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f leopards' skins; on the walls hung a great crucifix in ivory and ebony. before the blazing fire lay the poet (who had concealed his royal celtic descent beneath the pseudonym of swanoff) reading in a great volume bound with vellum. he rose to greet her "many days have i expected you" he exclaimed "many days have i wept over you. i see your destiny- how thin a 101 thread links you to that mighty brotherhood of the silver star whose trembling neophyte i am- how twisted and thick are the tentacles of the black octopus whom you now serve. ah! wrench yourself away while you are yet linked with us: i would not that you sank into the ineffable slime. blind and bestial are the worms of the slime: come to me, and by the faith of the star, i will save you" the girl put him by with a light laugh "i

purity has left them, and they are become as the bilge which poureth forth from the stern of a ship full of hogs. o! eros, fly, speed! await not the awakening oil to scorch thy cheek, lest thou discover that thy darling has grown hideous and wanton, and that in the place of a fair maiden there slimeth a huge slug fed of the cabbage-stalks of decay. o theos! o pantheos! o atheos! triple god of the brotherhood of warriors. evoe! i adore thee, o thou trinity of might and majesty- thou silent unity that rulest the hearts of the great. alas! that men are dead, their thrones of gold empty, and their palaces of pearl fallen into ruin! grandeur and glory have departed, so that now in the elysian fields the sheep of woolly understanding nibble the green turnip-tops of reason and the stubble in the


our brains, and our eyelids were heavy with sleep. ah love! they are banished, yet not so the strength of the spell which holds both our beings in bondage, a bondage so fell that even the angels above cannot alter its power; it lives in the memory yet of one passionate hour, when from the dark bosom of hell sprang a fair felon flower. ethel archer. 326 the big stick counterparts. vol. xvi of the brotherhood of the new life. an epitome of the work and teaching of thomas lake harris. by respiro. 2"s. 6"d. net. a new edition. c. w. pearce and co, 139, west regent street, glasgow. if we are in any way to shadow forth the ineffable, it must be by a degradation. every symbol is a blasphemy against the truth that it indicates. a painter to remind us of the sunlight has no better material than du


swallowed up in the one atman of the beginning. this individualistic conception gotama banned, he would have none of it; a soul, a spirit, a separate entity was anathema to him; but in overthrowing the corrupt ved nta of the latter-day pundits, like luther, who many centuries later tore the tawdry vanities from off the back of prostitute rome, approximating his reformed church to the communistic brotherhood of christ, gotama, the enlightened one, the buddha, now similarly went back to vedic times and to the wisdom of the old rishis. but, fearing the evil associations clinging to a name, he, anathematizing the atman, in 129 its place wrote nibb na, which according to n gasena is cessation,206 a passing away in which nothing remains, and end.207 soon however, under mah y na-buddhism, was th

ht, but his very life is right, in fact his actions have become a temple wherein he can at will 146 withdraw himself to pray. he has become a priest unto himself his own guardian, he may administer to himself the holy sacrament of god in truth and in right, he has become exempt from the shackles of earth. he is the supreme man, one step more he enters the sanctuary of god and becomes one with the brotherhood of light. up to this stage progress has meant work, work terrible and titanic, one great striving after union which roughly may be compared to the five methods of yoga. from this fifth stage work gives place to knowledge, qabalistically the aspirant enters da th. vi "right effort" man is now master of virtue and vice and no longer their slave, servant, enemy or friend. the lvx has desc


of force to certain erroneous ends, not along the line of evolution, account for much of the moon mystery. certain results, such as the finding of its polar opposite, were hastened unduly on the moon chain, and the consequence was an uneven development and a retardation of the evolution of a certain number of deva and human groups. the origin of the feud between the lords of the dark face and the brotherhood of light, which found scope for activity in atlantean days, and during the present root race, can be traced back to the moon chain. we have here all that it is possible to give out at this time, and much that has hitherto not been- 244- a treatise on cosmic fire copyright 1998 lucis trust permitted publication. it is necessary again to emphasise the need of attaching no importance to t

venty incarnations primarily effect the development of love in the personal life, the evolution of the astral nature, based on the recognition of the pairs of opposites, and their equilibrising in love and service. this cycle covers the period passed by the man in the hall of learning and has its correspondence in the atlantean root-race and its conflict between the lords of the dark face and the brotherhood of light. within the life of each individual, a similar conflict wages during this period, ending with the final kurukshetra or battle-ground which earns for the man the right to tread the probationary path, and eventually the privilege to stand before the portal of initiation- 488- a treatise on cosmic fire copyright 1998 lucis trust again the numerical significance of the numbers mus

te or black magic. then they utilise the form with its inherent force and galvanise it into activity, and a temporary separate identity, thus sending it forth to accomplish its purpose. this accounts for many of the apparently phenomenal results achieved by selfish or by incompetent (though good) thinkers. the magical words are only communicated under the seal of secrecy, to men working under the brotherhood of light, to initiates, and to pledged chelas, owing to the great danger involved. occasionally, too, they are ascertained by men and women who have brought about a condition of alignment with the ego, and are, therefore, in touch with the inner centre of all knowledge within themselves. when this is so, the knowledge is safe, for the ego ever works on the side of law and righteousness

ud unfolds, the revolution is unified, and through the raying forth of the fires of the jewel, a specific rhythm is imposed upon the lotus, and its energies are stabilised. this rhythm is diverse according to the type of monad concerned, or the nature of the planetary logos of a man's ray, his divine prototype. by the use of certain terms, information is conveyed to the workers of the planet, the brotherhood of light, as to the nature of ego concerned, the quality of his ray, the number of his vibration, and the point of evolution attained. it will be apparent therefore, why it is not permitted here to make public the names of the seven rhythmic groups. one of the effects produced in the lower man via the centres, through the unified activity of the- 666- a treatise on cosmic fire copyrigh


cal energy, to enable him to do certain forms of magical work and also to produce effects on the physical bodies of animals and men. it is the knowledge of this which is the basis of voodooism and of all those practices which cause the depletion and death of men and women who obstruct the path of the black magician or are regarded by him as enemies. with these the aspirant to the mysteries of the brotherhood of the great white lodge has nothing to do. he brings about the merging of the two parts of the dense physical, and the synchronization of the rhythm of the two bodies and the consequent unity of the entire lower man through attention to the etheric breath and rhythm. this inevitably produces the "external control of the life currents" the internal control of the life currents is broug


amazing things occur: organized big business, with its selfish interests and material ideas, has, notwithstanding, been brought to a condition where it is group-conscious; group interplay and the interests of the greatest number are being for the first time seriously considered. these are purely spiritual results; they indicate a growing soul awareness, and are the faint indications of the coming brotherhood of souls. applied science in all fields has now been so developed that it has entered the realm of energy and of pure metaphysics. the study of- 89- from intellect to intuition copyright 1998 lucis trust matter has landed us in the realm of mysticism and of transcendentalism. science and religion are joining hands in the world of the unseen and intangible. these are steps in the right


ground. later, this object of his devotion and ardent effort is superseded by devotion to one of the great ones, the elder brothers of the race. he bends all his powers and the forces of his nature to their service. this incentive is, in its turn, surely and steadily superseded by a vital love for humanity, and love of one individual (be he ever so perfect) is lost sight of in love for the whole brotherhood of men. unceasingly, as the soul takes more and more control of its instrument and the soul nature steadily manifests, this too is superseded by love of the ideal, of the plan, and of the purposes underlying the universe itself. the man comes to know himself as naught but a channel through which spiritual agencies can work, and realises himself as a corporate part of the one life. then

but mention is made of it, as the energies coming from these two factors must be borne in mind. 3. astral energies emanating from the new sign of the zodiac into which we are now entering, the sign aquarius. this sign, that of the water-carrier, is a living sign and an emotional sign. it will (through the effect of its potent force) stimulate the astral bodies of men into a new coherency, into a brotherhood of humanity which will ignore all racial and national differences and will carry the life of men forward into synthesis and unity. this means a tide of unifying life of such power that one cannot now vision it, but which in a thousand years will have welded all mankind into a perfect brotherhood. its emotional effect will be to "purify" the astral bodies of men so that the material wor

e think and talk in terms of light, and the effect of the coming developments in this department of human thought will be triple. a. people will possess etheric vision. b. the vital or etheric body, lying as the inner structure of the outer forms, will be seen and noted and studied in all kingdoms of nature. c. this will break down all barriers of race and all distinctions of color; the essential brotherhood of man will be established. we shall see each other and all forms of divine manifestation as light units of varying degrees of brightness and shall talk and think increasingly in terms of electricity, of voltage, of intensity and of power. the age and status of men, in regard to the ladder of evolution, will be noted and become objectively apparent, the relative capacities of old souls

on to which the forward looking people aspire does not involve the neglect of any part, but it does involve the care and nurture of each part in order that it may contribute to the well being of the entire organism. it involves, for instance, the right government and proper development of every national unit so that it can adequately perform its international duties, and thus form part of a world brotherhood of nations. this concept does not even involve the formation of a world state, but it does involve the development of a universal public consciousness which realises the unity of the whole, and thus produces the determination that each must be for all and all for each as it has been said. only in this way can there be brought about an international synthesis which will be characterised

in the field of world service and where there is a capacity to see only selfishness and fault and to impute wrong motives and to believe evil, then the true aspirant refuses to be swayed and goes serenely on his way. in the coming cycle i emphatically tell you that the true work will be carried forward (the work of spiritually welding the world into a synthesis and the production of a recognised brotherhood of souls) only by those who refuse to be separative and whose words are watched so that no evil is spoken; these are the workers who see the divine in all and refuse to think evil and impute evil- 361- a treatise on white magic copyright 1998 lucis trust they work with sealed lips; they deal not with their brothers affairs, nor reveal that which concerns them; their lives are coloured


realise politically that isolation, separativeness, and the cultivation of a national egoism must go, and that a national spirit coloured by a sense of superiority, by class hatreds and racial antagonisms, constitutes a barrier to the true development of humanity. the people must be taught that the longing to increase possessions is a deterrent to real expansion. thus plans were laid whereby the brotherhood of nations, based on mutual need, mutual understanding, and mutual helpfulness, should gradually come into being. it was the establishing of a state of mind which was the primary objective, and not the establishing of some impossible and mythical utopia, or of those material conditions whereby one group is entirely subordinated by the will-to-power of another group which enforces a sta

ons. the aim before this department is to establish a universal understanding of the nature of reality, and to foster the growth of the spiritual consciousness. though in some ways religious differences are the hardest to bridge or heal, yet real progress has been made in this phase of the hierarchical work. there is today in the world a very large number of those who fundamentally believe in the brotherhood of religions. though the unintelligent masses everywhere have little or no idea of things spiritual, they can be more easily brought to believe in the one god and to the idea of a universal faith than to any other idea. many thousands of them are frankly agnostic or believe in nothing, whilst many other thousands are restive under the control of theological authority. they have neverth

he conflict was begun, and consciousness was born. in the fifth race (the aryan a.a.b) the crisis of the battle will be seen, and then the lower four and the middle four will begin to unite their forces. in the sixth race, the dust of battle dies away. the lower four, the middle four and the higher four will chant in unison the glory of their lord, the beauty of the love of god, the wonder of the brotherhood of man. this is their paean. esoterically speaking (and not speaking symbolically, for there is a distinction between these two forms which students would do well to note, when the lines of forces are adjusted and there is free interplay of energies and a straight aligned channel between the various aspects of divinity, then there is achievement and beauty. this is the theme of the abo

its. 6. the nations and the rays in connection, therefore, with our discussion of the rays which govern and influence the leading nations of the world, the student should bear in mind the fact that all are today governed primarily by the law of cleavages, but that advanced groups in each nation are beginning to respond to the law of understanding, a law which will eventually emphasize the eternal brotherhood of man and the identity of all souls with the oversoul, in the racial consciousness, as well as the oneness of the life which pours through, permeates, animates and integrates the entire solar system. this life functions therefore in and through all the planetary schemes, with their kingdoms of forms, and with all that can be included (throughout our solar universe) under the phrase "f

of the united states may reveal no resemblances in the goal of their idealism, for the russian is driven by his seventh ray soul towards the imposition of an enforced ceremonial of ordered rhythms, leading to an idealised order and community of interests. because of this, and because of the enforced magical work, some forces are present and active in russia which need most careful handling by the brotherhood of light; they are not exactly on the white side, as it is called, but are concerned with the magic of form, whereas pure white magic concerns only the soul or subjective aspect. the black forces, so called, are nowhere rampant in russia any more than elsewhere in the world, but the russian reaction and attitude to enforced rule and order has in it more of the magical seventh ray influ


nd economic ideals, and the beauty of the civilisation which could be founded upon the ethical teaching of the sermon on the mount are frequently emphasised by many who refuse to recognise his mission as an expression of divinity. from the rational point of view, the question as to the historical accuracy of his story remains as yet unsolved, though his teaching upon the fatherhood of god and the brotherhood of man is endorsed by the best minds of the race. those who can move in the world of ideas, of faith and of living experience testify to his divinity and to the fact that he can be approached. but such testimony is often passed over lightly as being mystical, futile and incapable of proof. individual belief is, after all, of no value to anyone except to the believer himself, or as it t

eviation of pain and disappointment in minds that cannot understand the inner dream; and for the warm reassurance of mundane honours. this conflict is the rock upon which the religious mind founders and is split against itself."42 upon this rock christ did not founder, but he had his moments of intensest agony, finding relief only in the realisation of the fatherhood of god and its corollary, the brotherhood of man "father" he said. it was this sense of unity with god and his fellowmen which led him to institute the last supper, to originate that communion service, the symbolism of which has been so disastrously lost in theological practice. the keynote of that communion service was fellowship "it is only thus that jesus creates fellowship among us. it is not as a symbol that he does it. i

istics of the citizen of that kingdom. through the example of its founder, christianity has also had a unique mission in inaugurating the era of service. world service, world welfare, world interest, world inter-communication and the importance of the general good are all products of the emphasis christ laid upon human- 159- from bethlehem to calvary copyright 1998 lucis trust divinity and on the brotherhood of man, based upon the fatherhood of god. no other religion or era has thus emphasised these points. they still remain in many ways ideals, but are slowly in process of becoming facts. christ therefore achieved through his work the following things: 1. he externalised the mysteries so that they have become known to humanity as a whole, and are not only the secret possession of the init

sation, of the world federation of nations, of humanity as a body corporate, of community living and of internationalism and economic interdependence and world unity; but these are mere words and names which differing types of mind apply to the one great emerging fact of a new kingdom in nature arising out of the human kingdom, with its own principles of living, its laws of group welfare, and its brotherhood of man. in the unfoldment of the human consciousness we are passing out of the necessary stage of individualism; we have temporarily lost sight of the deeper truths, the mystical values, and the one life behind all forms. we have been too much occupied with material and selfish interests. but this has been a needed stage, even though it may well be that it has persisted too long. it is


ch they find themselves, but will (in that situation and under that government or religious older) work for good will, for the breaking down of barriers, and for world peace. they will avoid all attack of existing regimes and personalities; they will keep the laws of the land in which they have to live, but they will cultivate the spirit of non-hatred, utilising every opportunity to emphasise the brotherhood of nations, the unity of faith, and our economic interdependence. they will endeavour to speak no word and do no act which can separate and breed dislike. these are broad generalities, governing the conduct of the men of good will who seek to cooperate with the work being done by the new group of world servers. as they learn effective cooperation and achieve steadiness in the right att

anise for itself a programme covering this period, under the direction of those who watch, on the inner, spiritual side of life. this programme must have three objectives: 1. to discover, educate and blend together the men of good will, demonstrating to them the fact that in every country in the world, without exception, much is being done along the lines of a. international understanding and the brotherhood of nations. b. the betterment of human conditions by groups, churches and organisations, working along the new lines, without hatred, eliminating attack on groups or persons and the expressing of a partisan spirit, c. religious unity and spiritual unfoldment within and without the churches, d. educational activity, carried forward along lines of non-separativeness and broad inclusivene


erarchy can work with greater surety than heretofore. there will (through this and analogous groups) be set in motion on earth a network of spiritual energies which will facilitate the regeneration of the world. the influence of these groups when permanently established and potently working will have a wider objective than just the elevation of humanity. the potent rhythm which animates the inner brotherhood of the lodge of masters will make itself felt everywhere on earth and these groups, if successful, may be regarded as the first step toward the emergence into manifestation of the great white lodge. but remember this: the keynote of the lodge is not attainment or degree. it is stable relationship, unity of thought, plus diversity of method, of effort and of function and its quality is


when this has assumed large proportions and the recognition of these truths is worldwide, then we shall have the restoration of the mysteries, the consequent realization that the kingdom of god is on earth, and that man is in deed and in truth made in the image of god and must inevitably through the passing of time and the discipline of life manifest his essential divinity, as christ did. 4. the brotherhood of man much has been written, preached and talked about brotherhood. so much has been said and so little brotherhood practised that the word has fallen somewhat into disrepute. yet the word is a statement of the underlying origin and goal of humanity and is the keynote of the fourth kingdom in nature, the human. brotherhood is a great natural fact; all men are brothers; under the diver


be happy. the steps on this path are: right values. right aspiration. right speech. right conduct. right modes of living. right effort. right thinking. right rapture or happiness. this message is uniquely needed today in a world in which most of these right steps to happiness have been consistently ignored. it is on the foundation of this teaching that christ will raise the superstructure of the brotherhood of man, for right human relations are an expression of the love of god; they will constitute man's major and next demonstration of divinity. today, in the midst of this devastated, chaotic and unhappy world, mankind has a fresh opportunity to reject selfish materialistic living and to begin to tread the lighted way. the moment that humanity shows its willingness to do this, then the ch

ong us since 700 b.c. and founded the great modern world faiths, and above all else in the christ himself who embodied the perfection of god immanent, plus awareness of god transcendent; recognition of those major spiritual concepts of love, life and relationship which have hovered ever in the background of man's thinking and which are now on the verge of right expression; recognition of the true brotherhood of man, based on the one divine life, working through the one soul and expressing itself through the one humanity; recognition, therefore, of relationship both to the divine life throughout the world and to mankind itself. it is this developing spiritual attitude which will lead to right human relations and eventual world peace. today, another recognition is becoming possible. it is th

ature physical, emotional and mental is there shown as prostrate before the glory which was revealed. in that moment, wherein christ immanent was in incarnation, wherein humanity was represented by the three apostles, a voice came from the father's home in recognition of the revealed divinity and the sonship of the transfigured christ. on this innate divinity, upon this recognised sonship, is the brotherhood of all men based one life, one glory which shall be revealed, and one divine relationship. today, on a large scale (even when by-passing the implications of divinity, the glory of man and his fundamental relationships are already a fact in the human consciousness. accompanying those characteristics which as yet remain deplorable and which would appear to negate all claims to divinity


ducing form. 2. the nations and the rays. in connection with this discussion which governs and influences the leading nations of the world, the student should bear in mind the fact that all are today primarily conditioned by the law of cleavages; however, advanced groups in every nation are beginning to respond to the law of understanding. this is a law which will eventually emphasise the eternal brotherhood of man and the identity of all souls with the oversoul. this will be recognised in the racial consciousness, as well as the oneness of the life which pours through, permeates, animates and integrates the entire solar system. this life functions in and through all planetary schemes, in all their kingdoms of forms and with all that can be included under the phrase "form life" that- 25- t


t universal religion which will be founded on all the past, which will consummate the work of the christ and which will open up a fresh stretch (if i may use such an expression) upon the path of light which leads to god. the new world religion all past divine revelations have brought humanity to the point where (spiritually speaking) man's essential divinity is theologically recognised, where the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of god are recognised ideals and where science has demonstrated the fact of an unfolding purpose and the existence of a fundamental, intelligent agent behind all phenomena. step by step man has been led through prayer, the voice of desire, through worship, the recognition of deity, through affirmation of the fact of human identity of nature with the divine, to

hy. it will be obvious to you that as humanity, through its most advanced units, prepares for this next great approach it must accept with faith and conviction (faith for the masses, and conviction for the knowers and the new group of world servers) the premises stated above: 1. the fact of god (god transcendent) 2. man's relationship to the divine (god immanent) 3. the fact of immortality 4. the brotherhood of man (god in expression) 5. the existence of the way to god 6. the historicity of the two great approaches and the possibility of a third and imminent approach. it is here that the churches, if regenerated, can concentrate their efforts, cease perpetuating the outer and visible form, and begin to deal with the reality underlying all dogmas and doctrines. upon these inner assurances m

the restoration referred to is psychological in nature, but will work out in the restoration of the will-to-live and the will-to-good. it will consequently be foundational, and will guarantee the new civilisation and culture. this is a very different matter. these forces of restoration are concerned with human vision, human integrity and human relations as they underlie the entire problem of the brotherhood of man. these energies, if released upon the earth, will render futile the efforts of the old order (in politics, religion and education) to restore what was and to bring back that which existed prior to the war. they will endeavour to offset two tendencies which will have to be taken into momentous consideration during the coming cycle of conferences: a. the tendency to crystallise, t

