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Hello, I'm Mike Wynn, I enjoy peanutbutter cookies, rainy days, cheap beer, and crushing the New World Order.
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I'm basically a computer nerd from Florida who became 9/11 aware through Loose Change and Alex Jones back in 2006. Before that, I was one of "those." "Those" people who believed in nothing spiritual, republican/democrat, America/China/Russia, Osama did 9/11, WW2 was purely spontaneous, so on and so forth. In the first 25 years of my life, I burdened myself with questions about atoms, molecules, space, time, energy; I gravitate towards the biggest questions, and since I thought these questions were the deepest mysteries of the universe, naturally they were the focus of my obsession. I have a natural impulse to decode, and this impulse must be directed somewhere.

I'm also among the few Americans with the benefit of having someone who taught them (or tried) about the Illuminati when they were a child. My grandmother showed me the symbol on the dollar bill, declaring it be the machinations of evil men; I was told why we didn't go to church on Sunday (because of its connection to Sun Worship). I just didn't believe her. She spun tales of a single world religion, single world leader, and a conspiracy that seemed too big to possibly hide. I had the whole world telling me one thing, and this little old lady telling me another. Who ya' gonna believe? (next time you get the chance, believe the little old lady). .

The 2 years following my NWO-awareness would be filled with obsessive documentary watching and book reading. And obsessed is the word. What I was expecting, what I was looking for, was "the end." As in, the End Game. Who's at the top of the pyramid? Why always connected to the occult? Why do they hide in plain sight, and publish so much damning material? And if they've managed such power, and such secrecy, then what's their angle? These were the questions I was asking myself at the beginning. I didn't believe in demons and Satan, but my enemy did. I didn't believe mass murder, but my enemy did. I didn't believe in any aspect of the occult, while my enemy believed in every aspect of the "standard" occult, and then some.

So how did I make the leap between typical truth seeker to documentary maker?

Well, within the first 2 years of awareness, I spotted a movie called "The man who would be king" in not one, but 2 completely different Illuminati documentaries. So, shortly after hearing the second reference to it, I watched it. The movie was loaded with symbols that I had become keenly familiar with in the past 2 years. But more than that, it appeared to be telling a story, a special story. Whose comings and goings I should pay close attention to. So I watched again, and again ( I am, as you imagine, sick to the core of that movie. Sadly, it offers good reference points ) hoping to gain a bit of insight into what was being told. It appeared to be the story of a false messiah, an Anti-Christ.

Some parts gave me the chills and affected me in strange ways ( especially those scenes which included Gregorian-like chanting, and animals and people be tortured ). There was something terrifying about this movie, but I could not put my finger on it. One thing I was certain of, was that Danny [ Sean Connery ] was playing a messiah's role. A normal man, less than godly, clearly mistaken for someone else who was expected to come. Well, it also happened that I had recently been reading religious and mythological texts and noticed some interesting connections between the movie "The man who would be king," The bible, the book of Enoch, and Islam. Because I was already convinced that the movie was based on something deeper, I didn't ignore these connections.

While I was reading through the pages of the Islamic holy books, I came across a reference to a hairy beast, one so hairy that you couldn't tell its front from its back. This beast, who identified himself as "Al-Jassasah" [ the spy ], was said to be friends with the anti-christ. The imagery that came to mind after hearing the description of the anti-Christ's hairy friend was naturally of Chewbacca, from Starwars. I also remembered Jordan Maxwell talking about Yoda, and Michael Tsarion talking about the Jedi. So I decided to watch the first 3 Starwars movies made. To learn about Chewbacca, and perhaps, his friend Han Solo. You see, I never actually sat down and watched Starwars. Before all this, I had only vague memories of the first Starwars movie, and never saw the other 5. When Han Solo mentioned he was a smuggler, temporarily blinded, taken to the edge of a pit and threatened with a 1000 years of torture, and finally mistaken for a gods, I knew then exactly what was happening.

On the surface, it appeared that The man who would be king was retold with a sci-fi twist. A rip-off, granted a subtle one. But I knew better, because it appeared that The man who would be king was itself based on characters from the bible, book of enoch, and Islam. Which means the characters of both movies were most likely based on "mythological" ( Lord, I've come to loathe that word ) figures. So, I went looking for other characters in Starwars; I started wondering who, or what, some of Starwars' other characters are based on. Which meant I had to watch all 6 Starwars.

The first 3 Starwars movies made were actually Episode 4 through 6, and their main focus is Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo. While the most recent 3 Starwars movies were named episodes 1 through 3, and focused on the life of Obi Wan and Anakin Skywalker (soon to be Darth Vader). After watching Starwars episodes 1-3, I was left breathless by this "Anakin Skywalker." Born of a virgin, the chosen one, powerful magical abilities, on and on and on.." Jesus H. Christ! Holy Smokes! George Lucas' Darth Vader is actually.....uhhhhh....Jesus H. Christ"

...listen, the FOX execs think you should leave out of the scene with the lepers....

Now C'mon. I'm no Bible thumper, I hadn't been to church in 10-15 years. And I'm certainly no Starwars fan, having just recently watched them for the first time. But I couldn't have missed the Darth Vader/Jesus Christ connections( even if I weren't looking for them); further, I couldn't imagine everyone else missing them. And I assumed they didn't. So, I naturally went searching the internet for Starwars commentary in forums and videos regarding a connection between Darth Vader and Jesus Christ. Lets be real, Starwars geeks always find their way on to the internet. And since Starwars had been out for so many years, and had been analyzed in countless ways, I'm sure someone out there noticed it before me. I was singularly confident that I would not only find 1 mention of this connection, but many mentions of the Vader/Jesus connection. If not on a Starwars forum, than at least on the website of some really pissed off Bible-blogger. Somebody. Anybody.

I searched everywhere... I typed in every combination involving starwars and Jesus I could think of into Google. Nothing. I subjected myself to the false-hope-giving, irrelevant matches of Google's cruel Page 21. Nothing. I even converted "Jesus Christ" and Starwars related words into other languages, knowing that somewhere there was a Starwars fan who didn't spend his Sundays playing dungeons-n-dragons. More nothing. Even the usually hyper-observant "conspiracy nation" didn't spot it. It was not only an interesting find, but an interesting lesson:

Don't project your perception of a particular entity upon others in an investigation

You see, had Vader been depicted as a good guy, everyone would have spotted the many connections. But, clouded by our perception of Jesus Christ, and his infinite mercy and grace, no one would suspect; even with numerous clues. So, I made a documentary called "What makes the light: Starwars Unveiled". Starwars Unveiled reviewed the connections between Vader and Jesus and also the connections between religious texts and The man who would be king. This documentary was poor, boring, and used way too much footage to fall under 'fair use.' But I felt like I was filling a hole, adding something that was unique and unknown. I never intended to make another documentary, because I didn't expect to discover any more interesting things about movies, or otherwise. Since then, I've made 5 or 6 documentaries regarding Illuminati symbolism in Hollywood.

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