanted to take an axe to them (ihop eat your heart out. i don't think any amount of syrup will make that omelette taste any good "j" case file #34 from "anunnaki" anunnaki


rns us the most, and which is temporarily of the most vital importance to the planetary logos, is the earth chain, the fourth in order again, thus bringing about another alignment of very grave moment. this carries with it special opportunity, and permits of the entry of force from the cosmos itself, or of extra-systemic electrical vitality. this super-stimulation results in what looks to us like cataclysms, and a stupendous shattering of forms, but it is simply the necessary sequence to the vitalisation of the life within the form, and the breaking of the limiting form unable to bear the cosmic action. again within the chain, the globe at present receiving planetary polarisation, or at present embodying in a special sense the life of the planetary logos is the earth, the fourth in order

llows certain lines and produces definitely constructive results. constructive results transpire in the negative etheric matter of the plane and on the four higher subplanes. on the lower three a contrary effect is produced, and the energy of the heavenly man will lead to the destruction of form, preparatory to the building work. the building ever originates on, and proceeds from, etheric levels. cataclysms of a world wide nature will occur during the next one thousand years; continents will be shaken; lands will be raised and submerged, culminating in the profound material disaster which will overtake the world towards the close of the fourth branch race of the sixth subrace. this will usher in the infant sixth rootrace. the devas of the ethers, with which we are most concerned, will be a

also be pointed out: first. that every kingdom of nature has its note or tone, and the mantric sounds, which concern any transmutative process within that kingdom, will have that note as the key or base note. second. that the note of the mineral kingdom is the basic note of substance itself, and it is largely the sounding of the note combinations, based on this key, which produces the great world cataclysms, wrought through volcanic action. every volcano is sounding forth this note, and, for those who can see, the sound and colour (occultly understood) of a volcano are a truly marvellous thing. every gradation of that note is to be found in the mineral kingdom which is itself divided into three main kingdoms: a. the baser metals, such as lead and iron, with all allied minerals. b. the stan

on the path of evolution, can be seen and somewhat comprehended, but on the path of involution, or of construction, the working out of the law is not so apparent to the superficial observer. on the path of involution it controls the process of the breaking up of group souls; it governs the periods when the permanent triads are transferred from one form to another; it works through the great world cataclysms, and we need to remember that it governs, not only the physical plane catastrophes (as we erroneously term them, but the corresponding cataclysms on the astral plane, and the lower levels of the mental plane. it governs physical plane disruptions, especially those affecting the mineral world; it controls the disintegration, on the astral plane, of thought-forms; it dissolves the astral

o in the solar system; it is so in all cosmic processes. in the third chain, the moon chain, we have an interesting related fact. on the moon chain the point of attainment for the individual was the arhat or fourth initiation, the initiation which marks the final breaking with the three worlds, and the disintegration of the egoic body. at the end of the third root-race came the first of the great cataclysms that broke the race form, and inaugurated a new one, for it was the first definitely human race as we now know it. the analogy will be found to hold good no matter from what angle the subject may be studied. in the third subrace a correspondence can be traced, though it is not yet apparent to the circumscribed vision which characterises most of us. close proximity to an effect often vei


e events (usually dire and dreadful, and seldom, if ever, of a happy nature) they carry much comfort to the writer and make him feel he is a great and wonderful soul; and, fortunately, they are generally innocuous. their name is legion, and they become exceedingly tiresome after one has toiled through a few of the manuscripts. some few are definitely destructive. they foretell great and immediate cataclysms, and breed fear in the world. even suppose these predictions are true, one is tempted to ask whether anything is gained by frightening the public and whether it is not more constructive to build the realization of their immortal destiny into people than to tell them they are going down in a tidal wave, or will be submerged in the catastrophe which is going to wipe their particular city


nce of humanity will have to find its outlet in other directions. there is never anything static in the creative process; energy which is flowing forth in the pulsation of the one life, and its rhythmic and cyclic activity never ending and never resting must be somewhere utilized, and must find its way in some direction, often (when man fails in his duty) with catastrophic results. the problem of cataclysms, the cause, for instance, of the steadily increasing insect peril, will be found to be related to the inflow of unused and unrecognized energy which is capable of right direction and right purpose and for the furthering of the plan, if the aspirants and disciples of the world will shoulder their group responsibilities, submerge their personalities, and achieve true realization. humanity


to be tried. since that time three factors have been present: 1. the factor of tremendous progress in raising the consciousness of mankind, en masse, to much higher intellectual levels. to this the growth of education, the discoveries of science and the control of the material plane and of the air bear testimony. 2. the factor of worldwide distress, of economic disaster, of world wars, of natural cataclysms- 393- a treatise on the seven rays- volume iv: esoteric healing copyright 1998 lucis trust and of the myriad occurrences and difficulties which make individual life, national life and planetary life so hard these days. no one is exempt and there is no distinction shown. 3. the factor of the growth of knowledge anent the hierarchy and, above all else, of the spiritual plan. this has nece


sent conflict might be regarded as one between the second aspect, the developed spiritual consciousness, and the material aspect of- 171- the externalisation of the hierarchy copyright 1998 lucis trust manifestation, with humanity constituting the great field of divine conflict at this time. we have, therefore, hinted at the following forms of divine intervention: 1. divine embodiments 2. natural cataclysms 3. evocation of slumbering entities 4. emergence of inspired leadership. there still remains one mode of intervention which is still more mysterious, illimitably more powerful, and definitely more difficult both to evoke and subsequently to contact. this is the emergence, response, or appearing of great sons of god who dwell in sources far removed from our planetary life altogether; thi


second continent (greenland, among others) were transformed, in order, from edens with their eternal spring, into hyperborean hades. this transformation was due to the displacement of the great waters of the globe, to oceans changing their beds; and the bulk of the second race perished in this first great throe of the evolution and consolidation of the globe during the human period. of such great cataclysms there have already been four* and we may expect a fifth for ourselves in due course of time- a few words about "deluges" and "noahs" the accounts in the various puranas about our progenitors are as contradictory in their details as everything else. thus while, in the rig veda, ida (or ila) is called the instructress of vaivasvata manu, sayana makes of her a goddess presiding over the ea