mode of living right effort right thinking right rapture or true happiness his ancient message is as new today as it was when he spoke his words on earth; a recognition of its truth and value is desperately needed, and the following of the "eight right ways of living" will enable humanity to find liberation. it is on the foundation of his teaching that the christ raised the superstructure of the brotherhood of man to form an expression of the love of god. today, as it views the crumbling, devastated world, mankind has a fresh opportunity to reject selfish, materialistic motives and philosophy and to begin those processes which will steadily and gradually bring about its liberation. it will then be possible for men to tread the lighted way which leads back to the divine source of light and

ong us since 700 b.c. and founded the great modern world faiths, and above all else in the christ himself who embodied the perfection of god immanent, plus awareness of god transcendent; recognition of those major spiritual concepts of love, life and relationship which have hovered ever in the background of man's thinking and which are now on the verge of right expression; recognition of the true brotherhood of man, based on the one divine life, working through the one soul and expressing itself through the one humanity; recognition, therefore, of relationship both to the divine life throughout the world and to mankind itself. it is this developing spiritual attitude which will lead to right human relations and eventual world peace. today another recognition is becoming possible. it is the

physical, emotional and mental is there shown as prostrate before the glory which was revealed. in that moment, wherein christ immanent was in the physical form, wherein humanity was represented by the three apostles, a voice came from the father's home in recognition of the revealed divinity and the sonship of the transfigured christ. on this innate divinity, upon this recognised sonship, is the brotherhood of all men based one life, one glory which shall be revealed, and one divine relationship. today, on a large scale (even when by-passing the implications of divinity) the glory of man and his fundamental relationships are already a fact in the human consciousness. accompanying those characteristics which as yet remain deplorable and which would appear to negate all claims to divinity


man effort to explain and interpret this phrase solely in terms of religion, whereas the religious interpretation is but one mode of understanding reality. there are others of equal importance. all the great avenues of approach to reality are spiritual in nature and interpretive of divine purpose, and whether the religious christian speaks of the kingdom of god, or the humanitarian emphasises the brotherhood of man, or the leaders against evil head the fight for the new world order or for the four freedoms or the atlantic charter, they all express the emergence of the love of god in its form of the spirit of christ. humanity in the mass has therefore reached a point of emergence from darkness; it has itself evoked the reaction of the powers of evil, and hence their attempt to arrest the pr


teric nature of the jewish substitute for ain-soph in their teachings; of the true meaning of which, while the rabbins concealed it, the christians, with a few exceptions, knew nothing. surely jesus of nazareth would have hardly advised his apostles to show themselves as wise as the serpent, had the latter been a symbol of the evil one; nor would the ophites, the learned egyptian gnostics of "the brotherhood of the serpent" have reverenced a living snake in their ceremonies as the emblem of wisdom, the divine sophia (and a type of the all-good, not the all-bad, were that reptile so closely connected with satan. the fact is, that even as a common ophidian it has ever been a dual symbol; and[[footnote(s* these "evil spirits" can by no means be identified with satan or the great dragon. they


entrated the wisdom and knowledge of the following bodies: 1. the gnostic catholic church 2. the order of the knights of the holy ghost. 3. the order of the illuminati. 4. the order of the temple (knights templar. 5. the order of the knights of st. john. 6. the order of the knights of malta. 7. the order of the knights of the holy sepulchre. 8. the hidden church of the holy graal. 9. the hermetic brotherhood of light. 10. the holy order of rose croix of heredom. 11. the order of the holy royal arch of enoch. 12. the antient and primitive rite of masonry (33. 13. the rite of memphis (97. 14. the rite of mizraim (90. the equinox 198 15. the ancient and accepted scottish rite of masonry (33. 16. the swedenborgian rite of masonry. 17. the order of the martinists. 18. the order of the sat bhai

a, raja yoga, bhakta yoga and hatha yoga, and all other branches of the secret wisdom of the ancients. it its bosom repose the great mysteries; its brain has resolved all the problems of philosophy and of life. it possess the secret of the stone of the wise, of the elixir of immortality, and of the universal medicine. moreover, it possesses a secret capable of realizing the world-old dream of the brotherhood of man. it also possesses in every important centre of population a hidden retreat (collegium ad spiritum sanctum) where members may conceal themselves in order to pursue the great work without hindrance. liber lii 201 5. the authority of the o.t.o. is concentrated in the o.h.o (outer head of the order, or frater superior. the name of the person occupying this office is never disclosed


al attack unless you destroy these materials! the magical trap, staffed by the spirits of hell, is wide open and waiting! you are allowed to upload this material, provided that it is exactly the same copy, with nothing omitted, added, or changed in any other way. liber primum the book of lucifer caput primum: about the book of doom 1.1. eons ago, long before mankind roamed this planet, there is a brotherhood of sorcerers. 1.2. they are masters of wisdom, science, and knowledge unheard of yet in the history of mankind of our days. 1.3. they decide to have their knowledge accessible to all who are ready, willing, and worthy. 1.4. therefore they create a book that contains the keys to all their power, science, knowledge, and wisdom. 1.5. the name of this book is the book of doom. 1.6. this is


of the witches. an attempt was made, a few years back, to create a denomination known as "algard" a blending of alexandrian and gardnerian. since alexandrian is already blended with gardnerian, there didn't seem much point to it and i don't believe it caught on to any great extent. alexandrian wicca is now found in many countries around the world. american celtic wicca "the american order of the brotherhood of the wicca" covens stem from jessica bell("lady sheba, a self-styled witch queen. the tradition's rites are virtually the same as the gardnerian, though covens work robed. they follow the same practice of gardnerians in preferring couples; preferably husband and wife "ceremonial magick is the primary work of the american celtic tradition and it is conceived as being the most powerful


om corresponding to teth [95] the meditation on yod* iam the creative hand, which fashioneth the worlds and establisheth the spheres, while yet the primal fire circleth untrammeled in the womb of space. that fashioning is not as the handiwork of man. it is my self-utterance through the voice of vision. by it i declare myself. yea, i utter myself as the father of all, and from my fatherhood is the brotherhood of all creatures. therefore do the wise see in the letter yod the fatherhood of chokmah, the unbounded wisdom which establisheth all. that father, ab, am i, the source of all; one. in mine inmost being, two in my self-utterance, and three in my union with my divine manifestation: creating, preserving, transforming, throughout endless ages [99] t h e b o o k of t o k e n s 3 from my pre


habet and poetry. bishop otto of freising of germany first recorded story of legendary christian ruler of the east, prester john, in his "chronicon" 1148 hildegard of bingen writing on science 1147-9: the second crusade ends in relative disarray with an abortive siege of damascus. d. 1149 yosef ben ya aqob ibn saddiq. olam qatan( the microcosm) borrowed in large part from the encyclopaedia of the brotherhood of purity whose sacred writings of this sect of ismailites were to play an important role also in jewish gnosis< h. corbin, storia della filosofia islamica, milano, 1973, p.142. 1150 turba philosophorum translated from arabic. c. 1150: abbess hildegard of bingen (1078-1179, hailed as the "sibyl of the rhine" writes the scivias and a series of important letters; she also composes music

abbot of the famous abbey school at saint-victor, writes the mystical ark, also known as benjamin major, and makes considerable use of pseudo-dionysius. 1160: birth of isaac the blind "the father of kabbalah" in provence. 1160-1170 yehuda ibn tibbon translates book of the duties of the heart by bahya ibn pequda which apparently was influenced by the rasa'il of ikhwan as-safa (encyclopaedia of the brotherhood of purity) and, possibly, by hermetic sources< bahya s the duties of the heart, written in arabic in around 1075, denote the first complete assimilation of muslim ascetic theology into judaism -s.d. goitein, ebrei e arabi, 1980, p. 179> 1162 to 1227- life of genghis khan, conqueror of china and russia, invader of europe and islamic empire, destroyer of assassin power. approximate begin

a-hokhmah, a major part of which is concerned with exegesis of holy names. 1165-1235 isaac the blind. provencal kabbalist. 1165-1240 ibn arabi (spanish muslim mystic poet) d.1166 abd al-qadir al-jilani founds one of the earliest sufi orders(prominent in india and north africa. d. 1170 natanael ben al-fayyumi, the garden of intellects,astrological thought influenced by ismaili encyclopaedia of the brotherhood of purity "also by the esoteric teachings which were not widespread among the ordinary people. c.1170- 1230 gaucelm faidit -troubadour- travelled to italy and went on the fourth crusade. 1170-1200 rigaut de barbezieux troubadour refers to his beloved as the holy grail. 1172: benjamin of tudelo returns from palestine, having left in 1159. he describs his travels in sefer ha-massa ot (bo

es to the interpretation of the bible. 1225-1295 shem tob ben yosef falaquerra of tudela sefer ha-mebaqqesh( the book of the seeker) expositions taken from the arab encyclopaedia of the brethren of purity. 1225 michael scot liber introductorius, liber particularis 1225-1295 shem tob ben yosef falaquerra. sefer ha-mebaqqesh( the book of the seeker )borrows extensively from the encyclopaedia of the brotherhood of purity. 1228 guilhem figueira troubadour's attack on the roman church in 23 stanzas "d'un sirventes far. 1229- 1241 gedei khan c.1230- 1292 guiraut riquier troubadour who survived the albigensian crusade. 1230-1284 alfonso x ruled spain, judeo-christian moslem atmosphere. kabbalah came into contact with christianity. kabbalistic, talmud texts translated into spanish. d. 1230 farid a

wirth publishes "the tarot of the magicians. 1928 karl preisendanz publishes vol 1 papyri graecae magicae. manly r. hall published a compilation of the "sefer yetsirah" in his "secrect teachings of all ages. 1932 "jezirah" by g. scholem in encyclopedia judaica (berlin, vol. 9, col. 104ff. 1933 annie besant (n e wood, author and noted theosophist dies 1933 god of the witches by m. murray. 1936 the brotherhood of light tarot -the sacred tarot 1937 israel regardie publishes the golden dawn, which includes the bulk of the golden dawns' rituals and teachings. 1939 william butler yeats dies 1942 arthur edward waite dies 1944 arcanum 17 andre breton 1945 discovery of nag hammadi scriptures. 1946 dion fortune (i.e. violet mary firth) dies 1947 aleister crowley (crowley, edward alexander) dies 1947


le (knights templar, who came to prominence about the same time as the cathars, were dealt with equally severely by papal 'justice. but the templars went underground and their influence has continued up to the present day, both in their own right, and within other secret societies which are, after all, part of the same overall organisation. this period of the cathars and the crusades spawned many brotherhood offshoots, which continue to significantly influence events- secret societies like the knights hospitallers of st. john, known today as the knights of malta. nor was this merely a phenomenon of the christian and jewish world. similar secret societies were created within all cultures, and the arab brotherhood grand lodge in cairo was to become a major manipulator of events. the aim of t

with the strictest secrecy from its headquarters at yale university, in a windowless mausoleum appropriately known as 'the tomb' where the members meet twice a week during term time. the detailed history of the skull and bones is a mystery, but it is believed to have been introduced into the us more than 150 years ago as chapter 322 of a german secret society and was also known at one time as the brotherhood of death. the illuminati in disguise. the symbolism of the initiation ceremony would appear to indicate at least close links with freemasonry. it was started in 1832-1833 by general william huntington russell and alphonso taft, a famous american family name. in 1876, taft was to be the secretary of war in the grant administration and his son, william howard taft, was the only man to be

soteric was to become a consuming passion for hitler, especially in his rise to power. he was strongly influenced by the work of helena petrovna blavatsky, who was born in the ukraine in 1831. some researchers claim she had connections with the secret society of italian revolutionaries, the carbonari, who were closely linked to the black nobility, and she was a member of the egyptian society, the brotherhood of luxor, which she later denounced as "a den for disgusting immorality, greediness for selfish power, and money making. madame blavatsky arrived in new york in 1873 and, with the help of a colonel henry olcott she founded the theosophical society two years later. this is still around today. its doctrines are based on blavatsky books such as isis unveiled, which was written in 1877, an

he esoteric mysteries. today we call this process of communication 'channelling. there are many ufo sightings and much research which indicates that there are secret underground and underwater bases for extraterrestrials around the world, central asia among them. i am not saying that blavatsky was negative, only that hitler was influenced by her work. the belief in the masters and the great white brotherhood of discarnate entities promoted by people like the theosophical psychic of the post-blavatsky period, alice bailey,2 is a theme that remains well entrenched in parts of what is known today as the new age movement. alice bailey claimed to 'channel' an entity she called "the tibetan" and she produced a number of books, including hierarchy of the masters, the seven rays, a new group of wo

by madame blavatsky the books of lord edward bulwer-lytton, and secret societies in the mould of the order of the golden dawn. the murder of us president abraham lincoln has been explained by some as part of the struggle between competing secret societies, although i don't accept that. one of his close friends, pascal beverly randolph, revealed that lincoln was involved with a society called the brotherhood of eulis after being initiated into the secrets of "sexual magic" in the middle east. lincoln was also believed to be a high ranking member of the hermetic brotherhood of luxor or of the light.13 many of the famous political and economic faces of history and today are masks which hide their true nature and motivation. they are the apparently 'different' faces of the all-seeing eye netw


as 13 schools (levels of initiation, they say, with each one more advanced than the one below.40 this is the classic structure of secret societies throughout history. those who passed the initiation into the 13th school would then be allowed to teach the knowledge themselves as a member of the "order of the serpents. william bramley in the gods of eden (avon books, new york, 1993) calls this the brotherhood of the snake. you can see snake and serpent symbolism in the logos of llluminati companies and the logo of the leading uk communications network, british telecom, is one example (figure 7. lemurian kings and queens were 13thlevel initiates of the "dragon bloodline, according to the lemurian fellowship. as i with the serpent cult or serpent brotherhood through the ages, the lemurian ini

some authors to descend from the old testament tribe of dan, but so much in the bible is symbolic rather than literal or downright untrue. the name danaans derived from their serpent moon goddess, dana or diana. the danaans made the headquarters of their serpent-worshipping culture on the island of rhodes, a name that originates from a syrian word for serpent.51 rhodes was the home of the danaan brotherhood of initiates and magicians known as the telchines.52 the greek historian, diodorus, said these initiates had the ability to heal, change the weather, and "shape-shift" into any form. thousands of years later, one of the most important of the illuminati secret societies, the knights hospitaller of st john of jerusalem, now the knights of malta, located on rhodes and for a while were kno

ted many of the ancient mystery schools to hoard the knowledge of true history, and the esoteric and technological expertise of atlantis, lemuria, and the post-cataclysmic world, especially the sumer empire. they also seized control of the other mystery schools, which were formed with a more enlightened agenda. this was one of the roles assigned to the royal court of the dragon (also known as the brotherhood of the snake) from around 2000bc when it infiltrated the more positive egyptian mystery schools and made them vehicles of the reptilian "gods. manly p. hall, the freemasonic historian, summarises what happened, although for "black magicians of atlantis" also read "reptilians "while the elaborate ceremonial magic of antiquity was not necessarily evil, there arose from its perversion sev

y others and some still survive today, including what is left of that monster structure. references to them have been found in chinese texts dating back 5,000 years. the secret society initiate georges ivanovitch gurdjieff said that he had been part of an unsuccessful expedition to find a lost city of the uigher empire under the sands of the gobi desert. he said he was initiated into the sun/moon brotherhood of central asia and was told that the founders of this brotherhood had come from mars in ancient times.19 james churchward says that the uigher empire were former lemurians. later a russian archaeologist called professor kosloff found a tomb of ancient artefacts in the same area of the gobi desert. these included a painting of a ruler and his queen and he estimated the work to be some

aztec myth says that quetzalcoatl created humans with help from the serpent woman, cihuacoatl- ninharsag of the anunnaki worked with enki, according to the sumerian tablets. there is serpent symbolism all over the ancient central american sacred sites and these were places of human sacrifice on a scale that beggars belief. edward thompson, the american archaeologist, was initiated into the mayan brotherhood of sh'tol and he was told that the name of the ancient port city of tamoanchan in veracruz, mexico, means "the place where the people of the serpent landed".28 they came in boats, he was told, which "shone like the scales of serpent skins" and they were "clad in strange garments and wore about their foreheads emblems like entwined serpents".29' another landing point for the "serpent" a

ports there is an excellent summary of what has happened, except for the part about holograms and illusions. what she saw was not a reptilian hologram, but what is known as "shape-shifting. if anything it is the "human" form of these people that is a holographic "cover. shape-shifting is the ability to change physical form, in this case between a human and reptilian appearance. the ancient danaan brotherhood of initiates and magicians called telchines on the island of rhodes could shape-shift into any form, according to the greek historian, diodorus.2 shape-shifting is a common theme in tales of esoteric "magicians" and high initiates. i have been told by hundreds of people all over the world, from every walk of life you can imagine, about their experiences of seeing well known and less we


e population quickly surrender to superiorweaponry. then the reptilians strip the planet of its resources like water, minerals anddna information. the infiltration of human society via secret societies is a key methodof reptilian control, as i shall detail. the american writer and researcher, williambramley, concluded in his book, gods of eden, that the anunnaki created a secret societycalled the brotherhood of the snake and this has been used to manipulate humanity in theway described in the chapters that follow.19 this brotherhood of the snake is the corecentre of todays global secret society network which is controlled by the reptilians.inner-terrestriais?in their physical expression, the anunnaki are one of the many inner-earth races whichlive underground in the enormous catacombs, cav

l who has been identified with temptingeve. the book of enoch was banned by the roman church which sought to deny theearlier christian belief in the existence of flesh and blood angels and fallen angelsoccupying physical bodies and interbreeding with humans. this was to stop the massesunderstanding the true situation. but the freemasons, who control the roman catholicchurch today along with other brotherhood offshoots, have always looked upon enochas one of their legendary founders. the very name enoch means initiated.the theme of the fallen angels giving forbidden secrets to humanity can be found inthe book of enoch and other works. among these tellers of secrets is azazel, whotaught the art of metal making, and shemyaza, who taught the magical arts. these talesspawned many later heroes b

hrates. a closer look at the evidenceappears to date the foundation of babylon far earlier than previously believed and itwas one of the first cities of the post-flood era. it was here that the mystery schools andsecret societies were formed which were to span the globe in the thousands of years thatfollowed. the brotherhood which controls the world today is the modern expression ofthe babylonian brotherhood of reptile-aryan priests and royalty which came togetherthere after the flood. it was in babylon in this post-flood period from around 6,000years ago that the foundation beliefs- manipulated beliefs- of todays world religionswere established to control and rule the people.the founder of babylon according to ancient texts and legend was nimrod whoreigned with his wife, queen semiramis

ch, according to a study in 1881, has at least 36,1 translation errors. given that bacon was an extremely educated and intelligent man, icant believe that such a mess could have been made of the bible translation on such ascale unless it was meant that way. bacon also removed the two books of maccabeesfrom his version which, significantly, were hostile to the secret society called thenazarenes, a brotherhood offshoot at the time of the mythical jesus. bacon has alsobeen dubbed the father of modern science- this-world-is-all-there-is science- whichhas focused only on the physical level of existence. why would bacon support such aversion of science when he was an advanced initiate of the secret knowledge andknew the truth? theres something seriously not right about all this, especially wheny

he is certainly blood-related to the british monarchy, every scottish monarch, and king robert i of france.st germain, now a messiah figure to many new agers, was a friend of william ofhesse-hanau, and his brother, karl. apparently, karl wrote that germain, an alchemistand magician, had been raised by the de medici (black nobility) family in italy.8 manynew agers today talk about the great white brotherhood of master souls, includinggermain, who are communicating guidance to channellers about the comingtransformation. this is yet another mind control operation by the brotherhood tomisdirect and imprison the more extreme of the new age mentality and to stop itgetting off its collective arse (and the ceiling) and so making a real difference.political unrest caused by napoleon bonaparte made

states, like harvard, have similar secretsocieties, but the skull and bones appears to be the most influential. a network of thesame kind operates in britain at oxford, cambridge, edinburgh and other universities.the skull and bones society is believed to have been introduced to the united statesmore than 150 years ago as chapter 322 of a german secret society and was alsoknown at one time as the brotherhood of death. with george bush a member, i cantthink of a better name than that. what is known for sure is the skull and bones societywas formed in 1832-33 by a group which included daniel coit gilman, the manresponsible for setting up the american tax exempt foundations like the rockefellerfoundation and the carnegie endowment for international peace. other skull andbones founders were ge

ower. hewas strongly influenced by the work of helena petrovna blavatsky, who was born in theukraine in 1831 and later, one reliable researcher told me, became an agent for britishintelligence. other researchers claim she had connections with the secret society of italianrevolutionaries, the carbonari, who were closely linked to the black nobility, and she wasa member of the egyptian society, the brotherhood of luxor, which she later denounced asa den for disgusting immorality, greediness for selfish power, and moneymaking.madam blavatsky arrived in new york in 1873 and, with the help of a colonel henryolcott, she founded the theosophical society two years later. this is still around today.the theosophical societys headquarters in america were in california at krotona. thepythagorean myste

