Magick & The Matrix

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Magick & The Matrix (released Dec. 15th, 2009) is about Abdul AlHazred's Necronomicon and the Illuminati's concealment of the truths it bares. This documentary takes a practical look at black magic and the forces behind it. Then, delves into The Matrix-like world the Necronomicon paints. It discusses the multi-dimensional beings that feed off of us, parallel universes, and explains much Illuminati and Freemasonic imagery.

Illuminati Symbolism Presentation [1:52hr] (released July 6th, 2010)

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About Magick & The Matrix
What's to say? I was reading through the ebooks I downloaded, and stumbled upon a gem. Abdul Al Hazred's "The Necronomicon." From the moment go, I was enthralled by the story that unfolded in its pages. A story that seemed to be a compilation of information I had come accross in diverse places, all in a bite-sized 90 pages. Portals, astral-travel, devils and gods. A story seemingly ripped out aof countless Satanic texts I've read previously. It was too much truth, in too few pages; I knew I was reading something very important. Call it the fantasies of Lovecraft, or the psychotic ramblings of an Arab; I call it fact.

Further, ( and as usual :-) ) it reminded me of a few movies I was familiar with; namely The Matrix and The 9th gate.