end, or yet ararat (of the biblical narrative, and even the himalaya (of the hindu tradition, and yet not reach the sun: the bible itself stopped short of such a miracle! it is evident that the deluge of the people who first recorded it had another meaning, less problematical and far more philosophical than that of an universal deluge, of which there are no geological traces whatever. as all such cataclysms are periodical and cyclical, and as manu vaivasvata figures as a generic character, under various circumstances and events (vide infra "the seven manus of humanity, there seems to be no[[footnote(s* chap. lxiv, sect. xi[[vol. 2, page] 146 the secret doctrine. serious objection to the supposition that the first "great flood" had an allegorical, as well as a cosmic meaning, and that it ha

he physical, the former independent of the latter. paul d'assier, the positivist, seems to have proven the fact pretty plainly* not to speak of the accumulated testimony of the ages, and that of the modern spiritualists and mystics. it will be found difficult to reject this fact in our age of proofs, tests, and ocular demonstrations. the secret doctrine maintains that, notwithstanding the general cataclysms and disturbances of our globe, which- owing to its being the period of its greatest physical development, for the fourth round is the middle-point of the life allotted to it- were far more terrible and intense than during any of the three preceding rounds (the cycles of its earlier psychic and spiritual life and of its semi-ethereal conditions) physical humanity has existed upon it for

to a struggle between the "sons of god" and the "sons of giants" or the inhabitants and magicians of atlantis. the final conclusion of the author, who personally visited all the islands of polynesia, and devoted years to the study of the religion, language, and traditions of nearly all the peoples, is as follows "as to the polynesian continent which disappeared at the time of the final geological cataclysms, its existence rests on such proofs that to be logical we can doubt no longer "the three summits of this continent, the sandwich islands, new zealand, easter island, are distant from each other from fifteen to eighteen hundred leagues, and the groups of intermediate islands, viti, samoa, tonga, foutouna, ouvea, the marquesas, tahiti, poumoutou, the gambiers, are themselves distant from

utya "vaivasvata, thus, though seventh in the order given, is the primitive root-manu of our fourth human wave (the reader must always remember that manu is not a man but collective humanity, while our vaivasvata was but one of the seven minor manus, who are made to preside over the seven races of this our planet. each of these has to become the witness of one of the periodical and ever-recurring cataclysms (by fire and water) that close the cycle of every root-race. and it is this vaivasvata- the hindu ideal embodiment, called respectively xisuthrus, deukalion, noah and by other names- who is the allegorical man who rescued our race, when nearly the whole population of one hemisphere perished by water, while the other hemisphere was awakening from its temporary obscuration[[footnote(s* th

ncient than 5,000 years, the author of "mythical monsters" remarks, that "we must not be surprised if we do not immediately discover the vestiges of the people of ten, fifteen, or twenty thousand years ago. with an ephemeral architecture (as in china, the sites of vast cities may have become entirely lost to recollection in a few thousands of years from natural decay. and how much more. if. minor cataclysms have intervened, such as local inundations, earthquakes, deposition of volcanic ashes, the spread of sandy deserts, destruction of life by[[footnote(s* see preceding foot-note* see manu i, 32, 33. vaiswanara is, in another sense, the living magnetic fire that pervades the manifested solar system. it is the most objective (to us the reverse) and ever present aspect of the one life, for i

fire that pervades the manifested solar system. it is the most objective (to us the reverse) and ever present aspect of the one life, for it is the vital principle (see theosophist, july, 1883, p. 249. it is also a name of agni[[vol. 2, page] 312 the secret doctrine. deadly pestilence, by miasma, or by the outpour of sulphurous fumes("mythical monsters" by ch. gould, p. 134) and how many of such cataclysms have changed the whole surface of the earth may be inferred from this stanza "during the first seven crores of the kalpa (70,000,000 years) the earth and its two kingdoms (mineral and vegetable, one already having achieved its seventh circle, the other, hardly nascent, are luminous and semi-ethereal, cold, lifeless, and translucid. in the eleventh crore* the mother (earth) grows opaque

tlantic sea-bottom is covered with some 5,000 feet of chalk at present, and more is forming- a new "cretaceous formation" of strata, in fact- is no reason why, when the time for a new continent to appear arrives, a geological convulsion and upraising of the sea bottom should not dispose of these 5,000 feet of chalk for the formation of some mountains and 5,000 more come to the surface. the racial cataclysms are not a noah's deluge of forty days- a kind of bombay monsoon[[footnote(s* speaking on periodical elevation and subsidence of the equatorial and polar regions, and ensuing changes of climate, mr. winchell (professor of geology at michigan) says "as the movements here contemplated are cyclical, the same conditions would recur again and again; and accordingly the same fauna might return

traveller tells us, precisely on the spot which local tradition points out as the landing[[vol. 2, page] 338 the secret doctrine. spot of those giants who overran america when it had hardly arisen from the waters (see "de la vega" vol. ix, ch. ix* central asian traditions say the same of the bamian statues. what are they, and what is the place where they have stood for countless ages, defying the cataclysms around them, and even the hand of man, as in the instance of the hordes of timoor and the vandal-warriors of nadir-shah? bamian is a small, miserable, half-ruined town in central asia, half-way between cabul and balkh, at the foot of kobhibaba, a huge mountain of the paropamisian (or hindu-kush) chain, some 8,500 feet above the level of the sea. in days of old, bamian was a portion of t

ly a continent in the modern sense of the word, but that each name, from jambu down to pushkara* refers to the geographical names given (i) to the dry lands covering the face of the whole earth during the period of a root-race, in general; and (ii) to what remained of these after a geological (race) pralaya- as "jambu" for instance: and (iii) to those localities which will enter, after the future cataclysms, into the formation of new universal "continents" peninsulas, or dwipas- each continent being, in one sense, a greater or smaller region of dry land surrounded with water. thus, that whatever[[footnote(s* jambu, plaksha, salmali, kusa, krauncha, saka, and pushkara* such as saka and pushkara, for instance, which do not yet exist, but into which will enter such lands as some portions of a

most entirely devoted to occult teachings. the duration of the periods that separate, in space and time, the fourth from the fifth race- in the historical* or even the legendary beginnings of the latter- is too tremendous for us to offer, even to a theosophist, any more detailed accounts of them. during the course of the post-diluvian ages- marked at certain periodical epochs by the most terrible cataclysms- too many races and nations were born, and have disappeared almost without leaving a trace, for any one to offer any description of the slightest value concerning them. whether the masters of wisdom have a consecutive and full history of our race from its incipient stage down to the present times; whether they possess the uninterrupted record of man since he became the complete physical