ay we call this process of communication channelling. there are many ufosightings and much research which indicate that there are secret underground andunderwater bases for extraterrestrials around the world, central asia among them. thisconnects with the endless legends and ancient traditions all over the world of a masterrace living within the earth. the belief in the masters and the great whitebrotherhood of discarnate entities promoted by people like the theosophical psychic ofthe post-blavatsky period, alice bailey, is a theme that remains well entrenched in whatis known today as the new age movement. alice bailey founded the arcane esotericschool. she claimed to channel an entity she called the tibetan and she produced anumber of books including hierarchy of the masters, the seven ra

nly now its more difficult tospot them because they work behind the scenes. the third phase of this africanoperation is to turn the continent into a bloodbath which will destroy all coherentsociety and justify the imposition of rule by na to and united nations peacekeepers.the environment is being used as an excuse to steal more and more land and the debtcrisis is being solved by the banks of the brotherhood offering to forgive debt inreturn for the rights to the mineral resources- forever.the mass murder in places like algeria, rwanda and burundi is not spontaneous, ithas been organised in great detail, just as the conflict and genocide in the formery ugoslavia, afghanistan, cambodia, laos, sri lanka, etc, have been. in. and thetruth shall set you free, i reveal the background to many of


red by the scottish rite journal, who called hall 'the illustrious manly p. hall' in september, 1990, and further called him 'masonry's greatest philosopher, saying "the world is a far better place because of manly palmer hall, and we are better persons for having known him and his work. manly p. hall said "freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity- an outer organization concealing an inner brotherhood of the elect. it is necessary to establish the existence of these two separate and yet interdependent orders, the one visible and the other invisible. the visible society is a splendid camaraderie of 'free and accepted' men enjoined to devote themselves to ethical, educational, fraternal, patriotic, and humanitarian concerns. the invisible society is a secret and most august [defined a

at freemasonry deliberately misleads its members. this behavior of course, is not limited to just members of freemasonry, it extends to the entire human race. freemasonry is a worship of lucifer by the top 5% of all masons. you can spot evidences of satanism all over the world. there are numerous masonic/satanic symbols on this web site, all of which originate from this secret society called "the brotherhood of the serpent/snake" many call it "big brother" without even realizing its extraterrestrial origins. it was also known in ancient egypt as "the mystery schools" freemasonry is the secret organization famous for its use of christianity as a tool for control. the king james version of the bible, edited by sir francis bacon (a 33rd degree freemason, is used to create order in society thr


chnique rather than spontaneously. the different types or techniques of divination are too may to mention here, but western occultism favors astrology (q.v, palmistry (q.v, the tarot (q.v, numerology (q.v, and more recently, the runes (q.v. dowsing: a method for seeking out material objects, and living beings, usually with the use of a "fork" or other instrumental aid. druidism: an ancient celtic brotherhood of scholarly priests that underwent a modern revival in minnesota in the early 1960's. druids worship in groups called groves (q.v) and venerate the goddess through trees, especially the oak. like modern witches (q.v, they believe in reincarnation- e- earth: 1) one of the five magickal elements. it has the qualities of coolness and dryness. the element of the north. 2) one of the plane


the period of the xxvith dynasty the texture becomes coarser and the material is darker in colour. the theban papyri of this period are lighter in colour than those found in the north of egypt and are less brittle; they certainly suffer less in unrolling [1. the books of the dead written in the hieroglyphic and hieratic characters which belong to the period of the rule of the priest-kings of the brotherhood of amen form a class by themselves, and have relatively little in common with the older versions. a remarkable example of this class is the papyrus of nesi-khonsu which m. maspero published (les momies royales de d ir el-bahar, p. 600 f. the text is divided into paragraphs, which contain neither prayers nor hymns but a veritable contract between the god amen-ra and the princess nesi-kh


g rosicrucian groups have been founded. in 1968 an english edition of the rosicrucian works of andrae, edited by paul m. allen, made them generally available to the public again. sources: allen, paul m. a christian rosenkreutz anthology. blauvelt, n.y: rudolf steiner publications, 1968. mcintosh, christopher. the rose cross unveiled. wellingborough, england: aquarian press, 1980. waite, a. e. the brotherhood of the rosy cross. london: rider, 1924. yates, frances a. the rosicrucian enlightenment. london: routledge& kegan paul, 1972. andreasson, betty betty andreasson, who in 1967 claimed she experienced an encounter with ufo beings, became the subject of one of the first controversies over the claimed contact with extraterrestrials that engaged the whole community of ufo researchers. in 197

960s rhinehart gained some fame as a materialization medium. in the 1970s his ideas began to spread across the united states and into canada. rhinehart claimed to possess the stigmata, the extraordinary appearance of the wounds of christ, which appeared on his body and were seen by many. the work of the aquarian foundation centered upon contact with the ascended masters, who constituted the great brotherhood of cosmic light (termed by some the great white brotherhood, the spiritual hierarchy that mediates divine energies to humanity. many of the sessions during which rhinehart channeled messages from the masters have been recorded, transcribed, printed, and were distributed to the foundations s various centers. the brotherhood affirmed a belief in karma and reincarnation, the evolution of

as mrs. keech in the study. in when prophecy fails, the group was described as breaking up, but martin went on to a lengthy career as a channel and leader within the contactee community. in 1954, after the disruption of the group in illinois, she moved to peru. she later explained that she had been healed by sananda (jesus) and instructed to go to south america. much of that time was spent at the brotherhood of the seven rays, the community established by fellow contactee george hunt williamson. these years were a time of intense growth, and before returning to the united states she began to send out transcripts of the messages she was receiving from the masters. in 1961 sister thedra returned to the united states and settled in arizona. she established the association of sananda and sanat

ient hebrew belief, benemmerinen are witches who haunt women in childbirth for the purpose of stealing newborn infants. benjamine, elbert (1882.1951) elbert benjamine, one of america s leading astrologers in the early twentieth century and the founder of the church of light, was born december 12, 1882, in iowa. he began to study the occult as a teenager and in 1900 made contact with the heremetic brotherhood of luxor, a small occult order headquartered in denver, colorado. the hermetic brotherhood was the outward expression of the brotherhood of light, a mystical order of enlightened beings believed by occultists to guide the destiny of humankind. the brotherhood of light was believed to have been founded in ancient egypt and to have continued to the present under the leadership of a group

rhood of light, a mystical order of enlightened beings believed by occultists to guide the destiny of humankind. the brotherhood of light was believed to have been founded in ancient egypt and to have continued to the present under the leadership of a group of teachers not presently incarnated on the physical plane. the group is popularly known by many as the great white brotherhood. the hermetic brotherhood of luxor circulated a series of lessons written by the hermetic brotherhood s founder, thomas h. burgoyne. in 1907 benjamine directly contacted what he believed to be the brotherhood of light in response to his prayer for direction in his life. the members of the brotherhood assured him that he had an important task ahead of him. two years later he was called to denver to become the he

led to denver to become the hermetic brotherhood s astrologer, taking over the position formerly held by minnie higgins, who had recently died. he declined, but the next year he accepted an assignment to prepare a series of lessons on the 21 branches of occult science. after five years of intense study, he felt ready to write. his work would take some 20 years to complete. meanwhile, the hermetic brotherhood of luxor was closed and benjamine was left as an independent representative of the brotherhood of light. in 1915 he moved to los angeles and began holding classes. only a small group gathered during the war years, but in 1918 he opened the brotherhood to the public and began his first public class on armistice day. as the lessons were completed, they were mimeographed and used as class

ding astrology in the modern world. in the 1940s, having completed his writing task for the brotherhood, he issued a number of important astrological texts, including how to use the modern ephemerides (1940, stellar dietetics (1942, the beginner s horoscope maker (1940, and astrological lore of all ages (1945. in 1932 benjamine incorporated with church of light as a new esoteric expression of the brotherhood of light. he led the church until his death on november 18, 1951, by which time membership had spread across the united states and into canada, england, mexico, nigeria, and liberia. sources: benjamine, elbert. astrological lore of all ages. chicago: aries press, 1945. beginner s horoscope maker. chicago: aries press, 1940. stellar dietetics. chicago: aries press, 1942. the founders of

read across the united states and into canada, england, mexico, nigeria, and liberia. sources: benjamine, elbert. astrological lore of all ages. chicago: aries press, 1945. beginner s horoscope maker. chicago: aries press, 1940. stellar dietetics. chicago: aries press, 1942. the founders of the church of light. church of light quarterly 45, no. 1 (february 1970: 1.2. zain, c. c [elbert benjamine. brotherhood of light lessons. 22 vols. los angeles: church of light, 1922.32. the benjees said to be a former indian cult that engaged in devil worship. it seems likely that this belief was based on a misunderstanding of the symbolism of images of indian temples. bennett (charles henry) allan (1872.1923) british occultist, at one time the teacher of aleister crowley, whom he met when they were bot

ety known as the hermetic order of the golden dawn. berridge is believed to have qualified as a medical doctor in london and as a homoeopathist in the united states. he was influenced by the writings of thomas lake harris and andrew jackson davis, whom he probably encountered during a period in the united states. he returned to england in the 1850s and founded an adventist organization called the brotherhood of the new life, devoted to the reorganization of the industrial world. he was also interested in psychosexual theories and practices in relation to the occult. berridge joined the golden dawn in may 1889, taking the magical name respiro and the motto resurgam (i shall rise again. he associated with the london members who supported macgregor mathers, including aleister crowley, who lat

m i have left my house; an easy life amongst a civilised society, and have become a wanderer upon the face of this earth. her second marital venture, which occurred during this period, ended in failure and escape. the starting point of her real career was the foundation of the theosophical society in 1875. it professed to expound the esoteric tradition of buddhism and aimed at forming a universal brotherhood of man; studying and making known the ancient religions, philosophies, and sciences; investigating the laws of nature; and developing the divine powers latent in man. it was claimed to be directed by secret mahatmas, or masters of wisdom. olcott, who was elected president, was a tireless organizer and propagandist. his relationship to blavatsky was that of blatchford, robert (peel glan

g a cleft stick, a staff, a distaff, or even a shovel. these objects were smeared with a special witchcraft ointment before the flight. other witches were believed to make their aerial journeys on such animals as a wolf or a goat. these flights were named transvection by demonologists. sources: robbins, rossell hope. the encyclopedia of witchcraft and demonology. new york: crown publishers, 1959. brotherhood of the ram the brotherhood of the ram was a short-lived satanic group that operated out of an occult booksotre in the los angeles area during the 1960s and 1970s. members reportedly made a pact with satan renouncing all other devotions, especially any christian elements in their past. the pact was then signed in blood (see satanism) brotherhood of the trowel a whimsical masonic society

nic society founded in florence, italy, in 1512, composed of eminent architects, sculptors, and painters. its emblems were the trowel, the gavel, and the square, and its patron was st. andrew. the society may have been an offshoot of an older fraternity of traveling masons. the rites are believed to have been a travesty of genuine masonry, culminating in a banquet. the society existed until 1737. brotherhood of the white temple the brotherhood of the white temple is a theosophical occult organization founded in 1903 in denver, colorado, by maurice doreal (d. 1963, the religious name of claude doggins. a lifelong student of the occult, doreal claimed to have spent eight years in tibet during the 1920s. he also claimed to have made contact with the great white lodge, the advanced beings who

nter in colorado, but the great majority live around the country and stay in contact through correspondence. the organizations publishes a periodical, light on the path, and a set of booklets written by doreal called the little temple library. the more than one hundred titles in the library cover a broad range of occult topics. sources: doreal, maurice. maitreya: lord of the world. sedalia, colo: brotherhood of the white temple, n.d. man and the mystic universe. denver: brotherhood of the white temple, n.d. personal experiences among the masters and great adepts in tibet. sedalia, colo: brotherhood of the white temple, n.d. secret teachings of the himalayan gurus. denver: brotherhood of the white temple, n.d. brothers of purity an association of arab philosophers founded at basra in the te

fferent parts of the cosmos reflect the pattern of the whole and the whole of existence is tied together in a complex system of correspondences between the macrocosm and microcosm. the modern tarot has been reworked so as to correlate with qabalistic symbology. bota is organized as an ancient mystery school. as they grow spiritually members attempt to live out the truth of the oneness of god, the brotherhood of man, and the kinship of all life. their social outlook is stated in seven values: 1. universal peace; 2. universal political freedom; 3. universal religious freedom; 4. universal education; 5. universal health; 6. universal prosperity; and 7. universal spiritual unfoldment. members engage in a program of high magic aimed at the transmutation of personality using the qabalah and taro

of a beast. verdun also changed his form, and they both ran like the wind. in the shape of wolves they pursued and attacked children and committed other hideous crimes. sources: summers, montague. the werewolf. london, kegan paul, trench, trubner, 1933. reprint, new hyde park, n.y: university books, 1966. burgoyne, thomas h (1855.1894) thomas h. burgoyne, an astrologer and founder of the hermetic brotherhood of luxor, was born april 14, 1855, and grew up in his native scotland. spontaneously psychic, he claimed that as a child he came into contact with the brotherhood of light, a group of discarnate, advanced beings who attempt to guide the destiny of humankind. today that group continues as the church of light. at a later date he met a m. theon, purported to be an earthly representative o

ues as the church of light. at a later date he met a m. theon, purported to be an earthly representative of the brotherhood who taught burgoyne about the brotherhood. burgoyne moved to the united states around 1880 and soon afterward his writings began to appear in various periodicals. he was brought into contact with norman astley of carmel, california, who also claimed to be in contact with the brotherhood of light. astley suggested that burgoyne write a set of lessons to introduce the brotherhood s teachings to the public, and burgoyne accepted astley s hospitality at carmel while he worked on the lessons. they were published in 1889 as the light of egypt. the writing of the lessons occasioned the establishment of the hermetic brotherhood of luxor as an esoteric occult order and outer e

ght. astley suggested that burgoyne write a set of lessons to introduce the brotherhood s teachings to the public, and burgoyne accepted astley s hospitality at carmel while he worked on the lessons. they were published in 1889 as the light of egypt. the writing of the lessons occasioned the establishment of the hermetic brotherhood of luxor as an esoteric occult order and outer expression of the brotherhood of light. the hermetic brotherhood was structured with three leaders, a seer, a scribe/secretary, and an astrologer. burgoyne became the scribe. as burgoyne understood it, the brotherhood of light was an occult order formed to oppose the dominant religious powers of the day in ancient egypt. as the members died, they continued the brotherhood from their new plane of being. burgoyne wro

er succeeded burgoyne as scribe of the hermetic brotherhood. occult historian arthur edward waite claimed that burgoyne was, in fact, a name assumed by thomas henry dalton, who had been imprisoned in leeds, england, in 1883, on charges of fraud. waite asserts that it was only after his release that he met a peter davidson (also known as m. theon and norman astley, the real founder of the hermetic brotherhood of luxor. waite asserts that dalton fled to the united states to escape the scandal of his arrest and continued the work of the order in california. sources: burgoyne, thomas h. celestial dynamics. denver: astro- philosophical publishing, 1896. the language of the stars. denver: astro- philosophical publishing, 1892. the light of egypt. 2 vols. denver: astro- philosophical publishing

blishing, 1953. manisis: the interpretation of the divine law for the manistic dispensation. quakertown, pa: beverley hall, 1955. church of light the church of light was one of the most important occult organizations in the united states in the mid-twentieth century. it had a special role in the modern revival of astrology. the church was incorporated in 1932, but it is part of the history of the brotherhood of light, which emerged in the nineteenth century. the brotherhood of light is a group of exalted beings who guide humankind (known elsewhere as the great white brotherhood. the believers in the brotherhood of light had representatives in great britain in the mid-nineteenth century. one of these, thomas h. burgoyne (1855.94, a scotsman, came to the united states in the 1880s. he reside

in norman astley and his wife, genevieve stebbins, in carmel, california. he also met henry wagner and his wife, belle wagner, who owned the astro-philosophical publishing company in san francisco. through the wagners, burgoyne published the first volume of a book he was writing on astrology and occultism, light of egypt. burgoyne and the wagners also agreed to found an organization, the hermetic brotherhood of luxor, to give expression to the brotherhood of light on the visible material plane. the hermetic brotherhood was headed by a scribe, a seer, and an astrologer. burgoyne was the original scribe and minnie higgins the original astrologer. for a generation the organization pioneered occult and astrological thought in the united states. then in 1909 higgins died. a young student of the

nt of the brotherhood, elbert benjamine, was called as the new astrologer. benjamine was assigned the additional task of preparing a complete set of lessons covering the whole of occultism. these would become the textbooks of the brotherhood and introduce people to the emerging aquarian age. benjamine set about the task, which would keep him busy until 1934. in the meantime, in 1913, the hermetic brotherhood of luzor was formally disbanded. as the surviving leader, benjamine inherited its mission and responsibilities, and in 1915 he began to hold informal classes, which were opened to the general public after world war i. as benjamine neared the completion of his lessons, he founded the church of light as the successor of the hermetic encyclopedia of occultism& parapsychology. 5th ed. chur


cquainted with robert fludd, the kentish mystic. in the controversy that convulsed germany on the appearance of his rosicrucian manifestos in the early 1600s, he took a vigorous and enthusiastic share and wrote several works in defense of the mysterious society. he is alleged to have traveled in order to seek members of the college of teutonic philosophers r.c, and, failing to find them, formed a brotherhood of his own, based on the form of the fama fraternibus. there is no adequate authority to support the opinion held by some that toward the end of his life he was initiated into the genuine order (there being serious doubt that any such genuine order ever existed. a posthumous pamphlet of maier s called ulysses was published by one of his personal friends in 1624. there was added to the

to record these thoughts by automatic writing. miller found that he was frequently called upon to write, and he allowed his bonding with the entity who was communicating through him to become stronger. accompanying the process of communicating, miller also found that he was transforming into a more loving being. jonathon described himself as a seventh ray being and speaker for the council of the brotherhood of light, described as a group of seven beings amid the many organizations and entities in the spiritual realm who are working to reawaken humanity to its true god-self connection. the brotherhood thus works beside the many groups spoken of by other channelers such as the great white brotherhood, the celestial hierarchy of light, and the ashtar command, groups of evolved beings who gui

entist. from the temple of history she learned of the long-term monitoring of earth by scientists from many planets and of the nature of life on all of these planets. earth, the youngest of the planets in this solar system, is plagued by the imbalance caused by its singular moon, which works an alternating influence on people as it moves through the heavens. the other planets are organized into a brotherhood of planets and their monitoring of earth includes the era of atlantis and lemuria. the different races of earth have ties to the inhabitants of the various planets. according to onec, a set of teachings called om-notia zedia, the laws of the supreme deity, exists on venus. these teachings start with the utterly transcendent supreme deity from whom there issues an audible life stream of

astrology, mundane and spiritual, which was used by many astrologers not affiliated with the league and later reprinted by the american federation of astrologers. he also wrote a number of booklets that became league texts: the just law of compensation; the middle path, the safest; ancient operative masonry; and steps to self-mastery. the league strove to investigate occult laws, to practice the brotherhood of man, to disseminate spiritual truth, and to facilitate the attainment of self-conscious immortality by its members. during parchment s lifetime, league centers developed on both coasts, but in recent years little has been heard of it. its present status is unknown. in the 1970s the new york league became the independent ausar auset society. sources: parchment, s. r. ancient operativ

ked heart in the center of an open rose, which the writer arthur e. waite believed to be a development of the monogram of martin luther, which was a cross-crowned heart rising from the center of an open rose. history of the brotherhood little was known concerning the rosicrucians before the publication of waite s work the real history of the rosicrucians in 1887 (later revised and enlarged as the brotherhood of the rosy cross, 1924. waite s writing on the rosicrucians laid the groundwork for serious study of the subject. prior to that, a great deal had been written concerning rosicrucianism by people claiming to be rosicrucians or representatives of the brotherhood, including the most questionable volume by hargrave jennings, the rosicrucians: their rites and mysteries (1870. it was typica

whom it publicly execrated, expressing the hope that his asinine braying would finally be put a stop to by tearing him to pieces with nails! this impious comment did little to enhance the reputation of rosicrucians among roman catholics. a year later, in 1616, the chemical nuptials of christian rosencreutz was published, purporting to recount incidents in the life of the mysterious founder of the brotherhood of the rosy cross. but the chemical marriage makes christian rosencreutz an old man when he achieves initiation, and this hardly squared with the original account of his life as given in the fama. by that time a number of persons had applied for initiation but had received no answer to their applications. since many believed themselves to be alchemical and magical adepts, great irritat

after, christ having not returned, the group disintegrated. it became the basis of the continuing magic (or powwow) tradition in southeastern pennsylvania. early in the eighteenth century another rosicrucian impulse appeared in germany. in 1710 a certain sincerus racatus, or sigmund richter, published a perfect and true preparation of the philosophical stone according to the secret methods of the brotherhood of the golden and rosy cross, and annexed to this treatise were the rules of the rosicrucian society for the initiation of new members. waite considered these rules additional indication of the society s existence at the period, and he believed that richter s group continued the nuremburg group originally established by studion. in 1785 the publication of the secret symbols of the rosi

lalethes. now reprinted in facsimile together with an introduction, notes and a translation of the letter of adam haselmeyer. societas rosicruciana in anglia, 1923. silberer, herbert. the hidden symbolism of alchemy and the occult arts. new york: dover, 1971. waite, a. e. the real history of the rosicrucians. london: george redway, 1887. reprint, blauvelt, n.y: steiner books, 1977. revised as the brotherhood of the rosy cross. london: william rider& son, 1924. reprint, new hyde park, n.y: university books, 1961. yates, frances. the rosicrucian enlightenment. london: routledge& kegan paul, 1972. rosma, charles b. claimed as the murdered peddler of hydesville, new york, in 1848, when spirit rappings were heard in the fox household. the supposed source of the rochester rappings produced by th

ces, in poltergeist ii, the magic boat, and palooka. ryerson s character is also featured in maclaine s books dancing in the light (1985) and it s all in the playing (1987. he allowed himself to be studied by dr. jeffrey mishlove and william krautz at the center for applied intuition. ryerson has his own website at http/ www.kevinryerson.com. sources: gurudas. flower essences. albuquerque, n.mex: brotherhood of life, 1983. kevin ryerson home page. http//www.kevinryerson.com. may 30, 2000. gem elixirs and vibrational healing. 2 vols. boulder, colo: cassandra press, 1985.86. maclaine, shirley. dancing in the light. new york: bantam books, 1985. out on a limb. new york: bantam books, 1983. raskin, paula b. kevin ryerson. pychic guide 4, no. 4 (march.april 1986: 16.21. ryerson, kevin. spirit c

nter, conn: integral yoga institute, 1975. integral hatha yoga. new york: holt, rinehart and winston, 1970. satchidananda, swami, et al. living yoga: the value of yoga in today s life. new york: gordon and beach science publishers, 1977. sri satchtheidananda: a decade of service. pomfret center, conn: satchidananda ashram.yogaville, 1976. saturn-gnosis the teachings of the fraternitas saturni, or brotherhood of saturn, a german occult group dating from about 1930 and continuing after world war ii. one essential feature of the gnosis was the sex-magic adjustment of coital positions to match planetary movements. sources: flowers, elred. fire and ice: magical teachings of germany s greatest secret occult order. st. paul: llewellyn publications, 1990. satya sai baba (1926) modern hindu guru, r

ann, franz. magic white and black; or, the science of finite and infinite life. london: george redway, 1886. reprint, new york: university books, 1970. maeterlinck, maurice. the great secret. london: methuen, 1922. reprint, new york: university books, 1969. shirley, ralph. occultists& mystics of all ages. london: william rider, 1920; reprint, new york: university books, 1972. waite, arthur e. the brotherhood of the rosy cross. london: william rider, 1924; reprint, new york: university books, 1961. the life of louis claude de saint-martin: the unknown philosopher. london: philip wellby, 1901. reprinted as the unknown philosopher: the life of louis claude de saint-martin. blauvelt, n.y: rudolf steiner, 1970. the secret tradition in alchemy. kegan paul, london, alfred a. knopf, 1926. reprint

or the order and added an eleventh, homoerotic, degree. crowley also experimented with sex magic at an intense level over the next decade and kept detailed journals of his endeavors. through the decades after world war i several other sex magic groups were born, most founded by former members of the oto. they included the fraternal saturni (germany) and the choronzon club, also known as the great brotherhood of god (united states. the oto itself was never a large organization and few knew about and practiced its sex magic techniques. crowley was succeeded by carl germer, whose administrative leadership was almost nonexistent. through the 1950s the secret materials were dispensed to a variety of people internationally. germer died in the early 1960s without designating a successor, and the

one in the us and several in australia. the union also maintains a register of national spiritualist ministers and mediums. membership in the union is open to individual spiritualists as well as to churches and other organizations. the primary aim of the union is to promote the religion and religious philosophy of spiritualism on the basis of the seven principles: 1. the fatherhood of god 2. the brotherhood of man 3. the communion of spirits and the ministry of angels 4. the continuous existence of the human soul 5. personal responsibility 6. compensation and retribution hereafter for good and evil deeds done on earth 7. eternal progress open to every human soul. the spiritualists national union may be contacted at redwoods, stansted hall, stansted, cm24 8ud. website: http/ www.snu.org.uk

nace. even today, the leaders of some hasidic groups are reputed to have mastered at least part of this material and are known for their miracle-working abilities. sources: dresner, samuel h. the zaddik. new york: schrocken books, 1974. rabinowitz, h. a guide to hassidism. new york: thomas yoseloff, 1960. theon, m(ax (1850.1927) max theon, the enigmatic occultist whose work initiated the hermetic brotherhood of luxor in the mid-1880s, was born louis maximilian bimstein into a jewish family in poland. he appears to have first received knowledge of the occult world in the thriving hassidic communities of his homeland. as a young man he began to travel the world, but in 1873 settled in england at saint john s wood, in the northern section of london. he made his living as a psychic healer and

o work with a young scotsman named thomas dalton (1855.1895, later known under his pseudonym, thomas h. burgoyne. in their three years association, he awakened burgoyne s spiritual vision and put him in touch theologus encyclopedia of occultism& parapsychology. 5th ed. 1556 with some preternatural entities, the adepts who were acknowledged as the interior circle, the real founders of the hermetic brotherhood of luxor. the brotherhood s existence was announced in 1884 in a small advertisement placed in the back of an english translation of the divine pymander of hermes mercurus trismegistus. it invited contact with bimstein under his magical name, theon. theon was named grand master of the exterior circle, the human agents who carried out the instructions of the interior circle. within a sh

, who as mira richard became the student and companion of sri aurobindo ghose (1872.1950, the famed indian spiritual teacher. known as the mother, she ran the aurobindo ashram for many years. theon passed away in march of 1927 in algiers. sources: godwin, joscelyn. the theosophical enlightenment. albany: state university of new york press, 1994, christian chanel, and john p. deveney. the hermetic brotherhood of luxor: initiatic and historical documents of an order of practical occultism. york beach, maine: samuel weiser, 1995. theon, max. la tradition cosmique. 6 vols. paris: bibliotheque chacornac/publicationes cosmiques, 1903.20. theophilus one of the spirit controls of william stainton moses, theophilus was said to be st. john the apostle. theosophical history (journal) a quarterly jour

and john king, associated with the british medium florence cook. blavatsky eventually disowned the holmes phenomena, but endorsed the reality of the spirit john king. in may 1875 blavatsky and olcott formed the miracle club, which offered an alternative to prevailing scientific materialism, but the organization languished. soon olcott began to receive messages through blavatsky from a mysterious brotherhood of luxor, prototypes of the famous mahatma letters of later years. these messages claimed the support of hidden masters of wisdom in the spreading of truth. in november 1875 the theosophical society was founded with olcott as president, blavatsky as corresponding secretary, and judge (a lawyer) as counsel. there were approximately 20 original members. the term theosophy was proposed by

c conceptions of divine emanations are in reality theosophical, as are the mystical systems of jakob boehme and baader. theosophy has also come to signify the tenets and teachings of the founders of the theosophical society. this society was founded in the united states in 1875 by helena petrovna blavatsky, col. h. s. olcott, and others. its objectives were to establish a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity, to promote the study of comparative religion and philosophy, and to investigate the mystic powers of life and matter. the conception of the universal brotherhood was based upon the oriental idea of one life.that ultimate oneness underlies all diversity, whether inward or outward. the study of comparative religion had materialized into a definite system of belief, the bound

ion, and she herself manifested occult phenomena, producing the ringing of astral bells, and so forth. on several occasions these effects were unmasked as fraudulent, but many people believed that blavatsky was one of those rare personalities who possess great natural psychic powers, which at times failing her, she augmented by fraudulent methods. the evidence for the existence of the great white brotherhood of mahatmas, the existence of which she asserted, was unfortunately somewhat inconclusive. it rested, for the most part, on the statements of blavatsky, olcott, a. p. sinnett, charles w. leadbeater, and other committed theosophists, who claimed to have seen or communicated with them. encyclopedia of occultism& parapsychology. 5th ed. theosophy 1559 with every desire to do justice to th

the theosophical society, withdrew in the 1920s and established the arcane school in new york. tibetan foundation the tibetan foundation began in june of 1982 when janet mcclure established contact with the ascended master djwal khul. he asked her to assist him in his work of helping people in their own spiritual progress and bringing about the coming new age. previously she had studied with the brotherhood of the white light, from whom she received a doctorate degree, and was happy to join in the work. djwal khul is the same master who was originally identified by helena petrovna blavatsky (1831.1891) as one of the spiritual hierarchy and later was credited with channeling a number of volumes through alice a. bailey (1880.1949. bailey generally referred to djwal khul as the tibetan. whil

d to congregations on the west coast. fitzgerald was the author of the church s basic textbook, a new text of spiritual philosophy and religion. in 1930 the church s headquarters moved to oakland, california, and then in 1966 to san jose. the church was headed for many years by birdie peterson, who passed away in 1994. the church has a statement of faith that affirms the fatherhood of god and the brotherhood of man; the necessity of living in harmony with nature; life after death; communication [through mediumship] with the unseen world; the golden rule; individual responsibility; the continual possibility of improvement; prophecy; and the eternal progress of the soul. the implication of the emphasis on the laws of nature defies any supernaturalism in the communication with the dead or oth


ced several incarnations, including one in atlantis and another on venus. in his most recent one, during the mid-century california gold rush, he( he being walter pierson, the name he held during that lifetime) met quong, a chinese man. quong, a knower of mystical secrets, led pierson into shasta via a hidden tunnel. inside the mountain they found huge chambers and treasures belonging to a secret brotherhood of advanced beings who had lived there for a very long time, devoting themselves to humanity s spiritual betterment. in his astral body, pierson traveled to venus, where he learned many secrets; he also learned of his previous lives. once enlightened, he was rechristened phylos and became a guardian of the cosmos. a modern chronicler remarks that the tibetan part of his title seems to

, ins t ructors, and the like. galaxy m-31, in the a n d romeda constellation, is the seat of an ext remely important council where re p re s e n t at i ves of a number of galaxies in our region of space deliberate. the council is called the council of nine, and the beings sitting on it a re the nine of andromeda. t h e y, along with the twenty-four elders of each galaxy, comprise the great white brotherhood of the st a r. members of the earth s mission rama have reported extraordinary experiences, not just ufo sightings but otherworldly journeys through artificially constructed space-time portals (xendras. many others received their cosmic names, whose pronunciation is in tune with the total nature of each individual s soul, one document states (edilver, n.d. see also: great white brother

are: horus, representing the sun, coordinates the council s work with that of higher space intelligences and christ councils. hermes (mercury) is in charge of communication through space. adonis (venus) guides the evolution of love and beauty. enoch (earth) oversees prophecy. croesus (mars) is responsible for the coordination of council activities with the dictates of the ascended masters in the brotherhood of light. athena (the asteroid belt, formerly the planet maldek) defends truth and justice. jove (jupiter) balances magnetic fields. zoroaster (saturn) monitors order, structure, and destiny. quetzalcoatal (uranus) leads religious and philosophical change. merlin (neptune) directs scientific discovery. lao-tzu (pluto) offers objective, detached wisdom, and apollo (phoenix) generates ch

dence she found herself much closer to the hub of contactee activity. both truman be t h u rum and george hunt williamson (a contactee, fringe a rchaeologist, and alleged witness to ad a m s k i s first venusian encounter) lived in arizona. t h e laugheads, now resettled in southern california, dropped in from time to time. through williamson s channelings, the laugheads and martin learned of the brotherhood of the seven rays, a supernatural order dating back to lemurian times and headquartered in the present lake titicaca in peru. guided by further prophecies of imminent apocalypse channeled through both williamson and martin, the two along with a small band of disciples moved to titicaca to establish the priority of all saints in the remote northern town moyobamba. from hemet, california

but wi l l i a m s o n d e l ved ever deeper into the occult and pursued his own attempts at space communication by various means. in 1955, he and richard mi l l e r formed the telonic re s e a rch center to establish radio and other contacts with extraterre strials, though within months he and mi l l e r p a rted amid much mutual re c r i m i n a t i o n. the following year he joined up with the brotherhood of the seven rays, a band of psychics and contactees (including dorothy martin, better known as sister thedra, and spent a year at its colony in a remote area of peru, convinced that cataclysmic earth changes were soon to occur. when they did not, williamson and everyone except martin returned to the united states. there williamson resumed writing books, one of them a thinly disguised


system combined western cabbalistic magic with eastern tantrism, taoism, buddhism and yoga. f s on personal symbolism rather than a traditional system. experimental and free form, chaos is the field of potential from which we can tap magical forces. dogmatic magic.this type of magic forces a practitioner to use symbols and systems that may or may ot be part of the magic n fraternitas saturni.the brotherhood of saturn is a german magical order. highly secretive, some of their teachings are just coming to light. hermetic b 0. its importance is in its unique combining of numerous magical systems into a coherent whole. its membership included william butler yeats, arthur machen, sax rohmer, macgregor mathers, dion fortune, aleister crowley, israel regardie, a.e. wait n iot (the magical pact o


in the text book allows the book to remain current. the "digest of decisions" can be purchased separately or with the constitution and standing regulations of the grand lodge of maine. john e. anagnostis grand secretary chapter i masonry. its organizations. history the institution of masonry, or freemasonry (for these terms are used indiscriminately, is founded upon the fatherhood of god and the brotherhood of man: it. therefore, necessarily teaches morality, brotherly love, and charity: its method of teaching is chiefly by symbols: it has many forms and ceremonies, but these are all intended to teach and impress upon the mind the great principles of the institution: its votaries are seeking after truth, symbolized by light. a provincial grand lodge was formed in massachusetts under the a


is he from understanding me"[118 [118] quoted by amberley, analysis of religious belief, vol. i, p. 197. the fact seems evident that confucius had not sufficient strength of character to attempt a change in the social conditions of his time. he had not that grandeur of soul which enabled him to strike the key-note of reform. monarchical institutions and social distinctions he did not rebuke. the brotherhood of man and the levelling processes in human society were probably never thought of by him; certainly they were never attempted. by certain writers confucius has been accused of insincerity in a few minor matters; still, the wisdom contained in his religious doctrines, the philosophical value of his teachings relative to the regulation of human conduct, and, above all, his purity of pur

cientific truths enunciated by an ancient race. the fact is observed in these later times that the altruistic principles involved in these teachings contain the highest wisdom--that they form the basis of a true social science, and that a high stage of civilization will never be reached until these principles are recognized as the foundation of human conduct unselfishness, purity of life, and the brotherhood of man will never be realized so long as man shifts the responsibility of his wrong-doing upon another. quite recently the fact has been proved that the progressive principle originated in the female constitution; that in sympathy, a character which has its root in maternal affection, lies the key to human progress. conscience and the moral sense are outgrowths of sympathy; therefore


o have the sub-committee revived. at this time waite evidently had little interest in the futureoftheorderand hadnotconsideredwhathisownrole in that future might be. he received yeats's letter on10january:thefraterdemonest deus inversus [yeats'smottoin theorder],otherwise frater diabolus and yet otherwise brother devil, wellknownpoet, also polytheist, idolater, vision-monger and theurgist, of the brotherhood of the house of the hidden stairs, writes me under the hand oftheimpossible soror fortiter et recte [anniehorniman]askingwhetheri willjoinhim in petitioning the unspeakable triad to reappoint the ritual sub-committee, more especially as regards the 2=9 ritual on which he and i worked together,butowing to throes, convulsions and revolutions the revision was suspended and our labours thr

llege. westcott approached waite, told him of strong objections to his candidature and advised him to withdraw. waite was furious and promptly resigned-takingwithhim yearsof bitterness at what he saw as shabby treatment by the society. hetookhis revenge by sprinkling acidcomments-onboth westcott and the society as awhole-throughouthis masterly study of rosicrucianism,the_'brotherhoodisreligion'131brotherhood of the rosy cross(1924).he remained active in most of the additional degrees whose ranks he had joined, acting as secretaryfor both his rose-croix chapter and knights templar preceptory for periods of twenty and thirty years respectively. but his principal concernin masonrynow becamethe dissemination of hisideasthrough hiswriting. his first major 'contribution to masonic literature' wa


mber1912.thisis a parable of the quest of a man for his soul, called throughout his beloved, which is also an analogue of an earthly platonic union, such as that maintained by horton and audrey locke, the 'very good, charming and young fellow255 student' with whom he fell in love late in his life. such a union was in keeping with the odd sexual-pneumatic philosophy, and even odder practices, ofthebrotherhood of the new life, a move255 ment founded in the late nineteenth century by the occult theorist thomas lake harris, andofwhich horton was a disciple. after he left the golden dawn horton joined papus' martinist order and wrote for its journal,i.n.r.i.;several members of the golden dawn were also active in martinism, which had a quite compati255 ble philosophy founded on the ideas of loui

manubis temple described by francis king. my own efforts to find it went no further than an accommodation address in the balls pond road and i believe it to have been no more than a chimaera. other, more recent innovations exist, claiming descent from the cipher manuscripts, and the various offshoots of the old order that straggled across the atlantic still surviveinthe form of paul foster case's brotherhood of the adytum. but mathers has gone, felkin has gone and waite has gone. perhaps only the secret chiefs remain. in1966a box was found on the beach near seisey bill which had fallen from the cliffsinwhich it had been buried.itcontained the robes, banners and magical instruments of maiya tranchell255 hayes,buthighmagic was quite unknown to the experts to whom the finders took it. they sa


pliny. the talmud, that quaint collection of jewish legends, does not mention the essenes as such, but some jewish authors hold that its references to the sect of assideans or chasidim(chsidim)refer to the essenes as a religio-philosophic sect of maccabean times (see macc.i.,2, 42) it is not easy to understand why this sect of essenes should have been considered as a conspicuous prototype of the brotherhood of freemasons, for the notable features of our association are the culture of brotherly love, relief and truth; that is to say, charity and benevolence with universal tolerance; the performance of ceremonials, which include most solemn oaths to keep secret themodesof recognition; and an extensive ritual use of builders' terms and material things as symbols of moral and spiritual truths


er. waite and the higher degrees 99[99] diary, 12 march 1921. the review appeared in the occult review for april, 1921 100[100 'occult freemasonry and the jewish peril, the occult review, vol. 32, september 1920, pp. 142-53 101[101] slt, p. 208 by this time he was turning away from the world of masonic scholarship, although he was still to produce his highly important study of rosicrucianism, the brotherhood of the rosy cross102[102, and in 1924 he resigned from the masonic study society which he had helped to found in 1921, confining such lectures as he still gave to those higher degree bodies with which he was increasingly involved. he was now a member of virtually every rite that was worked in england and he played an active role in many of them. in 1905 he had entered mark masonry, whi

re now bent towards the creation of rituals for his fellowship of the rosy cross (f.r.c, an androgynous and avowedly christian order structured in a series of grades that represented a symbolical ascent of the kabbalistic tree of life. its rituals and officers were based on those of the independent and rectified rite of the golden dawn, but the ultimate derivation from freemasonry is 102[102] the brotherhood of the rosy cross, being records of the house of the holy spirit in its inward and outward history (rider, 1924) 103[103] slt, p. 177 104[104] the details of the quarrel and of the demise of the isis-urania temple are given in r. a. gilbert, the golden dawn: twilight of the magicians (aquarian press, 1983) immediately evident when the rituals are read105[105. the first meeting of the f

d had at last recognized his ability. by the time of the visit waite had retired from virtually all masonic activity and spent his days revising his works on the secret tradition. the last of these was the secret tradition in freemasonry, which was published in 1937; it was more than a simple revision of his earlier work. it incorporated much of emblematic freemasonry (1925) and material from the brotherhood of the rosy cross and, in his own words 'it is so altered, extended and transformed that it may claim to be a new undertaking and to supersede in fact that which it preserves in name'113[113. for all its transformations, and its attempt to be less cavalier over matters of fact, the book is still principally a restatement of waite's thesis that the essence of masonry lies in the mystic

nds and symbolism (new york, rebman, 1909 (book ix, chapter 8: the analogies of masonry) a new encyclopaedia of freemasonry (ars magna latomorum) and of cognate instituted mysteries: their rites, literature and history (rider, 1921) 2 vols (the issue of 1934 adds an account of the masonic peace memorial 'robert fludd and freemasonry, manchester association for masonic research (offprint, 1922 the brotherhood of the rosy cross, being records of the house of the holy spirit in its inward and outward history (rider, 1924 (chapters xv to xxi and xxiv relate to freemasonry) emblematic freemasonry and the evolution of its deeper issues (rider, 1925) the liturgy of the rite of the strict observance (warrenton, n.c, 1934, mimeographed) the secret tradition in freemasonry (rider, 1937) shadows of l


er. waite and the higher degrees 99[99] diary, 12 march 1921. the review appeared in the occult review for april, 1921 100[100 'occult freemasonry and the jewish peril, the occult review, vol. 32, september 1920, pp. 142-53 101[101] slt, p. 208 by this time he was turning away from the world of masonic scholarship, although he was still to produce his highly important study of rosicrucianism, the brotherhood of the rosy cross102[102, and in 1924 he resigned from the masonic study society which he had helped to found in 1921, confining such lectures as he still gave to those higher degree bodies with which he was increasingly involved. he was now a member of virtually every rite that was worked in england and he played an active role in many of them. in 1905 he had entered mark masonry, whi