s. they are, in short, the germs of the sixth sub-race, and in some few hundred years more, will become[[vol. 2, page] 445 the coming new race. most decidedly the pioneers of that race which must succeed to the present european or fifth sub-race, in all its new characteristics. after this, in about 25,000 years, they will launch into preparations for the seventh sub-race; until, in consequence of cataclysms- the first series of those which must one day destroy europe, and still later the whole aryan race (and thus affect both americas, as also most of the lands directly connected with the confines of our continent and isles- the sixth root-race will have appeared on the stage of our round. when shall this be? who knows save the great masters of wisdom, perchance, and they are as silent upo

epresenting ritualistic or ceremonial[[footnote(s[[footnote continued from previous page] course, trusted as far in advance of the hindu knowledge, at any time, in any generation" which is mr. bentley's misfortune, and does not take away from the glory of the ancient hindu astronomers, who were all initiates* the secret doctrine teaches that every event of universal importance, such as geological cataclysms at the end of one race and the beginning of a new one, involving a great change each time in mankind, spiritual, moral and physical- is pre-cogitated and preconcerted, so to say, in the sidereal regions of our planetary system. astrology is built wholly upon this mystic and intimate connection between the heavenly bodies and mankind; and it is one of the great secrets of initiation and

y denied. yet such great adept astronomers were the scientists of the earliest races of the aryan stock, that they seem to have known far more about the races of mars and venus than the modern anthropologist knows of those of the early stages of the earth. let us leave modern science aside for a moment and turn to ancient knowledge. as we are assured by archaic scientists that all such geological cataclysms- from the upheaval of oceans, deluges, and shifting of continents, down to the present year's cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, and even the extraordinary weather and seeming shifting of seasons which perplexes all european and american meteorologists- are due to, and depend on the moon and planets; aye, that even modest and neglected constellations hav

criptures. in ecclesiastes, chap. i, we read these words of the king-initiate "one generation passeth away and another generation cometh, but the earth abideth for ever" and again "the thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done, is that which shall be done, and there is no new thing under the sun" under these words it is not easy to see the reference to the successive cataclysms by which the races of mankind are swept away, or, going further back, to the various transitions of the globe during the process of its formation. but if we are told that this refers only to our world as we now see it- then we shall refer the reader to the new testament, where st. paul speaks (in hebrews i) of the son (the manifested power) whom (god) hath appointed heir of all things

rath of "the sons of god" or of "will and yoga" at seeing the steady degradation of the atlanteans was great (see "the sons of god and the sacred island; and the destruction of the "children of niobe" by the children of latona- apollo and diana, the deities of light, wisdom and purity, or the sun and moon astronomically, whose influence causes changes in the earth's axis, deluges and other cosmic cataclysms- is thus very clear* the fable about the[[footnote(s* so occult and mystic is one of the aspects of latona that she is made to reappear even in revelation (xii) as the woman clothed with the sun (apollo) and the moon (diana) under her feet, who being with child "cries, travailing in birth, pained to be delivered" a great red dragon, etc, stands before the woman ready to devour the child

lasgians were certainly one of the root-races of future greece, and were a remnant of a sub-race of atlantis. plato hints as much in speaking of the latter, whose name it is averred came from pelagus, the great sea. noah's deluge is astronomical and allegorical, but it is not mythical, for the story is based upon the same archaic tradition of men- or rather of nations- which were saved during the cataclysms, in canoes, arks, and ships. no one would presume to say that the chaldean xisuthrus, the hindu vaivasvata, the chinese peirun- the "beloved of the gods" who rescued him from the flood in a canoe- or the swedish belgamer, for whom the gods did the same in the north, are all identical as a personage. but their legends have all sprung from the catastrophe which involved both the continent

ce, who know what the resources of the egyptian priesthood really were, need no such laboured hypothesis. moreover, while an imaginative theorist is always able to furnish a reasonable solution of problems which, in one branch of science, seem to necessitate the hypothesis of periodical cataclysmic changes on the surface of our planet, the impartial critic, who is not a[[footnote(s* violent minor cataclysms and colossal earthquakes are recorded in the annals of most nations- if not of all. elevation and subsidence of continents is always in progress. the whole coast of south america has been raised up 10 to 15 feet and settled down again in an hour. huxley has shown that the british islands have been four times depressed beneath the ocean and subsequently raised again and peopled. the alps


lentlessly closed by every fair and unfair means against the indiscreet gaze of posterity. every issue was blocked up, every record that hands could be laid upon, destroyed. yet there remains enough, even among such mutilated records, to warrant us in saying that there is in them every possible evidence of the actual existence of a parent doctrine. fragments have survived geological and political cataclysms to tell the story; and every survival shows evidence that the now secret wisdom was once the[[vol. 1, page] xlv introductory. one fountain head, the ever-flowing perennial source, at which were fed all its streamlets- the later religions of all nations- from the first down to the last. this period, beginning with buddha and pythagoras at the one end and the neo-platonists and gnostics a

rapidly its previous degree of inclination; when the earth was indeed raised once more out of the waters, and- as above so it is below; and vice versa. there were "gods" on earth in those days- gods, and not men, as we know them now, says the tradition. as will be shown in book ii, the computation of periods in exoteric hinduism refers to both the great cosmic and the small terrestrial events and cataclysms, and the same may be shown for names. for instance yudishthira- the first king of the sacea, who opens the kali yuga era, which has to last 432,000 years "an actual king and man who lived 3,102 years b.c" applies also, name and all, to the great deluge at the time of the first sinking of atlantis. he is the "yudishthira* born on the mountain of the hundred peaks at the extremity of[[foo


smic society would only begin with the records left by humanity once they had re-advanced to a certain designer history 15 level. only then would they write or symbolise accounts of their history and this would be based on stories passed verbally through the earlier generations. such a point could take hundreds, even thousands, of years after the global geological destruction. so it was after the cataclysms of our ancient past. conventional "history" says that the "cradle" of civilisation was sumer, in the land between the rivers tigris and euphrates in what we now call iraq and once known as mesopotamia("between two rivers. the sumerian period is estimated to have spanned the millennia between 4000 and 2000bc. historians say that other, independent, civilisations of great advancement also

ficant one to emerge after the catastrophe that destroyed the global society of the "golden age- atlantis and lemuria, or mu. sumer was not the beginning; it was the start-over-again which was to become the centre of another virtually global empire. indeed sumer, babylon, egypt, and the indus valley civilisations had actually begun tens of thousands of years before history records them. after the cataclysms, these advanced cultures in egypt and the indus valley, which "suddenly" and unexplainably manifested at a very high level of development, were not independent of sumer, as the historians claim. they were part of the same sumer empire and ruled by the same leader. the structure of administration, the foundation of law, building techniques, and so many other features of what we call mode

and all the evidence points to the existence of a well-organised, even luxurious civilisation. all this was achieved within a comparatively short period of time, for there appears to be little or no background to these fundamental developments in writing and architecture."13 the question still to be answered is whether the incredible feats of building like the pyramids originate before the great cataclysms, which destroyed the legendary golden age (in other words, maybe upwards of 10,000 years ago and far longer, or were they built by the sumer empire which emerged when the world had again reached an advanced level of society after the upheavals. i have no doubt that it was a mixture of both. in the light of the rapidly emerging evidence, and the 16 children of the matrix fundamental re-a

f the earliest spanish chroniclers in south america, say there were two inca empires. the first established their headquarters at cuzco in the andes mountains and, after they fled to a mountain-top sanctuary (machu picchu) in the wake of devastating land upheavals, they returned to cuzco to start a second culture. this would push back the original inca empire to the time of the atlantean-lemurian cataclysms and before, and lead us to the true builders of the fantastic structures that conventional history cannot explain. all over the world in every native culture, you will find stories of a great flood and incredible geological upheavals. there is no doubt that an unimaginable catastrophe or, more likely, catastrophes were visited upon the earth between approximately 11000 and 5000bc. the g

spin direction and speed. jupiter crashed into a planet that once orbited between where mars and jupiter are today and the debris from this planet, they said, can be seen as the otherwise unexplained asteroid belt that occupies the space between..mars and jupiter. i saw some interesting "channelled" information about mars in relation to the end of atlantis. it said that one of the three atlantean cataclysms, which destroyed the continent in stages, happened around 10500bc, and was caused by a close pass of the earth by mars, which has been knocked out of its original orbit. the same theme keeps returning from many diverse sources and, somewhere within this, the detailed truth is waiting for us. james churchward has a more earthly explanation for the cataclysms. he says there are enormous "

e theme keeps returning from many diverse sources and, somewhere within this, the detailed truth is waiting for us. james churchward has a more earthly explanation for the cataclysms. he says there are enormous "gas belts" and chambers under the earth and when these "blow" on a vast scale, the land above is destroyed. he says these gas belts ran under both lemuria/mu and atlantis. what caused the cataclysms is open to debate, but that they did happen is a statement of fact. a similar theme can be found in the tens of thousands of ancient clay tablets discovered in mesopotamia in the mid-19th century. these tell the stories and myths of the sumerian culture that emerged after one of these cataclysms that sank what was left of atlantis. sumer dates from around 4000bc, but civilisations exist

officially claimed and this colony (called the athenians) went to war with atlanteans before the deluge. plato wrote of this war and official historians have dismissed it because they say that greece did not exist that long ago. they are mistaken. the "classic greece" they ruled by the gods 41 focus upon was a later expression of that culture, not the first. the original greece existed before the cataclysms that sank atlantis. the atlantean colonists of greece worshipped a serpent goddess called athene or neith.48 the greek historians, jane harrison and robert graves, say that this deity was symbolised as a serpent, snake, sphinx, or goddess covered in snakes.49 there are some people- myself among them- who believe that the face on the sphinx on the giza plateau is a woman and not a man as

to sumer from the far north where we now have scandinavia and northern europe. these were the norse people who came down into france to establish normandy and became the normans, or "norse (north) men" who invaded britain with william the conqueror at the time of the battle of hastings in 1066. these regions of scandinavia and europe were colonies of the former lemurian/atlantean empire. with the cataclysms came the ice sheets and those who survived fled south to what is now france, the netherlands (holland, belgium, and on down to the mediterranean, the middle and near east, and india. frans kamp is a dutchman i met while researching this book and we spent two days together in the south of the netherlands swapping information. he has been investigating the reptilian story full time since

o-sumerian writing of the aryan phoenician mariners, those ancient pioneer spreaders of the hittite civilisation along the shores of the mediterranean and out beyond the pillars of hercules [between spain and north africa] to the british isles."40 in truth, this was the nordic race and the nordic-reptilian "aryans" returning to the lands from which many of their ancestors came after the atlantean cataclysms. the evidence presented in this chapter, and this is a fraction of what exists even after thousands of years of suppression, supports waddell's conclusion that menes, manis, manj, the son of sargon, ruler of the sumerian empire, and also known as king minos to the greeks, actually died in ireland" this story sums up how 64 children of the matrix ludicrous official history can be and how

ic knowledge used to build anti-gravity technology can be employed to disconnect massive stones from the laws of gravity. arab legends say that the astonishing blocks of stone at baalbeck in the lebanon were laid together by a tribe of giants" after the deluge. in the same way, british legends tell of giants coming from africa to build stonehenge. was the golden age of lemuria/atlantis before the cataclysms created by knowledge brought from the stars and/or even other dimensions of existence far in advance of where the earth was at the time? this is what the ancient accounts say. these are the same accounts, which, like the sumerian tablets, describe planets of the solar system in both number and environment in ways that were only confirmed in the 20th century. they describe how these bein

from atlanteans, lemurians and the interbreeding of the nordics with the reptilian anunnaki. another of the key names in illuminati genealogy is alexander the great, an ancestor of charlemagne and all the major illuminati families today (see appendix i. alexander carried the strongly nordic dna and descended from the viking peoples who settled the mediterranean and the aegean after the atlantean cataclysms. alexander ruled troy at one stage and, before he died in babylon in 323bc at the age of 33, his army had seized control of a vast region once ruled from sumer. this included egypt, mesopotamia, and into india. he founded the city of alexandria in egypt. he was known as the "serpent's son" and alexandria was the "city of the serpent's son".28 once again we see the recurring theme. the l

james bond mountain, but he remembered walking into a room and seeing a group of these beings sitting around a conference table. eventually, he was taken back to his plane and as it rose from the mountain his engines and electronics restarted. there are many modern reports of such beings living within mountains, including mount shasta in california, where it is said that lemurians fled before the cataclysms. now look at how the ancient book of enoch describes the "watchers "and there appeared to me two men, very tall, such as i have never seen on earth. and their faces shone like the sun, and their eyes were like burning lamps..their hands were brighter than snow" some ancient "gods" were also called the "shining ones. a theme of modern extraterrestrial research, and the reports of abducte