re now bent towards the creation of rituals for his fellowship of the rosy cross (f.r.c, an androgynous and avowedly christian order structured in a series of grades that represented a symbolical ascent of the kabbalistic tree of life. its rituals and officers were based on those of the independent and rectified rite of the golden dawn, but the ultimate derivation from freemasonry is 102[102] the brotherhood of the rosy cross, being records of the house of the holy spirit in its inward and outward history (rider, 1924) 103[103] slt, p. 177 104[104] the details of the quarrel and of the demise of the isis-urania temple are given in r. a. gilbert, the golden dawn: twilight of the magicians (aquarian press, 1983) immediately evident when the rituals are read105[105. the first meeting of the f

d had at last recognized his ability. by the time of the visit waite had retired from virtually all masonic activity and spent his days revising his works on the secret tradition. the last of these was the secret tradition in freemasonry, which was published in 1937; it was more than a simple revision of his earlier work. it incorporated much of emblematic freemasonry (1925) and material from the brotherhood of the rosy cross and, in his own words 'it is so altered, extended and transformed that it may claim to be a new undertaking and to supersede in fact that which it preserves in name'113[113. for all its transformations, and its attempt to be less cavalier over matters of fact, the book is still principally a restatement of waite's thesis that the essence of masonry lies in the mystic

nds and symbolism (new york, rebman, 1909 (book ix, chapter 8: the analogies of masonry) a new encyclopaedia of freemasonry (ars magna latomorum) and of cognate instituted mysteries: their rites, literature and history (rider, 1921) 2 vols (the issue of 1934 adds an account of the masonic peace memorial 'robert fludd and freemasonry, manchester association for masonic research (offprint, 1922 the brotherhood of the rosy cross, being records of the house of the holy spirit in its inward and outward history (rider, 1924 (chapters xv to xxi and xxiv relate to freemasonry) emblematic freemasonry and the evolution of its deeper issues (rider, 1925) the liturgy of the rite of the strict observance (warrenton, n.c, 1934, mimeographed) the secret tradition in freemasonry (rider, 1937) shadows of l


the usual corner, but with the stamp turned around, so that the face looks upwards like c.r. in the pastos. you are particularly requested to think and speak at all times with tolerance and respect of all other schools of true occultism, and of the eastern philosophy as contrasted with hermeticism and the rosicrucian fraternity. the works of the lake harris school are better avoided: the hermetic brotherhood of luxor is condemned, as of course are luciferian or palladistic teachings: the so-called rose croix of sar peladan, is considered as an ignorant perversion of the name, containing no true knowledge and not even worthy of the title of an occult order: the black mass is naturally by its own confession of the evil magic school: the martinists, as long as they adhere to the teachings of


r lord, we are hopeless and defenseless. unto thee sole wise, sole merciful one, be thou praised and glorified for ever and ever. thou alone art lord, thou alone art holy, thou alone art king of all that is seen and unseen. enflame us with strength and persistence to do thy will, for thy will is our true will. teach us to reflect your light in thy honor and glory. protect and preserve this sacred brotherhood of the rose and cross, through thy mercy oh lord. amen (all rise) chief adept "let us now adore the lord of the universe. holy art thou" chief adept "let us now close the vortex" chief adept "magus of water, will you now perform the l.b.r.p (done) chief adept "magus of fire, will you now perform the b.r.h (done) chief adept (moves to behind the cubical altar of the universe "i now rele


k a c p q 5 b f y y h h w a d n h n w d h a y y dwh y y h h w a d n b 16 hmkj hnyb hrwbg trapt dwh twklm twklm dwsy jxn dsj rtk 17 a b c d e f g h i j k l a b c d e f g h i j k l 18 rtk a b c 5 f k l 5 hmkj hnyb dsj hrwbg jxn trapt dwh dwsy twh recommendation of the adeptus minor r. r. e t a. c. z e l a t o r a d e p t u s m i n o r 2 official letter of recommendation for admission to the sacred brotherhood of the rose and cross r. r. et a. c. official letter of recommendation and dispensation for advancement to the second order of the hermetic order of the golden dawn. in the name of the lord of the universe, and by special dispensation from the chiefs of the second order of the temple of isis and the supreme chief of the second order of the hermetic order of the golden dawn internationa


on. a physical contactee of the adamski type, bethurum seemed a down-to- earth person with an extraordinary story to tell. secret cipher of the ufonauts 9 bimstein, louis m, also known as max theon and aia aziz. the son of a polish rabbi, bimstein traveled in nineteenth century egypt and became a disciple of the coptic initiate paolos metamon, under whom he became the grand master of the hermetic brotherhood of light. bimstein later married the trance medium mary ware and became the conduit of the cosmic philosophy. virtually every modern occult movement, from the theosophical society to the followers of sri aurobindo in india, owe him a debt in their origins. bimstein was a high initiate, quite a mysterious person, and probably in constant contact with ufonauts early on. he died in the ea

mski s original contact witnesses, but speedily developed a vast following of his own for his channeled communications. other communications were by radio. a mysterious and elusive figure, his best-known works include the saucers speak and other tongues, other flesh, but he was sometimes rumored dead long before his (presumed) actual demise in january 1986. ric williamson organized the mysterious brotherhood of the seven rays, which he presided over as brother philip in a remote retreat high in the andes mountains of south america. he was certainly an initiate, much given to ciphers and intrigue. one can only guess at his complex motives. 18 allen h. greenfield the grid page from liber al vel legis. 19 3 secret cipher of the ufonauts discovered a s those who have studied the prehistory of

e period. the 1890s marked the beginning period, or revival, of many trends, organizations and tendencies that profoundly affected the new age movement of the next 100 years. in germany, dr. kellner and dr. reuss began organizing the ordo templi orientis (oto. in england, victorian occultism reached its peak in the hermetic order of the golden dawn. in the southeastern united states, the hermetic brotherhood of light established its new headquarters. shortly thereafter, strange airships began appearing across america. their even stranger pilots would often tell witnesses that they were headed for the southeastern u.s. it should come as no surprise that various occult luminaries of the era were rumored to be secret agents (and perhaps revolutionary conspirators; madame blavatsky, theodor re

volume. through bsrf he developed in the 1940s the first major ufo trance contact group. he had been a member of the famous occult society of the inner light, and in the late 1950s introduced future new aeon english qabalist frater damon to the work of frater achad, who made the first major analysis of the cipher of the book of the law. 38 allen h. greenfield one-time grand master of the hermetic brotherhood of egypt+ lam (24; crowley s extraterrestrial control is also associated with the word lama and god= 89= golden dawn. theosophical mahatma master morya, on the other hand, was almost certainly the maharaja of kashmir, ranbir singh, much given to political intrigue with the russians, including blavatsky. morya also had the strong tibetan connections that blavatsky in her less political

york city. dr. gordon melton has gone so far as to describe the contactees as an emerging religious movement with an impetus and a life of their own. as with the theosophical masters and the secret chiefs of magick, there is a political as well as spiritual undertone in contactee lore. of particular note is the work of george hunt ric williamson (a/k/a brother philip, d. january 1986, head of the brotherhood of the seven rays with an abbey near lake titicaca in south america. williamson was a serious student of the new bible oahspe, and, perhaps, from india to the planet mars (which influenced occultism in that period. williamson acted as a bridge from 19th century occult mediumship to modern trance channeling. veteran ufologist james w. moseley tells us that williamson would go into mediu

d with strange symbols. one seems to be the royal arch masonic glyph for x written three times, translated beneath as births give cataclysms. during hunrath and wilkinsin s channeling period, ric williamson took to calling himself by his space name, mark iii, and hunrath and wilkinsin became known as firkon and ramu. later, after firkon and ramu mysteriously disappeared, ric williamson set up his brotherhood of the seven rays in a remote south american location, to deliver messages from ascended master araru-muru and others, working with the theosophically based light ray system under the ancient amethystine order. this information is all a treasure-trove from a new aeon qabalist s point of view, and points again to the continuity from the old mediumship and magical orders to the later con

in one of them, with a map of that little area of north georgia where tallulah falls, toccoa falls, brasstown bald you know, the chattahoochee national forest. the cave entrance is clearly marked. ahg: so, this map includes southern north carolina, and white county, georgia? trw: yep. with the entrance marked with a red circle. ahg: that s where peter davidson, the frontal chief of the her- metic brotherhood of light, set up his utopian colony a hundred years ago. trw: you bet, and no coincidence. where was the previous headquarters? in scotsecret cipher of the ufonauts 73 land, right where the findhorn colony was later set up, another haven for the little people. ahg: so, you and a groap of paramilitary types sought out the marked entrance and found it then what? trw: a door opened, we we

ctively in 777. gimel s magical power is, get this, the white tincture, equal to khan in the taoist system by 777 correspondences. serapis bey and tuitit bey are two of madame blavatsky s mahatmas, the secret chiefs of the theosophical system. actually, these two are modeled on paolos metamon, the coptic magician and adept, and max theon, his disciple and successor as grand master of the hermetic brotherhood of light in egypt. you could read the line as the secret chiefs work the white tincture through the hb of l. the hb of l, under frontal chief davidson, moved to north georgia in the 1880s. its knowledge and wisdom migrated into the oto under grand master karl kellner, an hb of l continental adept. examine lines 15, 13, 27, 24 in 777 for further insight. love is the law, love under will


bsequent development of previous causes. in the rosicrucian cosmogony the word "universe" signifies one cell, and, if the word is worthy of being used at all, it should indicate that all that exists is a universe. mystically, the idea of one universe as a cell, with the cosmic consciousness and intelligence within it, gives the foundation for the general idea of the unity of all existence and the brotherhood of all expressions of life. v vestal virgin.this is another term that has often been used in the place of the word colombe (see explanation regarding colombes in the forepart of the manual regarding officers of lodges) it was believed for many years that the vestal virgins were an institution of roman origin, but research has shown that in the arcane schools of egypt, and in the earlie


owards practice rather than theory later joined the golden dawn. hockley's firm belief that the rosicrucian path lay through the crystal would probably have met with little support amongst the generality of the sria's membership. hockley is claimed as a memberofanother very shadowy rosicrucian group, which 'may have formed the model for the golden dawn: the fratres lucis, also known either as the brotherhood of the cross of light or the orderofthe swastika.thefratres lucis had its origins in 1873 when between 31 october and 9 november count cagliostro, by means of herbert irwin and the crystal, gave to f. g. irwin the history and ritualsoftheorder. cagliostro informed irwin that the order had originated in fourteenth-century florence, from whence it spread to rome, paris, and vienna. among


ith others of later periods, and it seems as if, at the time when the "pyramid texts" were cut into stone, these religious compositions were intended to contain expressions of pious thought about the hereafter which would satisfy both those who accepted the ancient indigenous beliefs, p. 4 and those who were prepared to believe the doctrines which had been promulgated by the priests of the famous brotherhood of ra, the sun-god, who had made their head-quarters in egypt at annu, i.e, on, or heliopolis. the old native beliefs of the country were of a more material character than the doctrines which the priests of heliopolis taught, but it was found impossible to eradicate them from the minds of the people, and the priests therefore framed religious works in such a manner that they might be a


ritual. its creed is loyalty to truth, and its ritual "to honor every truth by use" how little this principle of universal brotherhood is understood by the masses of mankind, how seldom its transcendent importance is recognized, may be seen in the diversity of opinion and fictitious interpretations regarding the theosophical society. this society was organized on this one principle, the essential brotherhood of man, as herein briefly outlined and imperfectly set forth. it has been assailed as buddhist and anti-christian, as though it could be both these together, when both buddhism and christianity, as set forth by their inspired founders, make brotherhood the one essential of doctrine and of life. theosophy has been also regarded as something new under the sun, or, at best as old mysticis

think he deserves being called a dishonorable man, a coward? q. i believe so; but some think otherwise. a. so much the worse for them. but we will talk on this subject later, if you please. the working system of the t.s *1) the objects of the society q. what are the objects of the "theosophical society? a. they are three, and have been so from the beginning. 1. to form the nucleus of a universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, color, or creed. 2. to promote the study of aryan *2) and other scriptures, of the world's religions and sciences, and to vindicate the importance of old asiatic literature, namely, of the brahmanical, buddhist, and zoroastrian philosophies. 3. to investigate the hidden mysteries of nature under every aspect possible, and the psychic and spiritu

t instance by theosophists. one of the first, the nationalist club of boston, massachusetts, has theosophists for president and secretary, and the majority of its executive belong to the t.s. in the constitution of all their clubs, and of the party they are forming, the influence of theosophy and of the society is plain, for they all take as their basis, their first and fundamental principle, the brotherhood of humanity as taught by theosophy. in their declaration of principles they state: the principle of the brotherhood of humanity is one of the eternal truths that govern the world's progress on lines which distinguish human nature from brute nature. what can be more theosophical than this? but it is not enough. what is also needed is to impress men with the idea that, if the root of man

y. it will gradually leaven and permeate the great mass of thinking and intelligent people with its large-minded and noble ideas of religion, duty, and philanthropy. slowly but surely it will burst asunder the iron fetters of creeds and dogmas, of social and caste prejudices; it will break down racial and national antipathies and barriers, and will open the way to the practical realization of the brotherhood of all men. through its teaching, through the philosophy which it has rendered accessible and intelligible to the modern mind, the west will learn to understand and appreciate the east at its true value. further, the development of the psychic powers and faculties, the premonitory symptoms of which are already visible in america, will proceed healthily and normally. mankind will be sav

rian character, whose work should be amicably prosecuted by the learned of all races, in a spirit of unselfish devotion to the research of truth, and with the purpose of disseminating it impartially, seemed likely to do much to check materialism and strengthen the waning religious spirit. the simplest expression of the objects of the society is the following: 1. to form the nucleus of a universal brotherhood of humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or color. 2. to promote the study of ryan and other eastern literatures, religions, and sciences. 3. a third object-pursued by a portion only of the members of the society-is to investigate unexplained laws of nature and the psychical powers of man. no person's religious opinions are asked upon his joining, nor is interferenc


he united grand lodge of england; to the staffs of the london library (as so often during the past forty years, the chiswick public library and the library of the theosophical society of england. the letters device used by ayton on his writing paper t he earliest of ayton's surviving letters was written in 1886 to captain francis george irwin (1828-93, of bristol. a. e. waite described him in the brotherhood of the ro y cross (19 24, pp 568 ff) as 'a believer in the occult arts within the measure of a thinking and reading person of his particular mental class. for the rest [he] was satisfied apparently with the pursuits of spiritualism, to the truth ofwhich his circle bears witness in unpublished writings. waite mentioned too that irwin 'was a zealous and amiable mason, with a passion forr

tenced to seven months imprisonment at leeds borough sessions in january 1883 on a charge of conspiring to obtain money by false pretences. he and another were running a fraudulent 'national employment agency and mercantile assistants' bureau (see the leeds mercury, ro january 1883. after his release from prison dalton, who now used the pseudonym burgoyne, became secretary of a spurious 'hermetic brotherhood of luxor, which was founded by a so-called occultist called peter davidson. according to a. e. waite (in a new and revised encyclopaedia offreemasonry, new and revised [it was not] edition, 1923, art 'hermetic brotherhood of luxor) ayton, whom he clearly identified, although not by name, was unwittingly involved to the extent that he not only joined the 'h.,b. ofl' but 'appears to have

ul imprint in 1970. for redway's unsatisfactory dealings with mathers (and indirectly with f. l. gardner) in connection with the the letters 39 t()rm,e 's the sacred magic ofabra melin the mage( 189 8, see my the magzclans ofthe golden dawn (1972. redway's business failed c.190 0. ayton was referring to the recent death of walter moseley, of butldwas hall, shrewsbury. according to a. e. waite (thebrotherhood of the rosy cross, 1924, p. 569, his 'health had been seriously damaged by the us of drugs or occu t purp?s s. george redway acquired his books on occult ph.t1osophy and similar subjects, including a number of hockle manuscnpts. a copy of redway's catalogue is in the library of the united grand lodge of england. 4 countess wachtmeister was one of the many titled early converts to theos


ty. we have heard of two in fifty years, and both have finished their careers in prison, for drunkenness and theft. they proved to be "real i)ru2 a* 704. wbkt will perhap* still more utoniih american remders, a the fact that in the united states a mystical fraternity now ensts. which claims an intimate relationship with one of the oldest and moat powerful of eutem brotherhoods. it is known as the brotherhood of luxor, and its faithful members have the custody of very important ecrets of science. its ramifications extend widely throughout the great bepublic of the west. thou^ this brotherhood has be n long and bard at work, the secret of its existence hu been jealously guarded. mackeniie describes it as having "a roaicruciui baaia. and numbering many members (royal matonie cyclopaedia, p. 4

irit. the doctrine taught by the druzes on that particular questiduality of spiritual man, consisting of one soul mortal, and another immortal, is identical with that of the gnostics, the older greek philosophers, and other initiates. outside the east we have met one initiate (and only (hoe) who, tot some reasons best known to himself, does not make a secret d his initia- tion into the brotherhood of lebanon. it is the learned traveler and artist, frofeasor a. l. rawson. of new york city. this gentleman has passed many years in the east, four times vinted palestine, and has 'digitizecoy google a letter from an initiate 313 traveled to mecca. it is safe to say that he has a priceless store of facts about the beginnings of the christian church, which none but one who had had free


clusive, which cannot for obvious reasons be spoken on the housetops. we are now ourselves, against our desire, compelled to speak circuitously about the real, successfully concealed, very strange origin, in our modern ideas, of this famous order of the garter. the subject is, however, of very great consequence, because there is either meaning of the highest force in this, which may be called the brotherhood of princes, as the order undoubtedly is in a high sense; or there is no particular meaning, and certainly nothing challenging startled attention. there is either truth in the abstract, occult matters which the order supposedly is formed to whisper and to maintain, or there is only empty, meaningless pretence and affectation. there is grandeur and reality in its formalities, or the whol


984) concerning belimah, where he mentions its likely derivation from job 26:7. 20073 6 on page 30 of gershom scholem s kabbalah, an english translation of sy by p. davidson (elsewhere noted as the sepher jetsirah, white county [ga: 1896) is mentioned. i have not seen it. given the time and place of this publication, it does seem that this p. davidson is peter davidson (1837-1915) of the hermetic brotherhood of luxor; see godwin, chanel and deveney: the hermetic brotherhood of luxor (york beach: samuel weiser, inc, 1995. mordell, phineas. the origins of the letters and numerals according to the sefer yetzirah. the present thesis appeared in the jewish quarterly review, new series for april 1912 vol. ii, and for april 1913 vol. iii. published by dropsie college philadelphia pa. supplement:

oriously unreliable. with hall, we come to the end of a cycle of fairly frequent productions of sy in english. between hall s translation and the next one reviewed here (that of work of the chariot, 1971, there is a lapse of over forty years. falling between are two translations, neither of which have i seen: doreal, dr. m. sepher yetzirah. the book of creation. a verse by verse analysis. denver: brotherhood of the white temple, 1941. listed in sheila spector s jewish mysticism: an annotated bibliography of kabbalah in english (new york/london: garland publishing, inc, 1984) under the history of kabbalah, f. merkabah mysticism and jewish gnosticism; doreal= f15) raskin, saul. kabbalah in word and image, with the book of creation and from the zohar. new york, academy photo offset, inc, 1952


f the original creation. and asmodeus led mathematicians and astronomers to the wonders of the firmament, and i walked within the thought of scholars on quiet evenings. and that man not attempt mastery of his environment before himself, i spoke of government to khem and hellas, to the dynasties of ch'in and ashanti and tenochtitlan, and within great capitals and mean villages alike i spoke of the brotherhood of all man, and of his correlation to the forces of earth and those of the universe beyond earth. and i brought life and adventure and achievement to man, but each gift was as well a tool for destruction and death, and more oft than not were the ages of man fraught with terror and war, for uriel ceased not his work ever to turn man against man. and i knew that asmodeus alone should not

must remain ere the black flame becomes red in the glory of its perfection. then the red magus shall behold only leviathan, and he shall recognize that he has become the perfect mind, who shall remake the cosmos in the eternal glory of his satanic will. 463 464 liber primum the book of lucifer caput primum: about the book of doom 1.01. eons ago, long before mankind roamed this planet, there is a brotherhood of sorceres. 1.02. they are masters of wisdom, science, and knowledge unheard of yet in the history of mankind. 1.03. they decide to have theire knowledge accessible to all who are ready, willing, and worthy. 1.04. therefore they create a book that contains the keys to all their power, science, knowledge, and wisdom. 1.05. the name of this book is the book of doom. 1.06. this is so bec


god. amongst the medieval rosicrucians the four arms of this cross were taken to symbolize the four elements, water, fire, air and earth, called in hebrew iammim, nour, ruach and iabescheh, corresponding yet again to the four beasts about the throne of god, symbolized for us by the four great banners of the order. 773. since thus we learn that all life is the divine life, it follows also that the brotherhood of that life is in truth universal, and is by no means confined to the human species. not only is every man our brother, of whatsoever race, colour or creed he may be, but the animals and the trees around us- yea, even the very rock under our feet- are all our younger brethren, all part of the same mighty evolution. when we realize all that this knowledge implies, when we see how great