the openly reptilian anunnaki. it has had to be done in this covert way because there are not that many of them compared with the human population and they would be overwhelmed if enough people knew what is really going on. today's secret society network is simply the modern expression of the atlantean/lemurian mystery schools, which were taken over by a malevolent force in the period before the cataclysms. those with a positive and negative agenda fought for control of the mystery schools restored after the deluge. eventually the malevolent force won that battle and began to expand its power covertly across the world again. with them they carried their own secret language, the language of symbols, which their initiates were taught to read and understand. i call this network the serpent c

ildren of the matrix one of the bloodlines, crossed the english channel from holland in 1688, he was manipulated on to the throne of england to rule jointly with queen mary. this was the symbolic coming together of the bloodlines that had made their way into europe by land with those that were taken to the british isles long before by the sumer empire and even those who had survived the atlantean cataclysms in britain. william's invasion came ashore close to the same spot where brutus landed around 1103bc with his trojans to found his "new troy" or london. very conveniently two decades before william's arrival, london had been devastated by fire, the great fire of london in 1666 (666 is an illuminati-satanic code) and this allowed a whole new city to be built by high initiates of the illum


ke tail. the mariner 9 pictures of mars also supported some of v elikovskys theories.he said that the comet v enus had collided with mars as it careered through the solarsystem. v elikovskys time for these events was about 1,500 bc. different researchersdismiss each others findings because they suggest very different periods for majorupheavals when in truth there were almost certainly a number of cataclysms in thatwindow of 11,000 to 1,500 bc, and even more recently. the study by the physicistsalso said that mars was devastated by these events involving v enus. they felt marswas thrown out of orbit and followed a highly unstable elliptical orbit which took itbetween the earth and the moon every 56 years.27 the last of these passes appears tohave been about 1,500 bc when the great volcano e

id not. the former also fell into two camps. there werethose who wished to use their knowledge positively and communicate their informationto humanity, and those who sought to hoard the knowledge and use it to manipulate andcontrol. the struggle between those two groups over the use of the same knowledgecontinues to this very day. as societies recovered from those upheavals of 11,000 bc,the other cataclysms brought more devastation over the thousands of years thatfollowed and humanity was faced with many new beginnings.one common theme throughout, however, has been the manipulation of humanity byan intellectually, though not spiritually, advanced race or races of extraterrestrial origin.on that subject, i must now introduce an added dimension to this story which willstretch your credulity

ning the reptilians of the lower fourth dimension. it is suggested by someresearchers, with good reason, that the non-physical reptilians were able to pour intothis dimension through holes or portals in the time-space fabric caused by the nucleartests and explosions which started in the deserts of new mexico in the early 1940s. buti think such holes began to be created a long time ago, before the cataclysms, when theworld was at an even more advanced technological stage than it is today.the reptilian control of planet earth involves all three of the above themes. i thinkthe reptilian genetic stream operates throughout the universe and they are not allmalevolent, far from it. as with humanity, they contain the whole spectrum ofattitudes from love to hate, freedom to control. i am identifyin


y a law of spiral motion and propelled toward a central sun and smaller planets, eventually being captured by larger ones and becoming moons, horbiger said. earth is supposed to have had several previous moons that were drawn to it, according to his theory. these earlier moons caused geological upheavals when they spiraled to earth, and myths and legends are said to preserve race memories of such cataclysms. when a former moon circled the earth with everincreasing rapidity during such a capture, its appearance generated legends of the judeo-christian devil, as well as of dragons and other monsters. horbiger s complex theories included occult concepts of a platonic world soul. with phillipp fauth, he published glazialcosmogonie in 1912. in the 1920s, a horbiger cult called wel (welt eis leh


century. although revised from time to time before then, both versions have been greatly affected through the interpolation of traditions, and reinterpretations in the light of rabbinical discussions. the rabbinical decisions in the mishna are entitled helacoth and the traditional narratives haggadah. the cosmogony of the talmud assumes that the universe has been developed by means of a series of cataclysms.world after world was destroyed until the creator made the present earth. e. deutsch, commenting on the talmuc in the quarterly review (1867) noted: the how of the creation was not mere matter of speculation. the co-operation of angels, whose existence was warranted by scripture, and a whole hierarchy of whom had been built up under persian influences, was distinctly denied. in a discus


ed region of the milky way galaxy. he and the thirteen thousand beings on his team orbit earth in a giant space platform, focusing their attention on most of the north american continent. other spaceships from other places attend to the rest of earth. artemis, who channeled through anthony and lynn volpe in 1981, said that he 26 arna and parz seeks to raise humanity s collective vibration. coming cataclysms will radically alter the population and surface of the planet. certain chosen earthlings who are advanced spiritually will be taken up just before the disasters. others will be left on the surface for a time as they help suffering earth people. eventually, spiritually unenlightened but otherwise harmless persons will be taken up and resettled on uninhabited planets, while the truly evil

it all came crashing down, in both a literal and fig u r a t i ve sense, when the population s u r re n d e red itself to the pursuit of hedonistic p l e a s u res; in the meantime, evil at l a n t e a n scientists cracked the secret of mind contro l and tried to dominate the world and even the solar system. in due course the abuse of both p s ychic and material technology led to the geophysical cataclysms that destroyed the c o n t i n e n t. but that was not all. according to the department of interplanetary affairs, atlantis s problems generated a world war that spread into space. atomic blasts decimated the moon colony. antimatter rays vaporized nearly all of atlantis s buildings and cities. it is said, the department reports, that one of these antimatter rays is still operating in th

encounter with a ufologist. soon afterw a rd, he deve l o p e d p s ychic abilities that would come and go errati c a l l y. they so disrupted his life that his wife, fearing he had lost his sanity, left him. he und e rwent out-of-body episodes and found himself doing automatic writing at a furious pace. these writings cove red many subjects, fro m e a rt h s ancient history to future geological cataclysms. much of the material had to do with the bible. the writing claimed that the te n commandments we re a kind of universal code that must be deciphered, then obeye d. one night in 1993, preston awoke and spotted a beam of light going through his chest. he felt intense pain, then had the sensation that he was being pulled out of his body. two shadowy beings, reeking of evil and menace, had

at they could gently push the human race in a more mature, positive direction. they had been observing humans since the beginning of homo sapiens and had even left a genetic imprint in some humans. paladin claimed years of psychic connection with the kantarian confederation. itan and his friends have told him that if human beings destroy themselves, the space people can do nothing. but if natural cataclysms threaten human existence, the kantarians will perform a rescue operation. mostly, though, they hope that humans will reform themselves, develop wisdom and kindness, and join their space brothers in the cosmos one day. further reading montgomery, ruth, 1985. aliens among us. new york: g. p. putnam s sons. kappa in traditional japanese lore the kappa are malicious water demons shaped like

eir dna, combining it with the dna of various alien races; thus, s o m e t h i n g of the human race will continue. others are t rying to implant spiritual beliefs and psyc h i c p e rceptions into the brains of humans in the hope that greater wisdom will lead them to surv i val and peace. according to mu, alien science indicates that earth faces a bleak future of ecological collapse, geophysical cataclysms, and political and social upheaval, which may lead to atomic and biological warfare. none of this is certain, only probable. if these things happen, mu says, the aliens may remove a group of women and children from the surface of the earth to protect them for the purposes of procreation. these would all be abductees whose genetic make-up had already been altered. see also: abductions by

but looks smaller (because we are now seven million miles farther away from our new sun so as to adjust for the differences from the old one. our new moon is brighter because of coeleno s more brilliant light. soon shan will be moved into the spiritually advanced fourth dimension, but not before all kinds of devastating changes occur. radical weather changes, massive volcanic eruptions, and other cataclysms will wipe out the unenlightened parts of humanity (unaware of but still under satan s influence) so that only those who are morally pure and intellectually superior will survive to enter the new realm. among the victims will be satan and his minions, who live on shan but remain oblivious to the earth s new location in space. the space people will launch a surprise attack on satan and dr

contained enigmatic symbols whose meaning adamski s followers were already discussing and debating. laughead returned to michigan with drawings of the prints, which his wife devoted the next five months to deciphering. she concluded that the left print s symbols depicted the sinking of the lost continents atlantis and lemuria, the right their reemergence from the ocean floor following geological cataclysms that soon would befall the planet. through an automatic-writing message given him by an acquaintance, dr. laughead heard from the elder brother, who later, according to laughead, identified himself as being jesus the christ and also sananda. laughead was to continue his work with saucers, and soon venusians would contact him. at this stage, the laugheads had not heard of dorothy martin

ed, mrs. laughead immediately concluded that she was the child (festinger, et al, 1956. after the laugheads met martin in oak park in early june 1954, the three formed a close association that would profoundly affect their lives and fortunes in the months and years to come. by this time, martin was receiving as many as ten messages a day, all of them ominous, all warning of imminent disasters and cataclysms. the news was not entirely bad: those who would listen and believe would enter a new age of knowledge and happiness. the messages got more specific. spaceships would land soon, and selected individuals would be flown to other planets, along with space people who had been on secret earth assignment. on august 1, martin, the laugheads, and nine believers showed up at a chicago-area milita

of what they believed to be their mission, the couple moved from upstate new york to scottsdale, arizona. an article on their beliefs concerning st a r people in the may 1, 1979, issue of the na- tional en q u i re r b rought them a flood of letters and telephone calls. it turned out that other persons suspected that they also we re space people put in place to help the human race through coming cataclysms and changes. many said they had heard a disembodied voice tell them, now is the time, short l y b e f o re they read the en q u i re r piece. t h e steigers went on to release books in the st a r people series, three originals and two reprints of earlier brad steiger titles. t h e originals we re based in considerable part on fr a n c i e s channelings. according to these messages, the


uggests that this level of erosion would have demanded a very different environment from today. when this is coupled with the astrological image that the sphinx encodes (the lion head represents leo, a likely dating is found around 10,500 bce. this is when the feet of the sphinx would be aligned with leo on the horizon. it also fits well with the erosion evidence. many see this period, when great cataclysms such as the onset of the last ice age changed the face of the earth and arctic man was driven to migration as the source from which later scattered esoteric traditions are the reverberations. this polar culture held within it the key perennial wisdom of its people. this tradition was carried throughout northern europe and asia and it is said that many of the early vedic hymns can be dat


rs to make along the ecliptic against the background of the fixed stars (one degree in 71.6 years, 30 degrees in 2148 years, and so on. the sense that a correlation exists is strengthened by something else. it is neither as firm nor as definite as the number of syllables in the rigveda; nevertheless, it feels relevant. through powerful stylistic links and shared symbolism, myths to do with global cataclysms and with precession of the equinoxes quite frequently intermesh. a detailed interconnectedness exists between these two categories of tradition, both of which additionally bear what appear to be the recognizable fingerprints of a conscious design. quite naturally, therefore, one is prompted to discover whether there might not be an important connection between precession of the equinoxe

th glaciation and deglaciation, at widely separated intervals. the knowledge that it does so has only been established by our own science since the late 1970s.4 yet the evidence of the myths suggests that the same level of knowledge might have been possessed by an as yet unidentified civilization in the depths of the last ice age. the clear suggestion we may be meant to grasp is that the terrible cataclysms of flood and fire and ice which the myths describe were in some way causally connected to the ponderous movements of the celestial coordinates through the great cycle of the zodiac. in the words of santillana and von dechend, it was not a foreign idea to the ancients that the mills of the gods grind slowly and that the result is usually pain. 5 three principal factors, all of which we h

lestial coordinates through the great cycle of the zodiac. in the words of santillana and von dechend, it was not a foreign idea to the ancients that the mills of the gods grind slowly and that the result is usually pain. 5 three principal factors, all of which we have met before, are now known to be deeply implicated in the onset and the retreat of ice ages (together, of course, with the diverse cataclysms that ensue from sudden freezes and thaws. these factors all have to do with variations in the earth s orbital geometry. they are: 1 the obliquity of the ecliptic (i.e, the angle of tilt of the planet s axis of 4 ice ages; john imbrie et al, variations in the earth s orbit: pacemaker of the ice ages in science, volume 194, no. 4270, 10 december 1976. 5 hamlet s mill, pp. 138-9. graham ha

emorseless buildup of glacial conditions occurs.6 levered by the changing geometry of the orbit, global insolation the differing amounts and intensity of sunlight received at various latitudes in any given epoch can thus be an important trigger factor for ice ages. is it possible that the ancient myth-makers were trying to warn us of great danger when they so intricately linked the pain of global cataclysms to the slow grinding of the mill of heaven? this is a question we will return to in due course, but meanwhile it is enough to observe that by identifying the significant effects of orbital geometry on the planet s climate and wellbeing, and by combining this information with precise measurements of the rate of precessional motion, the unknown scientists of an unrecognized civilization s