progress is by successive descents into earthly bodies for the sake of experience, and withdrawals into worlds or planes which are invisible to physical eyes. he finds that this progress is governed by a law of eternal justice, which renders to each man the fruit of that which he sows, joy for good and suffering for evil. 26. he learns, too, that the world is ruled, under the will of t.m.h, by a brotherhood of adepts, who have themselves attained divine union, but remain on earth to guide humanity; that all the great religions of the world were founded by them, according to the needs of the races for which they were intended, and that within these religions there have been schools of the mysteries to offer to those who are ready a swifter path of unfoldment, with greater knowledge and opp

arch; for only when he had that knowledge of the name and qualities of the deity was he fitted to go forth as a messenger of the sun to bear his strength and life through the world. the pater cor-responded to our i.m, who alone can confer the various degrees and pass on the succession to posterity. 421. the mithraic rites 422. the mithraic cult was essentially a religion of soldiers, a veritable brotherhood of arms. women were never admitted to their rites of initiation, although it seems probable that in earlier times there were separate degrees for them. the power flowing through the rites gave especially courage and purity, and the demands upon the candidates in both these respects were exceedingly high. there was an intensity of brotherly feeling between the initiates of mithra which

ith force along the characteristic lines of purity, courage and brotherhood, helping to bind the brethren together into a body corporate as soldiers of light and truth. this same eucharist has been transmitted to us to-day through the culdee line of tradition, in the ceremonial of the rose-croix of heredom; but the forces flow-ing through it have been modified to some extent, so that instead of a brotherhood of arms we have now a brotherhood of love. the power of love takes the place of the military influence of courage, although the method of consecration in the higher worlds is the same. this is due to a blending with the egyptian line of tradition. 424. the analogies between mithraism and christianity are very close; they are well summarized thus in the encyclopedia britannica: 425. the

ord and second sight. 568. things for to come we can fortell aright. 569. the rosicrucian manifestos, which are the first literary memorials of the order (c. 1614, were not translated and published in english until 1652, when thomas vaughan, the celebrated alchemist and mystic, who wrote under the name of eugenius philalethes and has now become an adept of the white lodge, undertook the task(*the brotherhood of the rosy cross, a: e. waite, p. 375) so as early as 1638 masonry was associated both with the rosicrucian brotherhood and with the occult power known as second sight. the connection of the rosy cross with masonry belongs to our next chapter. 570. the mason word is the only secret alluded to in early lodge minutes in scotland. what it was is still unknown, although there are curious

condemned by the roman church, both derived from the manichaeans; the paulicians with the same tradition, also persecuted; the knights of rhodes and of malta; scholastic mystics. 658. twelfth century: the albigenses appear, probably derived from manichaeans who settled in albi; the knights templars, publicly known; the cathari, widely spread in italy; the hermetists. 659. thirteenth century: the brotherhood of the winkelers; the apostolikers; the beghards and the beguinen; the brothers and sisters of the free spirit; the lollards; the albigenses, crushed out by the catholic church; the troubadours. 660. fourteenth century: the hesychasts, the precursors of the quietists; the friends of god; german mysticism, led by nicholas of basle; johann tauler; christian rosenkreutz; the great templar

matter of speculation. they have all been attributed to johann valentine andreas, a cultured and travelled german scholar of the seventeenth century, who was much interested in secret societies, and was a follower of the doctrines of paracelsus. the arguments for and against his authorship are very ably given by bro. a. e. waite in his real history of the rosicrucians, and in his recent work, the brotherhood of the rosy cross, in which, however he may mistake, in our opinion, as to the real purpose and aims of the original order (the existence of which he denies) he has nevertheless brought together a mass of valuable facts which throw a good deal of light upon the whole question. andreas acknowledges the chymical marriage, although he calls it a ludibrium or jest; from his later works he

ed of the opponents of rosicrucianism was andreas libavius of halle, who wrote three treatises against the order, in the last of which, though posing as a critic, he advises all persons to join the order, because there is much to be learned and much wisdom to be gained by so doing(*the real history ofthe rosicrucians, p. 252- 706. on the rosicrucian side we may note the echo of the godilluminated brotherhood of the venerable order r.c, published in 1615, and supposed to have been written by julius sperber of anholt, in which he asserts that the rosicrucians possessed deep wisdom, although only a few had been accounted worthy to partake of it. the echo claimed to embody absolute proof that the statements of fama and confessio were possible and true, that the facts had been commonly familiar

anholt, in which he asserts that the rosicrucians possessed deep wisdom, although only a few had been accounted worthy to partake of it. the echo claimed to embody absolute proof that the statements of fama and confessio were possible and true, that the facts had been commonly familiar to certain god-fearing people for more than nineteen years, and that they were on record in secret writings(*the brotherhood of the rosy cross, p. 254) another pamphlet published in 1617, the fraternitatis rosatae crucis confessio recepta, declares that it requires much study and careful research, as well as personal sacrifice, to become the possessor of transcendental secrets(*the real history of the rosicrucians, p. 256) 707. but the literature of the rosy cross was by no means confined to pamphlets. a sys

and orator, had a profound influence upon french masonry. it was a tolerably good oration, but nothing very extraordinary. none the less it appears to have given just that impetus that was needed to set the french high-grade movement in activity, and ever afterwards the makers of high grades looked to ramsay as their pattern and ensample. 741. he proclaimed the ideal of masonry to be a universal brotherhood of cultured men, a spiritual empire that would change the world. he refers to the three degrees, and calls them novices or apprentices, fellows or professed brothers, masters or perfected brothers- a slightly different set of titles which may refer to a different stream of tradition. these are required to practise respectively the moral virtues, the heroic virtues and the christian vir


would, she said, provide a spectacle for the others and demonstrate the mingling of sympathies required for the raising of magical potentia. doubtless this all sounds rather na ve to the modern occultist, but one must remember that this was long before the advent of the so-called permissive society or, for that matter, the popular occult movement. it was in this way that i was initiated into the "brotherhood of lucifer" it transpired that both bernard and michelle [not their real names, of course] had themselves been initiated, some years ago, into a group bearing this title, and had, as was custom, formed their own chapter; it being felt that oral transmission and mutation- in the light of personal revelation were of more value than adhering to the dictates of the parent chapter. the core


nes: o thou, of angels loveliest, most wise, o god betrayed by fate, deprived of praise! satan, have mercy on my long distress! o prince of exile, who was dispossessed, who ever rises stronger when oppressed, satan, have mercy on my long distress! o thou who knowest all, hell s sovereign, known healer of mankind s afflictions satan, have mercy on my long distress! at least one satanist group, the brotherhood of the ram, incorporated it into their regular rituals. it can also sometimes be found on satanist websites. see also brotherhood of the ram for further reading: baddeley, gavin. lucifer rising: sin, devil worship and rock n roll. london: plexus, 1999. scott,miriam van. encyclopedia of hell. new york: thomas dunne books, 1998. the beast computer legend according to an urban legend that

emons; hell and heaven for further reading: beagle, peter s, the garden of earthly delights. london: pan books, 1982. cavendish, richard, ed.man,myth& magic. the illustrated encyclopedia of mythology, religion and the unknown. 1983. reprint, new york: marshall cavendish, 1995. encyclopedia ofworld art. london:mcgraw-hill, 1960. linfert, carl, hieronymus bosch. new york: harry n. abrams, 1989. the brotherhood of satan a diabolical coven takes over a small town in this 1971 film. the elderly satan worshipers plan to conduct a ritual for the purpose of transferring themselves into the bodies of kidnapped children and continuing their infernal lifestyle into a new generation. brotherhood of the ram the brotherhood of the ram, founded by don blythe in the 1960s, was a satanist organization that

lm. the elderly satan worshipers plan to conduct a ritual for the purpose of transferring themselves into the bodies of kidnapped children and continuing their infernal lifestyle into a new generation. brotherhood of the ram the brotherhood of the ram, founded by don blythe in the 1960s, was a satanist organization that operated in southern california from the early 1960s into the 1970s. the name brotherhood of the ram appears to have been taken from a fictional satanist group in dennis wheatley s novel, the satanist. the group opened a bookstore in los angeles, california, which was closed in the 1980s, when the brotherhood disbanded. the group also ran a disco, satan s a go-go. members of this group considered satan a god of joy and pleasure, and accepted such traditional practices of sa

ools, including reincarnation and karma, as well as the law of justice and noninterference with the rights of others. members learn how to contact the hierarchies of the heavenly realm, as well as the process of transmutation, and the acquisition of health and strength through the dismissal of thoughts concerning weakness and age. they believe in the fatherhood of god and the ultimate sisterhood/ brotherhood of humanity. while the aeth priesthood represents the inner circle of the fraternity, the church of illumination constitutes the outer court group that interacts with the public. the focus of the church is upon manisism, which is the recognition of the equality of man and woman, as well as the name of the new world leader who teaches the fundamentals of the divine law. according to the

ome gradually involved in a series of rituals, are introduced to the fraternity s holy book, the scroll of daath. the fraternity s rituals focus on the all-mother, and the importance of the high priestess as the chief spiritual guide and ritual leader of the group. the group guide, the high priest, and the high priestess are the heads of the fraternity, whereas the circle of the pentacle, and the brotherhood of the cup represent the core of the fraternity. see also magic and magical groups for further reading: melton, j. gordon. the encyclopedia of american religion. detroit, mi: gale research, 5th ed, 1996. the path of light. philadelphia: fraternity of light, 1974. fraternity of the hidden light fraternity of the hidden light is the english name of the fraternity known as fraternitas l

r 1941, the agape lodge was practically the whole active membership of the oto during the late 1930s and the 1940s. the agape lodge continued on until 1952, when parsons was killed in an explosion in his home laboratory. another oto offshoot had been founded in chicago in 1931 by c. f.russell,who had been with crowley at the abbey of thelema, but split from him to found the chonzon club, or great brotherhood of god (gbg. one member of the gbg, and head of its san diego lodge, was louis t. culling, who left the gbg in 1938 to join the oto, and who published the gbg s rituals in 1969 as the complete magical curriculum of the gbg. this system was also focused heavily on sex magick. aleister crowley s advancing years had dramatically curbed his aptitude for sex magick during the 1930s, and by

followers that if they gave in to the temptations of satan, and lived their lives according to their natural predilections, they would have to pay for their sinful pleasures by giving their souls to satan and suffering in hell for all eternity (lavey 1969, 61) there have, nevertheless, been satanist groups that have incorporated this bit of infernal folklore into their religion. for example, the brotherhood of the ram, a satanist organization that operated in southern california in the 1960s and the 1970s required new recruits to cut their fingers and rub some of their blood on a piece of paper bearing their signature. see also brotherhood of the ram; faust for further reading: cavendish, richard. the black arts. new york: capricorn books, 1967. guiley, rosemary ellen. the encyclopedia of

one of wheatley s black magic novels. perhaps more interestingly, the british writer also contributed to organized satanism. as philip jenkins notes, commenting on the devil rides out: though fictional, books like this played an indispensable part in shaping the new occult groups from the 1960s onwards, including real-life satanists (jenkins 2000, 144. for example, one modern satanist group, the brotherhood of the ram, appears to have taken its name from a fictional order in wheatley s the satanist. toward the end of this same novel, the chief satanist addresses the world in a radio broadcast focused on the theme that the christian heresy had inflicted on the world many generations of senseless selfdenial, made an unnatural virtue of celibacy, and denied the people the joy in life which w

ly not the first to voice this sentiment, and thus not likely the first to implant the idea in anton lavey s fertile imagination, it is interesting that the opposition between christianity and natural human instinct is also the core theme of the satanic bible. similarly, wheatley s novelistic portrayals of satanic gatherings may have provided some inspiration for lavey s satanic rituals. see also brotherhood of the ram; film; lavey,anton szandor for further reading: baddeley, gavin. lucifer rising: sin, devil worship and rock n roll. london: plexus, 1999. ellis, bill. raising the devil: satanism, new religions, and the media. lexington: university press of kentucky, 2000. irvine, doreen. from witchcraft to christ. city, uk: concordia publishing house, 1973. published in the u.s. as freed f

f religious satanism. 1810 birth of alphonse-louis constant( eliphas levi, 1810 1875, a french occultist and writer who is a major link in the chain that led to modern magical practices. 1821 birth of charles baudelaire (1821 1867) a french poet who wrote about alienation and evil. one of baudelaire s most important satanic pieces is his litanies of satan, which was repeated in the rituals of the brotherhood of the ram, a satanic group. 1854 birth of samuel mathers (1854 1918, a founder of the hermetic order of the golden dawn, which had a significant but indirect influence on modern religious satanism through aleister crowley, a one-time member of the order. 1858 the fraternitas rosae crucis is founded by physician p. b. randolph (1825 1875. it is generally considered the oldest rosicruci


sion. the system regarded magic as a natural process, and to build knowledge from the earth, from which is powers reside. many grasped this ideology well, given aid no doubt to the nature conscious fever of the 1960 s (1. it is considered that humanity has destroyed enough of its natural resources to begin the long process of re-building from the industrial revolution. witchcraft offered a sister/brotherhood of individuals seeking the love of nature and folk magic, from which many in europe in our current time are seeking yet again. witchcraft is the direct descendent of ancient shamanic cultures and practices, which has flourished with humanity since the beginning of time. the essence of witchcraft is of two basic aspects, being the discovery of the self and the unity with nature, and the


brother c.r.c? did those three letters actually stand for the words "christian rosie cross? was christian rosencreutz, the supposed author of the chymical nuptials, the same person who with three others founded "the society of the rose cross? what relationship existed between rosicrucianism and medi val freemasonry? why were the destinies of these two organizations so closely interwoven? is the "brotherhood of the rose cross" the muchsought- after link connecting the freemasonry of the middle ages with the symbolism and mysticism of antiquity, and are its secrets being perpetuated by modern masonry? did the original rosicrucian order disintegrate in the latter part of the eighteenth century, or does the society still exist as an organization, maintaining the same secrecy for which it was

nnecting the freemasonry of the middle ages with the symbolism and mysticism of antiquity, and are its secrets being perpetuated by modern masonry? did the original rosicrucian order disintegrate in the latter part of the eighteenth century, or does the society still exist as an organization, maintaining the same secrecy for which it was originally famous? what was the true purpose for which the "brotherhood of the rose cross" was formed? were the rosicrucians a religious and philosophic brotherhood, as they claimed to be, or were their avowed tenets a blind to conceal the true object of the fraternity, which possibly was the political control of europe? these are some of the problems involved in the study of rosicrucianism. there are four distinct theories regarding the rosicrucian enigma

chapter, proves nothing. father c.r.c. was never seen by other than members of his own order, and they did not preserve a description of him. that his name was christian rosencreutz is most improbable, as the two were not even associated until the writing of the chymical nuptials. the second postulate those masonic brethren who have investigated the subject accept the historical existence of the "brotherhood of the rose cross" but are divided concerning the origin of the order. one group holds the society originated in medi val europe as an outgrowth of alchemical speculation. robert macoy, 33, believes that johann valentin andre, a german theologian, was the true founder, and he also believes it possible that this divine merely reformed and amplified an existing society which had been fou

lytton's rosicrucian novel zanoni) the third postulate the third theory takes the form of a sweeping denial of rosicrucianism, asserting that the so-called original order never had any foundation in fact but was entirely a product of imagination. this viewpoint is best expressed by a number of questions which are still being asked by investigators of this elusive group of metaphysicians. was the "brotherhood of the rose cross" merely a mythical institution created in the fertile mind of some literary cynic for the purpose of deriding the alchemical and hermetic sciences? did the "house of the holy spirit" ever exist outside the imagination of some medi val mystic? was the whole rosicrucian story a satire to ridicule the gullibility of scholastic europe? was the mysterious father c.r.c. a p

iram--it is first and fundamentally an alchemical formula, relating both to the alchemy of the base metals and the divine alchemy of human regeneration. in dr. sigismund bacstrom's collection of alchemical manuscripts is a section devoted to the translations and interpretations of this remarkable tablet, which was known to the ancients as the tabula smaragdina. dr. bacstrom was initiated into the brotherhood of the rose cross on the island of mauritius by one of those unknown adepts who at that time called himself comte de chazal. dr. bacstrom's translations and notes on the emerald tablet are, in part, as follows, the actual text being reproduced in capital letters "the emerald table, the most ancient monument of the chaldeans concerning the lapis philosophorum (the stone of the philosoph

-recurrent cosmic myth. the prince of britain is the sun, his knights are the zodiac, and his flashing sword may be the sun's ray with which he fights and vanquishes the dragons of darkness or it may represent the earth's axis. arthur's round table is the universe; the siege perilous the throne of the perfect man. in its terrestrial sense, arthur was the grand master of a secret christian-masonic brotherhood of philosophic mystics who termed themselves knights. arthur received the exalted position of grand master of these knights because he had faithfully accomplished the withdrawal of the sword (spirit) from the anvil of the base metals (his lower nature. as invariably happens, the historical arthur soon was confused with the allegories and myths of his order until now the two are insepar


orld lost its somewhat strained "scientific" outlook of the previous hundred years, and turned its attention once more, after all the centuries, to the old gods. in 1851 helena petrovna blavatsky had met the aforementioned rosicrucian magus bulwer lytton, and impressed by the encounter, had organized the theosophical society in 1875, the object of which was to establish a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity. the purpose of this nucleus was to study the supreme source of all the world religions, the central "wisdom religion" as vouchsafed to various peoples of the earth in such a manner as best suited to time and geographical circumstance, and which was said to have been in existence from time immemorial; the old wisdom of the watchers, in fact. in madame blavatsky's society it


e cup of her fornications, from which the blood of the saints dwelled. those who transverse and persevered through the path of thelema or holy magick might offer their blood to the great cup, opening themselves to the glory of babalon. babalon is the beautiful goddess of an opened spirit, the luciferian mind. she is the exact opposite of mary, for the christians goddess is the mother of the black brotherhood of christianity in many aspects, she is closed therefore non existent to those who seek the light of god (lucifer. john whiteside parsons wrote much, and dedicated a majority of his short life to babalon. marjorie cameron parsons was said to be an avatar of this goddess, and lived her life expressing the importance of individual thought and goddess worship through her art and talks. th


jinn, giants, titans, fallen angels, the watchers, the els, the ari, elders,atlantis, alien visitation, and genetic manipulation3 from the end of heaven sons of zadok, sons of seth, the uranids, cyclopeans, promethians, olympians, theelect, asuras, the illies, fomorians, the necromancers, rayless ones, bent ones, thedogons, dagons, the ana, amaraka, nagas, the rakshasas, dragon kings, naddred,the brotherhood of the snake, and the serpent people. they were also referred to asthe djedhi (see jedi. the bible takes the position that the nephilim were a malign presence and insists thattheir leaders committed a great sin by interfering with the evolution of humankind: and the great dragon was cast down, the old serpent, he that is called the devil and satan,the deceiver of the whole world, he wa

t is the history of atlantis (comyns beaumont)some key modern writers, such as brinsley la pour trench, barbara marciniak, andwilliam bramley have espoused other important theories that seek to account for thepresence of evil in the world. these accounts relate to the same idea of alien visitationand colonization. in this case, the alien invaders are referred to either as the serpentpeople or the brotherhood of the snake (it has been repeatedly noted that thoughphysical snakes were unknown on most islands, the symbol of the snake or serpent oncarvings, etc, is extremely conspicuous. in the apocalyptic fragment of clement, weread: and on earth shall be monsters, a generation of dragons of men, and likewise of serpents. but though this is their title, it should not be taken that they had the

we find a compulsion in the psychology of humansto seek for some lost paradise or far away shore where life is sublime and untroubled. thisinstinct appears especially strong in members of the female sex.because of the allegiance of the eves and their curiosity toward the high mysteries, thematriarchal cults of the priestess began. these cults of power women existed down tomedieval times, when the brotherhood of the snake, under the guise of catholicism,rose up to destroy them, en masse. the eves have never been forgiven for their aban-donment of the alien hegemony. their decision sealed their fate. that the compilers ofthe old testament and the creators of the anthrocentric, monotheistic religions pro-pound the subservience of woman should be enough proof of whom they serve. thefollowing p

l heraldry. another enclave is called thebohemian society and whose emblem is the owl. this creature, appears in miniature, on theamerican one-dollar bill and is described as an appropriate secret society totem, because itcan see things in the dark. for more on this controversial subject, see the works of jordanmaxwell, anthony sutton, lyndon la rouche, and eustace mullins (see bladerunner andthe brotherhood of the bell) the government of this country has not only to deal with governments, kings, and ministersbut also with secret societies, elements which must be taken into account, which at the lastmoment can bring our plans to nought, which have agents everywhere, who incite assassina-tions and can if necessary lead a massacre (benjamin disraeli, lord beaconsfield) it is useless to deny

l k inouye)another strategy used through the centuries was the spreading of the plagues amongthe peoples of the world. the medical professionals have been one of the most effec-tive agents in the bloody rituals, and it will shake the world to its very foundations ifthe full story of their malevolence ever becomes known. and there are other kinds ofmalign individuals operating at the behest of the brotherhood of the snake. thesevampiristic criminals are still operating in the streets of all major cities, torturing theirvictims and offering them as sacrifices to the dark macrobes. mind control is amethod which has long been refined by the hidden masters, and they use it constantlyand in many permutations. many of todays so-called serial killers are performing,consciously or unconsciously, ac

ish name similar to the word for serpent, carian. chiron may also be a derivation as is cahen insemitic. hermesthe name really means serpent.royal papyrus of turincontains information about a lineage of priest-kings whose rule stretched back at least 36,620 years.(see p. 38)dana/dianathe celtic and slavic goddess equivalent of diana. she was also a deity connected to mysteries andmagic.telchinesa brotherhood of grecian (danaan) priests, with magical and healing powers. this cult lived in the tau-rus mountains and in syria.pherylltthe order of bards that colonized britain. also known as the pharon. they worshipped the serpent god-dess keridwen. their capital was emyrs, the ambrosial city overlooking the irish sea. this was alsocalled dinas affaraon.cauldron of keridwenused for the preparati