me illustrate my case by analogy. the working of a clock is a model of uniform action. good timekeeping means uniformity of action. but the striking of a clock is essentially a catastrophe. 20 encyclopaedia britannica, 1991, 1:440; john white, pole shift, a.r.e. press, virginia beach, 1994, p. 65. 21 pole shift, p. 77: twenty billion tons of ice are added each year at antarctica. 22 h. a. brown, cataclysms of the earth, pp. 10-11. 23 see part iv. 24 ibid. 25 biblical flood and the ice epoch, p. 228. graham hancock fingerprints of the gods 460 the hammer might be made to blow up a barrel of gunpowder, or turn on a deluge of water and, by proper arrangement, the clock, instead of marking the hours, might strike at all sorts of irregular intervals, never twice alike in the force or number of

ere the days between the first beams of the dawn and actual sunrise .36 are these eyewitness accounts of polar conditions? although we can never be sure, it may be relevant that in indian tradition the vedas are believed to be revealed texts, passed down from the time of the gods.37 it may also be relevant that in describing the processes of transmission, all the traditions refer to the pralayas (cataclysms) which occasionally overtake the world and claim that in each of these the written scriptures are physically destroyed. after each destruction, however, certain rishis or wise men survive who repromulgate, at the beginning of the new age, the knowledge inherited by them as a sacred trust from their forefathers in the preceding age. each manvantara or age thus has a veda of its own which

eferred to by phillipe buache was drawn up down to about the end of the fifth millennium bc? could they have been making a permanent cartographical record of the slow obliteration of their homeland? and could their overwhelming desire to transmit a message to the future through a variety of different media myths, maps, buildings, calendar systems, mathematical harmonies have been connected to the cataclysms and earth changes that caused this loss? an urgent mission the possession of a conscious, articulated history is one of the faculties that distinguishes human beings from animals. unlike rats, say, or sheep, or cows, or pheasants, we have a past which is separate from ourselves. we therefore have the opportunity, as i have said, to learn from the experiences of our predecessors. is it b

le calendrical system of the mayas if it is not a medium for transmitting exactly this message? what, if not vehicles for the same sort of bad news are the traditions of the four previous suns (or sometimes of the three previous worlds) passed down in the americas since time immemorial? by the same token, what might be the function of the great myths of precession which speak not just of previous cataclysms but of cataclysms to come and which (through the metaphor of the cosmic mill) link these earthly disasters to disturbances in the heavens? last but by no means least, what burning motive impelled the pyramid builders to erect, with such care, the powerful and mysterious edifices on the giza plateau? yes, they were saying, kilroy was here. and, yes, they found an ingenious way to tell us


wisconsin hunrath received from alleged communicators an offer to be flown to mars. they took off in a private rented plane, allegedly headed to a meeting place in the desert with a spaceship, and were never seen again. a wall in wilkinsin s home was found to be covered with strange symbols. one seems to be the royal arch masonic glyph for x written three times, translated beneath as births give cataclysms. during hunrath and wilkinsin s channeling period, ric williamson took to calling himself by his space name, mark iii, and hunrath and wilkinsin became known as firkon and ramu. later, after firkon and ramu mysteriously disappeared, ric williamson set up his brotherhood of the seven rays in a remote south american location, to deliver messages from ascended master araru-muru and others


y. they offer easy materials for study. archaeology and ethnology, sharing with astronomy the feature of being observational and not experimental, have built their entire framework upon the study of those remains. yet, underlying and intermingled with this vast array of material, there are remnants of cultures of almost unspeakable age. their artifacts have been subjected to geological and cosmic cataclysms of almost incomprehensible violence and few major relics remain for perusal. those few, however, are cast aside as the erratics of archaeology and ethnology, and their very existence is buried or denied in efforts to avoid toppling the house of cards so laboriously established by those branches of learning. that s just it, no one has dared speak, except in comments to one another. till


f the lords of the flame, and the growth of the mighty civilizations which they founded. 32. nor is his study confined to the progress of humanity alone; he has before him, as in a museum, all the strange animal and vegetable forms which occupied the stage in days when the world was young; he can follow all the wonderful geological changes which have taken place, and watch the course of the great cataclysms which have altered the whole face of the earth again and again. 33. in one especial case an even closer sympathy with the past is possible to the reader of the records. if in the course of his inquiries he has to look upon some scene in which he himself has in a former birth taken part, he may deal with it in two ways; he can either regard it in the usual manner as a spectator (though a


heory. figuratively draining the entire bed of the atlantic ocean, he considers the inequalities of its basin and cites locations on a line from the azores to iceland where dredging has brought lava to the surface from a depth of 3,000 meters. the volcanic nature of the islands now existing in the atlantic ocean corroborates plato's statement that the atlantean continent was destroyed by volcanic cataclysms. m. termier also advances the conclusions of a young french zoologist, m. louis germain, who admitted the existence of an atlantic continent connected with the iberian peninsula and with mauritania and prolonged toward the south so as to include some regions of desert climate. m. termier concludes his lecture with a graphic picture of the engulfment of that continent. the description of

e same author sustains his views by noting that the deities of the greek pantheon were nor looked upon as creators of the universe but rather as regents set over it by its more ancient original fabricators. the garden of eden from which humanity was driven by a flaming sword is perhaps an allusion to the earthly paradise supposedly located west of the pillars of hercules and destroyed by volcanic cataclysms. the deluge legend may be traced also to the atlantean inundation, during which a "world" was destroyed by water, was the religious, philosophic, and scientific knowledge possessed by the priestcrafts of antiquity secured from atlantis, whose submergence obliterated every vestige of its part in the drama of world progress? atlantean sun worship has been perpetuated in the ritualism and

ver the atlanteans proselyted they erected pyramids and temples patterned after the great sanctuary in the city of the golden gates. such is the origin of the pyramids of egypt, mexico, and central america. the mounds in normandy and britain, as well as those of the american indians, are remnants of a similar culture. in the midst of the atlantean program of world colonization and conversion, the cataclysms which sank atlantis began. the initiate-priests of the sacred feather who promised to come back to their missionary settlements never returned; and after the lapse of centuries tradition preserved only a fantastic account of gods who came from a place where the sea now is. h. p. blavatsky thus sums up the causes which precipitated the atlantean disaster "under the evil insinuations of t