, the distress was much (see p. 39.)applesthis fruit is usually portrayed as an apple, but that is the invention of later artists. the bible itself doesnot mention a specific fruit because the fruit was only a symbol to represent knowledge (footnote p.47)serpent/snakescomes from the root nhsh, meaning to decipher, to find out. this implies that the serpents weresome kind of scientists (see p. 56.)brotherhood of the snakeas we will now begin to carefully document, the brotherhood of the snake has been the worlds mosteffective tool for preserving mankinds status as a spiritually ignorant creature of toil throughout all his-tory (p. 56)imhotepthe first pyramid of egypt was designed by imhotep, prime minister to egyptian king, zoser neterket.imhotep was said to be the son of egypts most import

8 and1987. 1968 martin luther king assassinated. 1968 reinhard gehlen retires from the federal intelligence service. 1968 outer space hydroponics research project established under the administration of dr. arthur pil-grim, funded by boeing, for use on the moon. project lunar base alpha one. project would last until1972. 1968 with funding from george grant hogg, heir to the j.c.penny fortune, the brotherhood of eternallove sets up lsd and hashish production and marketing operations in costa rica. 1968 general electric recalls 90,000 color televisions emitting x-rays. 1968 the kaiser group founded. group composed of 60 german-americans who want to make nixona dictator. 1968 ship scheersberg disappears with 200 tons of uranium. believed to have been taken to israel. 1968 surveyor 7 lands on


iferian sabbat the ecstasy of the light of iblis, the very knowledge and communication of the holy guardian angel or angelic familiar. this is the essence of the great work, the bare root or essence of what the focus of black magick and luciferian witchcraft/sorcery entails. a study of the janus-headed adversary is essential in the context of the sabbatic/luciferian path as well as others. in the brotherhood of saturn the god of the saturnian sphere is baphomet temohpab, being a angel-demon of both a positive and negative side. in azothoz, lucifer is the baphometic spirit which presents in lyrical prose the sides of the adversary, in terms of sethanic (of set) witchcraft and the left hand path. set is presented in azothoz as the egyptian godform of chaos, darkness and storms. he is in this


ter throughout the mountains. through their actions, two men often confused with one another have come to epitomize this celtic christian community: saint columba (known in ireland as columkill) and saint columban. saint columba (521?-597) was the founder of the monastery of derry and, in 563, of the monastery on the isle of iona, which he transformed into the center of irish christianity and the brotherhood of the culdees. his missionaries evangelized as far afield as iceland and feroe and were responsible for restoring the christian religion in britain. saint columban (540-615, one of the fathers of the culdeen church, preached the christian gospel to the picts and the scots. later, in the company of twelve monks, he arrived in france, where he founded the luxeil abbey. in 613 he also es

foreign assumptions primarily those that were hellenic, neoplatonic, pseudo-hermetic, and "sabine" by 74 the origins of freemasonry from ancient times to the middle ages spreading these elements through an esoteric method of initiation based on reason, tolerance, and equality, the karmates facilitated ties among all races and castes* a conversion to ismailism is the basis for the creation of the brotherhood of the assassins: the conversion of its founder and first grand master, hassan sabah, a highly educated man who was a minister of the sultan of isfahan. he reformed ismailism with a less flexible administration that provided him with a military organization. the word assassin as applied to the brotherhood does not mean, as some have maintained "eater of hashish" in reality, assassin is

dery spread to surrounding areas. in the framework of the territorial organization of the order, the commandery of metz included in its jurisdiction the establishments of the trois eveches, lorraine, and the barduchy. by 1147, when saint bernard himself came there to preach the second crusade, the temple had deep roots in the metz diocese. interestingly, toward the end of the thirteenth century a brotherhood of masons met in the oratory of the metz commandery. from 1285 we have the name jennas clowanges, li maires de la prairie des massons dou temple [jennas clowanges, mayor of the brotherhood of the masons of the temple. in addition, a tombstone discovered in 1861 in front of the chapel and now on display in the metz museum recalls the memory of freires chapelens [brother chapelens. he wa

iverie, in the cite. this street, which was originally part of the censive and justice district of the saint eloi priory and the order of saint eloi, had passed into templar possession following the agreement reached by the two orders in 1175. as for the church, it was a former synagogue that had been converted in 1183, when philip augustus had driven out the jews. it was in this church where the brotherhood of water merchants would meet, followed by the great brotherhood of the bourgeois of paris around 1205. abbe lebeuf indicates that the church was not a dependency of any secular or regular body.10 such a franchise, irreconcilable with feudal law, could have been conferred only by the lord high justice of the templars. the great brotherhood had its own censive district and an enclave in

t seems that the same architect designed both churches.18 we know that a christian architectonic association brought over from the holy land by the templars built the temple on fleet street in london. could this same association be credited with construction of the temple in paris? it is almost a certainty that no mason and carpenters association existed at that time in paris. the oldest merchant brotherhood of the capital, the mercatores aquae, is not mentioned the templars and the parisian builders 121 before 1130.19 yet, the rapid erection of large and important buildings of the temple and of the city adjoining it presumes the existence of an extensive organization. it could be that it was only the templar community led by the magister carpentarius and that this organization was the sou

3! as the result of some highly complex legal maneuvering, the general hospital's claim was dismissed, but because it strongly desired ownership of saint blaise chapel as well as the two houses adjacent to it, it purchased this property from the master masons and carpenters in 1764. at that time the chapel was threatening to collapse and it was totally demolished around 1770.61 the service of the brotherhood of masons and carpenters was then temporarily transferred to saint yves chapel on the rue saint jacques before being installed once and for all at the old haudriettes chapel on rue de la mortellerie. it also seems that around 1760, a brotherhood of masons and carpenters met in the chapel of the nation of picardy on the rue de fouarre (rue lagrange) and that their corporation kept an of

merchants, is first mentioned in 1121. it maintained its seat at the church of saint mary magdalene. royal certificates from 1162 mention the privileges enjoyed by butchers of the la grande boucherie parisienne. these privileges were confirmed by patent letters issued from 1182 to 1183 by philip augustus. the drapers had established themselves in the community in 1183 and in 1188 they founded the brotherhood of saint peter in the chapel of saint mary the egyptian. in all the relevant documents of this era the members of this parisian brotherhood are called fraters, which is exactly the case in a 1219 charter, conserved in the city archives of paris, concerning the acquisition of a house sitting behind the butcher shop of the petit pont next to the brotherhood of drapers. everywhere, just a

he outside regarding initiation, it is likely that esoteric rites were also included but were not revealed in public, falling instead under the heading of trade secrets. the practice of these rites eventually alarmed both civil authorities and the church, which considered them sacrilegious. an interesting allusion to this subject appears in the 1548 arret of the parliament of paris concerning the brotherhood of the passion of paris. it forbids any staging of sacred texts, mainly the mysteries, which consisted of episodes from the passion of christ. the officiality of paris eventually confirmed this condemnation. we will see that this ban was not at all the case in england, where the mysteries became standardized and where the word mystery eventually acquired the meaning of the word craft.9

the distance separating some artisans from others. another consequence was that not all craftsmen were subject to the same statutes. in paris, some were connected to the community and placed under jurisdiction of the king's provost, while others were dependent on the temple or some other abbey or sovereign religious order. in the provostship of paris at the time of the livre des metiers, a common brotherhood of masons and carpenters existed, placed under the patronage of saint blaise (title xlviii, art. 2. this patronage had been adopted a good deal earlier and continued to be invoked for several centuries. the seat of this brotherhood was the saint blaise-saint louis chapel on the rue galande near saint julien le pauvre. another saint blaise chapel, connected perhaps to the same if not to

od of masons and carpenters existed, placed under the patronage of saint blaise (title xlviii, art. 2. this patronage had been adopted a good deal earlier and continued to be invoked for several centuries. the seat of this brotherhood was the saint blaise-saint louis chapel on the rue galande near saint julien le pauvre. another saint blaise chapel, connected perhaps to the same if not to another brotherhood of masons and carpenters, also existed in the neighboring saint benoit or holy trinity church on the rue saint jacques. it is in 158 from the art of building to the art of thinking fact not out of the question that builders formed several brotherhoods at this time. what is certain and this is something that happened quite quickly is that saint blaise was not the only saint to have thei

christianity, for saint nicholas simply replaced neptune. this opinion appears well-founded simply recall that the roman builders who settled in great britain placed their collegium under the protection of neptune. saint joseph was also ardently worshiped by the carpenters and seems to have supplanted saint blaise. the litre des confreries indicates that pope alexander vii (1655-1667) granted one brotherhood of saint joseph to the carpenters, though it is likely that this was actually a confirmation of a brotherhood that was much older in origin. it was installed in the church of saint nicolas des champs, near the temple, a parish where builders were numerous, and its coat of arms was an azure field behind a golden image of the infant jesus holding a compass and measuring a drawing given t

firmation of a brotherhood that was much older in origin. it was installed in the church of saint nicolas des champs, near the temple, a parish where builders were numerous, and its coat of arms was an azure field behind a golden image of the infant jesus holding a compass and measuring a drawing given to him by saint joseph. the livre des confreries also mentions an organization of stonecutters "brotherhood of the ascension of our lord, erected in the parish church of notre dame de bonne nouvelle for the brotherhood of journeymen stonecutters, having then in charge philippe hubert and pierre jouanne in 1663" its coat of arms "was a compass, triangle, plumb line, hammer, and chisels" the ascension depicted on the coat of arms of the community of masons("an acension of the son of god, all i

ted from apprenticeship fees as well as what they took in from various dues. from this fund they gave assistance to the poorer members of the trade and celebrated masses for their dead. all the trades of toulouse had their own brotherhoods during the thirteenth century, each established in a different church in which a symbolic lamp, perpetually lit, was placed before the altar. the community and brotherhood of the carpenters of angers was undoubtedly of ancient origin. in fact, the statutes of 1487 made mention of the long period of time this craft had been a sworn trade. it elected the two masters that guided it on the feast day of saint joseph, and on that same day each master paid the brotherhood the sum of eight sols and four deniers. each journeyman gave one denier per week to the co

e also worshipped by the brotherhoods of these provincial builders, with the addition of saint gregor, saint alpinien, saint martin, saint marin, saint etienne, saint barbara, and especially the apostle saint thomas, who is often depicted holding a square. purposes and traditions of the brotherhoods the purpose of the brotherhoods is defined as follows in an edict issued on march 1319 restoring a brotherhood of saint james and saint louis that had been abolished in 1306 "to provide through one's work the gifts of large alms, to feed the indigent brothers, to have masses said for both the living and the dead, and to busy oneself with various charitable works" but the primary goal, not said outright here yet implied in all that was said and done, was "to elevate man to god and let him earn t

ese brotherhoods were sometimes condemned for fomenting leagues, factions, and disorder. at the beginning of the fourteenth century, they became involved in political agitation and formed federations among themselves, which ultimately led to the temporary abolition of the parisian brotherhoods in 1306. in 1307, 162 from the art of building to the art of thinking however, the king reauthorized the brotherhood of water sellers and the other brotherhoods reformed shortly thereafter. following the disturbances and riots of 1380-1382, an ordinance issued on january 27, 1382, suppressed the brotherhoods again, but again, only temporarily. through the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the brotherhoods seemed to have become merely pretexts for holding feasts funded by monies taken in to assist th

une-september, 1966. 174 from the art of building to the art of thinking these five grand lodges each held independent and sovereign jurisdiction, and judged, with no possibility of appeal, all cases brought before them in accordance with their organization's statutes.these ancient statutes were revised on april 25, 1459, by the ratisbonnc assembly under the title "statutes and regulations of the brotherhood of stonecutters" the foundations for the revision had been cast in a preparatory meeting held in strasbourg in 1452 and the resulting statutes were subsequently endorsed by emperor maximilian in 1498 and confirmed by charles quint in 1520 and ferdinand i in 1588. the 1459 assembly, held in ratisbonne, the seat of the german diet, was convoked by jobs dotzinger, master builder of the st

ter having been forced to suspend its work on the original foundations of its institution. they specified that masonic society was christianity's contemporary, and that in the beginning it was known by the name of the brothers of john. they also explicity stated that nothing indicates that they may have been known under any other name prior to 1440, the year in which they took on the title of the brotherhood of free masons, mainly in the flemish city of valenciennes because it was during that time that hospices began to be constructed in hainaut on behalf of the brothers of this order to care for the poor who had been afflicted with saint anthony's fire. the signatories went on to list the two guiding principles for all the brothers' activities "love and cherish all men as if they were you

convoked by the grand lodge of strasbourg, appears to have been held in strasbourg in 1564. its purpose was to definitively iron out all points of contention between the different lodges. the decision was made there that future difficulties would be subjected directly to the grand lodge for final jusgement with no recourse to appeal.13 the statutes of the stonecutters the ancient statutes of the brotherhood of stonecutters (steinmetzen bruderschaft) dating from 1459 were not, apparently, the first; there is a good possibility that yet older ones exist. as we have seen, they were revised several times and endorsed by the emperors. those published in 1563 were the final ones. the rules began thus:14 "in the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost, and the glorious mother mary, and a

city during a time when the idea of multiple obediences did not exist. they were certainly merely matters of place and the corporative masonry of great britain 199 opportunity, which is the reason they can be found periodically repeated in specific and varying circumstances, proof that they were quickly forgotten. as an example, in 1436-1437, an edict was issued restricting the privileges of the brotherhood of english masons; in 1495 king henry vii banned the use of signs of recognition by masons and confirmed the edicts of henry vi.16 it is perhaps risky to mention the legend according to which queen elizabeth, because she was ineligible to be admitted into knowledge of the mysteries, harbored suspicions of the masons, which their enemies did not fail to encourage. things reached such a

ternitatis* the rosicrucians represent the most direct influence on the transformation from operative masonry to speculative freemasonry. at the beginning of the seventeenth century, there existed in holland, germany, and england various groups of learned men who formed secret societies in conformance with the principles proclaimed by the books we have already mentioned, but particularly andrea's brotherhood of the rosy cross. not surprisingly, these same men were drawn to freemasonry. in fact, sir robert moray, who, as we have learned, was admitted as an accepted mason in the lodge of edinburgh in 1641, was a rosicrucian.11 because of its symbolism, masonry provided an especially propitious environment for this influence. the first proof of a relationship between freemasonry and the rosic


nd spiritual planes. the evolution of america owes much to the seed thoughts of four masters kuthumi, el morya, rogoczy, and djwhal khul. some of the founders of america may have been consciously or unconsciously students of these teachers, just as some contemporary americans are pupils of these masters. in fact, the motto of the hierarchy of world teachers is identical with america s destiny the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of god (p. 95) another writer, from the opposite camp, confirms the assertions of heironimus. willy peterson writes: in order to reach their aims of world unity and thus engage the whole world in service to the plan, enlightened freemasons and new agers have been pushing for collectivist motifs that promote monistic pantheism and unity. this is why the chief i


r manuscripts, and all went well for a time" since the history of the hermetic order of the golden dawn subsequent to this period has already been narrated elsewhere there is little need to repeat it. those who may be interested in a detailed meticulous history of the rosicrucian claim as it has existed in europe during the past three hundred years are advised to consult arthur edward waite's the brotherhood of the rosy cross. while in my small work my rosicrucian adventure the events that occurred to the golden dawn, culminating in this present publication of its teaching and rituals, are delineated at some length. the motives which have confirmed me in this decision to ad contrary to the obligation of secrecy are there presented and discussed. and with these directions, let us pass from


nd the only one with government sanction to use the designated drugs. the universal life church represents a response to the religious freedom in america by individuals with a strong independent strain in their religious thought. the universal life church has spawned a number of similar church bodies including the crown of life fellowship, the life science church, the calvary grace church and the brotherhood of peace and tranquility. rastafarian are a new religion developed in jamaica in the early twentieth century and imported to america in recent decades. it draws on themes familiar from black judaism and black islam, but is distinct from both. finally, vajradhatu is a buddhist group, but out of a tibetan rather than a japanese tradition. temple of set address: post office box 470307 san

ater in the desert we are become. we dwell in the fane of the flame of ba. time shall bow before our wills, for we are lords of life, death, and life in death. we go forth on our secret journeys. let us find truth and become it. h the formula of the dark graal keeper of the graal: gwhat is the secret of the graal? whom does it serve? h participants: git serves the prince of darkness, and the dark brotherhood of his elect. h keeper of the graal: gecce vinum sabbatti! behold here the nectar of the great old ones, the wine of the black sabbath of the sorcerers of eld. this is the grail of the undefiled wisdom. this is the horn from which all inspiration flows. in it is blended the might and main of the mead dripping down from valhalla. in it is the very essence of life everlasting. h keeper o

f the original creation. and asmodeus led mathematicians and astronomers to the wonders of the firmament, and i walked within the thought of scholars on quiet evenings. and that man not attempt mastery of his environment before himself, i spoke of government to khem and hellas, to the dynasties of ch'in and ashanti and tenochtitlan, and within great capitals and mean villages alike i spoke of the brotherhood of all man, and of his correlation to the forces of earth and those of the universe beyond earth. and i brought life and adventure and achievement to man, but each gift was as well a tool for destruction and death, and more oft than not were the ages of man fraught with terror and war, for uriel ceased not his work ever to turn man against man. and i knew that asmodeus alone should not


ith places, natural objects, and ancestors. kami-dana: a kami shelf or altar in a private home. kara: a steel bracelet, worn by sikhs as a symbol of god. karma: the result of good or bad actions in this lifetime that can affect this or later lifetimes. kasha: the white shorts worn by sikhs as a symbol of purity. kesh: uncut hair, a symbol of sikhism. kevalnyan: enlightenment. khalsa: the militant brotherhood of sikhism, founded by guru gobind singh. khanda: the emblem of sikhism. kirpan: a sword or dagger worn by sikhs as a symbol of their willingness to fight to defend their faith. kojiki: the chief text of shinto, a work that combines history, myth, and folk belief. kosher: dietary laws, referred to in hebrew as kashrut. kungha: the wooden comb used to groom hair, a symbol of sikhism. ku

rnal forms of worship. accordingly, he rejected many of the beliefs and practices of the hindus who surrounded him, as well as what he saw as the intolerance of indian muslims. he opposed the caste system of hindus, which ranked people by social class, and any form of idol worship, or the worship of objects as gods. he adopted the monotheism (belief in one supreme god) of islam and emphasized the brotherhood of all humankind. the fundamental beliefs of sikhism are relatively simple. sikhs believe that the purpose of religion is to create a close, loving relationship with god, particularly through prayer and meditation. meditation is quiet reflection or focus on a single point. the god of the sikhs is a single god who fills the universe. he has no form that can be represented in, for exampl

ha, kasha, kara, and kirpan. golden temple: the chief sikh temple, located in the city of amritsar in india; more formally, the sri harmandir sahib. gurdwara: a sikh temple or place of worship. guru: a religious teacher. kara: a steel bracelet, worn by sikhs as a symbol of god. kasha: the white shorts worn by sikhs as a symbol of purity. kesh: uncut hair, a symbol of sikhism. khalsa: the militant brotherhood of sikhism, founded by guru gobind singh. khanda: the emblem of sikhism. kirpan: a sword or dagger worn by sikhs as a symbol of their willingness to fight to defend their faith. kungha: the wooden comb used to groom hair, a symbol of sikhism. langar: a free community kitchen maintained by a gurdwara. naam karam: the naming ceremony for children. rehit maryada: the sikh code of ethical

h as a plant or an insect. samsara refers to the ongoing cycle of death and rebirth which sikhs, as well as hindus, buddhists, and those from other religions, seek to escape. these basic beliefs are expressed in the granth sahib in this way: virtue and vice do not come by mere words; actions repeated, over and over again, are engraved [written] on the soul. basic behaviors guru nanak preached the brotherhood of humanity, a doctrine that sikhs in the twenty-first century try to uphold. sikhs try to avoid any kind of racial, gender, or ethnic discrimination (unfair treatment. consistent with this belief is the conviction that there are many paths to god, so sikhs are famously tolerant of other religious beliefs. the granth sahib is likely the only major sacred scripture in the world that act