ves realized. histories were difficult to compile in those days, and the egyptians were satisfied to trace their race back to a mythological period when the gods themselves walked the earth and with their own power established the double empire of the nile. the egyptians did not dream that these divine progenitors were the atlanteans, who, forced to abandon their seven islands because of volcanic cataclysms, had immigrated into egypt--then an atlantean colony--where they established a great philosophic and literary center of civilization which was later to influence profoundly the religions and science of unnumbered races and peoples. today egypt is forgotten, but things egyptian will always be remembered and revered. egypt is dead--yet it lives immortal in its philosophy, and architectoni


result, theearth deviated on its normal orbit and upset the movement of other neighboring plan-ets and bodies. the course variations allowed debris from the previously destroyedplanet, tiamat, to re-enter the roche field where it fell to earth, again causing havoc.much of this effluence was salt water from the once vast oceans of tiamat, thus caus-ing the second deluge of prehistory. these global cataclysms caused the polar axis toalter, resulting in the great pole shift that destroyed almost all the flora and fauna onthe planet. this event is universally recorded and is now scientifically confirmed (seewhen the earth nearly died) i shall reverse the world54atlantis, alien visitation, and genetic manipulation the warlocks of atlantis, who were never many to begin with, suffered heavy losse

nd dependence. its spirit is so favorable to tyranny that tyranny always exploits it.true christians are made to be slaves, they know it, and they are not concerned by that: thisshort life is too unimportant in their eyes (jean jacques rousseau, the social contract,4.8).our present servitude is due to the acquiescence of our post-diluvian ancestors who,after the horrific terrestrial and celestial cataclysms they had experienced or heardabout, had no choice but to concede to the new world order of their times.by the invincible power of traditional subservience, the inertia of the general mind,enhanced by the gullibility of ignorance, the masses have slipped under the force of a victim-ization that is both pitiable and tragic. the forces of religion have thus exerted their ruler-ship over a

ob, and revelationthe ramayana and the mahabharatathe shastrasthe v edasthe norse eddathe zed avesta (of the persians)the codex chimalpopoca (of the toltecs)welsh triads, visuddhi magga (of the buddhists)discourse on the seven suns (buddhist)annals of cuauhtitlan (mayan)the ipuwer papyrus (egyptian)the ermitage papyrus (egyptian)there are over 40,000 texts that mention atlantis, the gods, and the cataclysms they created.people from the east claim descent from the west and vice versa.peculiarities of yahwehno other godsno word for goddessno female counterpartthe engis skullalongside the skulls of the neanderthal man have been found those of another race of men, that havethe name engis. dr. schmerling was the discoverer of these skulls which seem very different in charac-teristics from the n

here we get the word, nation?asgardsame as the semitic eden, a place of gardens and temples. the abode of the gods.the asasa race of intelligent giants that must have been mortal since it is said that they perished also in the greatconflagrations. the norse custom of setting their dead onto the waters in a boat is a vestige of the timewhen the race sought the land of the gods, during or after the cataclysms.adima and hevathe primal couple in the bhagavad gita, created by brahma. when, under the inspiration of the prince of demons, adima and heva begin to wander, and desire toleave their island (p. 383)no sooner did they touch the shore, than trees, flowers, fruit, birds, all that they had seen from the oppo-site side, vanished in an instant, amidst terrific clamor; the rocks by which they

rth american tribes the souls came to a great lake (the ocean) where there is a beauti-ful island, toward which they have to paddle in a canoe of white stone. on the way there rises a storm,and the wicked souls are wrecked, and the heaps of their bones are to be seen under the water, but thegood reach the happy island (from taylors early mankind, p. 362) brahmanic agethat which existed before the cataclysms of the earth, the tertiary period.suicide and sacrificein the ancient legends of the main races, there is mention of human sacrifice. this was caused by theante-diluvians when they took over a race.the arabiansthe arabians were an important branch of the great atlantean stock (p. 278) atlantis, alien visitation, and genetic manipulation197 appendix b: book abstracts atlantis the antedil

ck inflicted by the destruction of the world probably lead to one ofthose retrograde periods in the history of our race in which they lost all intercourse with the westerncontinent (p. 125)it was at this time that the archimandrites of atlantis began the construction of some monuments thatnow indicate the wisdom of the ancients. here and in other places, knowledge was sequestered in caseof future cataclysms and disturbances. the great pyramids, it is thought, were constructed in the 4thdynasty.the copper ageit is remarkable that so few antique copper implements have been found (in europe, although a knowl-edge of that metal must have been the preliminary stage in the manufacture of bronze (sir w.r. wilde,from p. 238)the fact that there was in europe, asia, or africa and no copper or tin ag

.living fungal spores have been discovered at altitudes of 7 milesbut observations from this and arelated study suggest the presence of living bacteria far too high in the atmosphere to have originatedfrom the surface of the planet (abstracted from p. 5, psychic reader, april 2000)commentthe bacteria could easily have originated on earth, rising into the high atmosphere after any one of the major cataclysms that have occurred here. but more likely and probably the reason why things have be kept under wraps is that the bacteria originated on tiamat (lucifer, phaeton) the planet that was destroyed by atomic weaponry and whose remains now make up the so-called asteroid belt and whose debris has continually fallen into earth atmosphere and onto the very sur-face, as charles fort and others hav


go invariably precisely where they should go, and the aspirations of thought attract speech. we have proved this a hundred times in the course of our magical initiation; the rarest books have offered themselves without seeking as soon as they became indispensable. thus have we recovered intact that universal science which so many learned persons have regarded as engulfed by a number of successive cataclysms; thus have we entered the great magical chain which began with hermes or enoch and will end only with the world. thus have we been able to evoke and come face to face with the spirits of apollonius, plotinus, synesius, paracelsus, cardanus, cornelius agrippa and others less or more known, but too religiously celebrated to make it possible for them to be named lightly. we continue their


ligions and cults saucer movement as sananda, has been in orbit around the planet since 1885 and will take on material form as earth s transition to a higher consciousness is made. humankind stands now in the transitional period before the dawn of a new age, according to the ufo prophets. if earthlings do not raise their vibrational rate within a set period of time, severe earth changes and major cataclysms will take place. such disasters will not end the world, but shall serve to eliminate the unreceptive members of the human species. however, those who die in such dreadful purgings of the planet will be allowed to reincarnate on higher levels of development so that their salvation will be more readily accomplished through higher teachings on a higher vibratory level. for thousands of men

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