muslim. at the city of sultanpur in india he had a revelation instructing him to preach about paths to enlightenment and to god. he opposed the caste system of hindus (a hereditary system that defined and separated social classes) and any form of worship of idols, or substitutes for god. he also adopted the monotheism (belief in one supreme god) of islam and placed a great deal of emphasis on the brotherhood of humankind. the excerpt presents guru nanak s concept of god, a concept that all sikhs adopt. it is taken from the sikh sacred scripture, called the sri guru granth sahib. the section from which the excerpt is taken, titled jup, is an epic poem written by guru nanak. an epic poem is a work of poetry that may be as long as a book. the fundamental beliefs of sikhs are reflected in the


ughts the author's character lies bare to the discerning eye. it is not in the life of cities, in the turmoil and the crowd; it is in the still, the lonely, and more sacred life, which for some hours, under every sun, the student lives (his stolen retreat from the agora to the cave, that i feel there is between us the bond of that secret sympathy, that magnetic chain, which unites the everlasting brotherhood of whose being zanoni is the type. e.b.l. london, may, 1845. introduction one of the peculiarities of bulwer was his passion for occult studies. they had a charm for him early in life, and he pursued them with the earnestness which characterised his pursuit of other studies. he became absorbed in wizard lore; he equipped himself with magical implements, with rods for transmitting influ

of his mysticism, no man more beneficent, generous, pure, and virtuous than st. martin adorned the last century. above all, no man more distinguished himself from the herd of sceptical philosophers by the gallantry and fervour with which he combated materialism, and vindicated the necessity of faith amidst a chaos of unbelief. it may also be observed, that cazotte, whatever else he learned of the brotherhood of martines, learned nothing that diminished the excellence of his life and the sincerity of his religion. at once gentle and brave, he never ceased to oppose the excesses of the revolution. to the last, unlike the liberals of his time, he was a devout and sincere christian. before his execution, he demanded a pen and paper to write these words "ma femme, mes enfans, ne me pleurez pas;

chime, as it were, of the voice, between himself and a native. this faculty was one which glyndon called to mind, that sect, whose tenets and powers have never been more than most partially explored, the rosicrucians, especially arrogated. he remembered to have heard in germany of the work of john bringeret (printed in 1615, asserting that all the languages of the earth were known to the genuine brotherhood of the rosy cross. did zanoni belong to this mystical fraternity, who, in an earlier age, boasted of secrets of which the philosopher's stone was but the least; who considered themselves the heirs of all that the chaldeans, the magi, the gymnosophists, and the platonists had taught; and who differed from all the darker sons of magic in the virtue of their lives, the purity of their doc


nearest light pole. the most terrible secret of all but there's also the matter of the most terrible secret of all, the secret that, if 18 codex magica discovered, would sound the death knell for the illuminati and freemasonry. manly p. hall, 33, touched on this in his book, lectures on ancient philosophy: freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity an outer organization, concealing an inner brotherhood of the elect. the invisible society is a secret fraternity dedicated to a mysterious secret.7 as hall alludes, freemasonry hides its greatest secret even from its membership at large only an invisible "inner brotherhood" is entrusted with it. robert guffey, writing in the book, the conspiracy reader, reports that the "cryptocrats" as he calls the elite, consider most americans to be me

s. p.t. barnum, of ringling brothers, barnum& bailey circus fame, surely was right when he exclaimed "there's a sucker born every minute" to which yours truly, author of codex magica, might add..and a 32nd or 33rd degree mason is behind the veil laughing his head off and rolling in the aisle every time a new sucker is initiated into the 1st degree of freemasonry" shining light on the darkness the brotherhood of darkness, as a good friend of mine, dr. stanley monteith, calls the illuminati, is quite confident it can easily maintain the highest level of secrecy regarding the actual meaning and import of its signs and symbols. its leaders believe they can even afford to communicate these signals and messages in plain sight, sure in the knowledge that the trance-like masses are incapable of re

ls of all kinds to enhance and accentuate their elite status and signal their superior "knowledge" to their occultic peers. signal scan the pages of this book, codex magica, and you immediately discover that the conspirators of the illuminati have a deep, dark desire to signal each other. they seem to be obsessed with flaunting their special ties with each other as well as their membership in the brotherhood of the elite at large. could it be that these men sharers of occult secrets and sharers of crimes also share a joint consciousness and recognition of their mission as individual members of a commonly shared destiny? i believe that is the case. in conscious evolution, dr. barry mcwaters acknowledges this commonality, this attempt to unify on the part of the insiders, each of which, he a

here, then, we find an arrogant expression of hubris, pride, and, most of all, rebellion. rebellion against god, against his truth, and against his people. the illuminati are revolutionaries. their revolt has no rational cause. christ jesus noted "they hate me without a cause" the illuminist strives for liberty and fulfillment of selfinterest and will apart from god and his will. that is why this brotherhood of evildoers are rebels, opposers of good, colluders with any and all forms of apostasy. the propensity of the illuminati to engage in rebellion, against god, country, and even organized civilization itself is evidenced in the inner meaning of their centuries old rallying cry "liberty, equality, fraternity" the esoteric meaning of which is liberty from the dictates of god, equality of

e spelling has been "corrupted" by freemasonry until it reached its current form.1 decker correctly asserts that "what these men are doing is worshipping a demon god so far removed from the real god that this worship must surely defile the holiness of god and guarantee those who pronounce that name in such a ceremony a swift ride to hell."2 c.c zain, a freemason who is part of a group called "the brotherhood of light" is developer and author of an entire course on ancient masonry having to do with "the spiritual significance of masonic rituals, degrees, and symbols" zain points out that the name jahbuhlun is masonry's grand omnific word, the name of their omnipotent deity. he further shows the significance of the fact that the name jahbuhlun has nine letters and is made up of three syllabl

i informally and more informatively call here the sign of the hidden hand of the men of jahbuhlun. according to duncan's the candidate presents this sign when he is approached by three sojourners from babylon. their objective: rebuild the temple of solomon in jerusalem and eventually establish a world empire of the jews. 58 codex magica in his teaching course on ancient masonry, c.c. zain of the brotherhood of light explains that the ritual for this degree requires a keen understanding of astrology. but, its performance is said to be derived from a passage in the scriptures "the sign is made" writes zain "by thrusting the hand into the bosom and again drawing it out."9 the official masonic explanation for this sign a myth intended to divert the profane from the truth is that it refers to

esuit professor adam weishaupt. hidden hand of the men of jahbuhlun 63 this poster showing america's first president, george washington, as a mason, is distributed by the george washington masonic national memorial association. it was printed in the scottish rite journal (august 1992. 64 codex magica hidden hand of the men of jahbuhlun 65 u.s. civil war officers displaying the masonic sign of the brotherhood of jahbuhlun. left is major robert anderson of the confederate army and at right is general george mcclellan, union general of the army of the potomac (photos from the florida mason, january, 2004, p. 7) russian mikhail katkov (1818-1880, occult publisher of moscow gazette. katkov brought hindu and theosophy teachings to russia. he also published some books of russian mystic, helena bl

crept out to the field, placed the wounded southerner on a cot and carried him to the field hospital of the 5th new hampshire volunteer infantry where he was treated. when the union army moved on, oden was sent to the private home of a physician to recuperate, rather than to a prisoner of war camp. lt. oden survived the war between the states. while at first sight, this is a touching story of the brotherhood of freemasonry, some of the glow dims when we recall that a non-mason, christian confederate would have been left to bleed to death. moreover, if cooperation like this existed between brother masons in the field, one is left to wonder at what degree collusion between confederate and union freemasons of high office and rank, took place behind the scenes "i gruesomely swear that i'm on t

nobility call the order of the garter. the latin words in the lower corner of the engraving mean an "honorable distinction" twenty the merovingian dynasty, the priory of sion, and the spear of longinus t h e priory of sion (also the prieure de sion) is said to be the "secret society of societies."1 baigent, leigh, and lincoln, authors of one acclaimed book, holy blood, holy grail, write that the brotherhood of the priory of sion has been preserved for two millennia. france's royal merovingian dynasty's bloodline is said to be the protector of the sect, which boasts that it is the actual bloodline of jesus. the astonishing claim is that jesus and mary magdalene were married and had children and from this bloodline shall someday arise a man who shall become the ruler of planet earth. the ho


ed with psychic phenomena, who established a group centered around her mediumship. in 1875, blavatsky, olcott, and william q. judge (1851 1896, an attorney, made the decision to move beyond the precepts of spiritualism and create a more sophisticated approach to spirit contact and mysticism, which they named the theosophical society. the threefold purpose of the society was 1. to form a universal brotherhood of man; 2. to study and make known the ancient religions, philosophies, and sciences; 3. to investigate the laws of nature and develop the divine powers latent in humankind. in 1877, blavatsky published her worldview of the occult, isis unveiled. in this work, she argues that the reason metempsychosis (reincarnation) has been ridiculed by scientists and orthodox theologians in the west

ssia, blavatsky entered another t h e g a l e e n c y c l o p e d i a o f t h e u n u s u a l a n d u n e x p l a i n e d mediums and mystics 147 helena petrovna blavatsky (1831 1891) was the founder of the theosophical society (corbis corporation) veiled period in her life when, from 1863 to1870, she was allegedly in retreat in tibet, studying with the mahatmas koot hoomi and morya, and a secret brotherhood of adepts. in 1870, back in europe, blavatsky was en route to greece when the vessel on which she was traveling exploded, and she lost all her earthly possessions, including whatever money she had managed to save. rescued at sea and brought to cairo, she supported herself through her mediumship, and in 1871, she founded the spirit society, which was quickly disbanded after accusations

piritual contact with two tibetan mahatmas, koot humi and morya, who communicated with her on the astral plane and who provided her with wonderful teachings of wisdom and knowledge. on november 17, 1875, with the aid of henry olcott and william q. judge (1851 1896, an attorney, blavatsky founded the theosophical society in new york. the threefold purpose of the society was: 1) to form a universal brotherhood of man; 2) to study and make known the ancient religions, philosophies, and sciences; 3) to investigate the laws of nature and develop the divine powers latent in humankind. theosophy (divine wisdom) is a vigorous blend of many earlier philosophies, all of which claim to have been handed down to modern students of the occult by disciples of ancient wisdom. theosophy combines teachings


rs during the gulf war. sources: conspiracy journal [online] http//members.tripod.com/uforeview. conspiracy planet [online] http//www.conspiracyplanet.com. gmkultra, biochips, microchip implants. h psychops.com [online] http//www. psychops.com. big brother fs biochip implants guarantee slavery for the masses the freemasons there are those who claim that the freemasons constitute a powerful secret brotherhood of darkness that is planning to take over the world. according to some scholars of the occult, the masons f gsupreme architect of the universe h is none other than lucifer, who cloaks himself in masonic literature under such names as zoraster, shiva, abaddon, and other pagan-god disguises. the so-called gholy writings h of freemasonry, as well as their secret rites, passwords, initiati

rities were beginning to take seriously the rumors of the existence of the illuminati. if it should be proven that the society existed in fact, certain of the more powerful german princes would take immediate steps to suppress it. to hide the society even more completely from the scrutiny of public view, the leaders implemented weishaupt fs original plan of grafting the illuminati onto the larger brotherhood of the freemasons. the illuminati were already utilizing the classes and grades of freemasonry, so the initiates of the illuminati would easily amalgamate with the more established society. to appear to become one with the freemasons would allow illuminism to spread more widely and rapidly, and weishaupt and knigge had great confidence that they would soon attain complete control over

e n c y c l o p e d i a o f t h e u n u s u a l a n d u n e x p l a i n e d 30 secret societies rosicrucians were rumored to have accomplished the transmutation of metals. mined father fs prediction inspired the surviving brothers to work in earnest to spread the teachings of christian rosencreutz throughout the world. between 1604 and 1616, three manifestos were released in germany by the secret brotherhood of the rosicrucians (from the latin, rosae crucis, grose cross h. the first two pamphlets called upon the educated and influential to unite to bring about a reformation of the educational, moral, and scientific establishments of europe. the german monk martin luther (1483.1546) had already set in motion a reformation in the spiritual sphere of life, the rosicrucian fraternity pointed o

es. while the hermetic was akin to the mystic, a great deal more came out of those smoky lab- t h e g a l e e n c y c l o p e d i a o f t h e u n u s u a l a n d u n e x p l a i n e d 42 magic and sorcery alchemywas introduced to the western world in the second century c.e. oratories than candidates for the torture chambers of the inquisition. in the intellectual halflight of the middle ages, the brotherhood of alchemy, perhaps by accident as much as design, did produce a number of valuable chemical discoveries. albert le grand produced potassium lye; raymond lully (1235.1315) prepared biocarbonate of potassium; paracelsus (1493.1541) was the first to describe zinc and chemical compounds to medicine; blaise vigenere (1523.1596) discovered benzoic acid. discoveries increased during the rena

death in 1945, cayce appeared to envision the racial strife that lay ahead. ghe [the african american] is thy brother! h cayce said while in trance. gthose who caused or brought servitude to him without thought or purpose have created that which must be met within their own principles, within their own selves. cfor he hath made of one blood the nations of the earth! craise not democracy above the brotherhood of man, the fatherhood of god. h as early as 1938, cayce foresaw difficulty for russia as long as its people were denied freedom of speech and the right to worship. then, in a provocative vision, he declared, g cthrough russia comes the hope of the world.not in respect to that which is sometimes termed communism or bolshevism.no! but freedom! that each man will live for his fellowman


overeign pontiff of the christian religion? are not the pharisees to-day just what they were in the time of caiaphas? if any one speaks to them in the name of intelligence and love, will they listen? in rescuing the children of liberty from the tyranny of the pharaohs, moses inaugurated the reign of the father. in breaking the insupportable yoke of mosaic pharisaism, jesus welcomed all men to the brotherhood of the only son of god. when the last ideals fall, when the last material chains of conscience break, when the last of them that killed the 22 prophets and the last of them that stifled the word are confounded, then will be the reign of the holy ghost. then, glory to the father who drowned the host of pharaoh in the red sea! glory to the son, who tore the veil of the temple, and whose

throughout the ages' dance; he is the sun that melts the clouds of ignorance. his precepts, better known and mightier soon to be, shall judge the quick and dead for all eternity. i do believe in god's most holy spirit, whose fire the heart and mind of saints and prophets did inspire. he is a breath of life and of fecundity, proceeding both from god and from humanity. i do believe in one most holy brotherhood of just men that revere heaven's ordinance of good. i do believe one place, one pontiff, and one right, one symbol of one god, in one intent unite. i do believe that death by changing us renews, and that in man as god life sheds immortal dews. xiii the number thirteen thirteen is the number of death and of birth; it is that of property and of inheritance, of society and of family, of w


th and coleridge, and was more than half completed by his contemporary, shelley. but it was not till swinburne himself seized the finely-strung lyre of the unconsciously irregular author of gprometheus, h and attuned it to the rustle of blake fs angel-winged voice, that it can be said that a certain system of irregularities in metre became admissible in the formal court of poetry. as the rossetti brotherhood of painters returned to the stiff and simple elegance as displayed in the gprimavera h of botticelli, so did swinburne go back to the simple beauty of greek tragedy as depicted in euripides* crowley does the same, as we see in gthe tale of archais, h also in gthe mother fs tragedy h and gthe fatal force h; but in these two latter dramas with this important difference, that instead of a

ter than jahveh, and jephthah has almost as firm a belief in the former as in the latter* in fact, all were as the ground from which they had sprung and on which they grew *jephthah, vol. i, p. 76. in gthe triumph of man, h a magnificent poem in heroic verse, crowley unfurls the oriflamme of reason against the bunting of god, leading us on from the realms of gloating anthropophagi to the gmagical brotherhood of kings. h the absolute crown and kingdom of desire, the one god sealed in the seas and betokened in the winds. gthe spirit of mankind! h before the darkness, earlier than being, when yet thought was not, shapeless and unseeing, made misbegotten of deity on death, there brooded on the waters the strange breath of an incarnate hatred. darkness fell and chaos, from prodigious gulphs of

ilth! with hope, and youth, love, light, and power, and mastery of truth armed, we reject you; the bright scourge we ply, your howling spirits stumble to your sty: the worm that was your lie. our heel its head bruises, that bruised us once; the snake is dead. so, passionate and pure, the strong chant rolls, queen of the mystic unity of souls; so from eternity its glory springs king of the magical brotherhood of kings; the absolute crown and kingdom of desire, earth fs virgin chaplet, molten in the fire, sealed in the sea, betokened by the wind: gthere is one god, the spirit of mankind! h *mysteries: lyrical and dramatic, vol. i, pp. 105, 107. the sacred pledge of the rosicrucians was: gman is god and son of god, and there is no other god but man. h such is aleister crowley fs magnificent c


es, and a sword in your hearts, and ye also shall see god face to face. thus shall we give back its youth to the world, for like tongues of triple flame we shall brood upon the great deep. hail unto the lords of the groves of eleusis *eleusis, vol. iii, pp. 229, 230. that which was to be said hereon is spoken, amen without lie, amen and amen of amedthe tarot of c. c. zain more properly called the brotherhood of light tarot, this tarot pattern was developed by an american occultist and astrologer, elbert benjamine (aka c.c. zain, 1881--1951, the founder of the church of light. decker and dummett in a history of the occult tarot report that zain's lessons 22 through 33, forming a study course on the tarot, were originally issued in 1918 (as separate papers. on this early stage the church of

t in a history of the occult tarot report that zain's lessons 22 through 33, forming a study course on the tarot, were originally issued in 1918 (as separate papers. on this early stage the church of light used a set of black and white tarot cards, where the majors and courts were taken from the saint-germain illustrations while the minors were original images. i would suggest calling this design brotherhood of light (bol) i. in 1927, still according to decker and dummett, c.c. zain published his tarot lessons 22-33 as a book, sacred tarot- obviously illustrated with bol i cards. in the early 1930s in the church's quarterly a new set of tarot images was published, where the majors and courts were redrawn under zain's direction by gloria beresford. the courts still followed the saint- germa


lized world, all following some line of occult study, yet there is but one ancient organization of genuine mystics which shows to the seeker after truth a royal road to discover the lost mysteries of antiquity and to the unveiling of the one hermetic truth. this organization is known at the present times (sic) as the: ancient order of oriental templars ordo templi orientis otherwise: the hermetic brotherhood of light it is a modern school of magic. and, like the ancient schools of magic, it derived its knowledge from the east. this knowledge was never revealed to the profane, for it gave immense power for either good or evil to its possessors. it was recorded in symbol, parable and allegory, requiring a key for its interpretation. the symbols and glyphs of freemasonry were originally also

that the true occult order. numbered among its openly unavowed (sic) representatives such authorities as sir edward bulwer-lytton. fred hockley, kenneth mackenzie. and others. bulwer-lytton links up historically with the continental adepts eliphas l vi, gerard encausse (papus, rudolph steiner and franz hartmann. these collateral continental elements constituted what was once known as the hermetic brotherhood of the light. mr. grant s last sentence is of particular significance, for it must be remembered that reuss s 1917 manifesto gave the o.t.o. the alternative title of hermetic brotherhood of light. such statements as that of mr. grant are, of course interesting but they do seem to be inherently improbable it is most unlikely, for example, that either bulwer-lytton or eliphas l vi were e


tra was probably simplistic and inaccurate).l -148- karl kellner others, however, believe that kellner and reuss true inspiration was in fact p.b. randolph, whose sexual-magical teachings had been spread to europe by a group of disciples in the late nineteenth century. many of randolph's ideas were transmitted to germany through a little known but extremely influential group known as the hermetic brotherhood of luxor (h.b. of l, begun by max theon (d. 1927) and peter davidson (d. 1916) probably sometime in the 1880 s. following randolph, the h.b. of l. made sex central to its metaphysical system and spiritual practice: it is the polarity of male and female energies that creates the universe, and it is sexual union of males and females that leads to the "reunion of the divine ego and to ang

ig, der kleine theodor reuss reader -179- liiaccording to a text called "the mysteries of eros: expressly arranged for the exterior circle of the h.b. l of l. by t.h. burgyon "especially must all sexual relations be carefully guarded and only participated in after due thought..it is this fatal mistake of sex that has ruined thousands of..aspirants for occult initiation (godwin et al, the hermetic brotherhood of luxor, 273. liiigodwin et al, the hermetic brotherhood of luxor, 67. livquoted in r. swinburne clymer, the rosicrucian fraternity in america: authentic and spurious organizations (quakertown: the rosicrucian foundation, n.d, 541; this text is also reproduced in koenig, der kleine theodor reuss reader. lv see koenig "the o.t.o. phenomenon" and "theodor reuss as founder of esoteric or


they were able to project some type of who are the draconians file//d /my documents/avidya/reptilian agenda/who are the draconians.htm (6 of 68 [8/25/2000 17:19:57] hypnotic or possibly laser-type holographic field around themselves so as to be able to intermingle with humans, undetected for what they really were? enter maurice doreal. doreal was a metaphysicist who ran an organization called the brotherhood of the white temple in sedalia, colorado. he sold small booklets and pamphlets, many of them about the "inner earth" based on what he had learned from his contacts. doreal claimed that following a lecture of his in california he was approached by two blond-haired and blue-eyed men who offered to give him a tour of an underground city below mt. shasta in northern california. of course d

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