Hollywood Insiders: Full Disclosure

Documentary description
A full-length documentary that takes a deep, analytical look at Illuminati and freemasonic symbolism in numerous movies. Examining each movie's use of all-seeing eyes, pyramids, suns, and serpents; then reviewing more covert satanic symbolism rooted in Egyptian, Christian, and Islamic traditions.

Examining [Batman,Watchmen,The Simpsons,Men in Black,Tomb Raider,Blade,Hellboy,The Lion King,THX-1138,Conan the Barbarian,Stargate,The man who would be king,Spawn,Dogma,Gabriel,The Road to El Dorado].

Full Disclosure contains only partly new material. Much of it was a compilation of my previous documentaries Fallen Angels and Revelations. The new material can, for the most part, be found at the end of the documentary. I felt that the Men in Black segment of Full Disclosure was a bit out of place, but it was necessary to bridge the gap to the subject of vampires, which was Full Disclosure's final goal. And since its release, I have only one significant correction to make: Al-Jasassah, which is Chewbaccas real name means "spy," not "assasin" ( although, I have heard assassin as a translation more than once, still it deserves correction ).

Later, while reading the book called The Mothman Prophecies,I couldn't help but be reminded of the two Men in Black films. After completing the book, I went back and watched Men in black again. It seemed as though parts of the movie were deliberately designed to resemble segments of Keel's book. The Mothman Prophecies talks about a winged humanoid being and its accompanying UFO flap. It also contains what could only be described as demonic and poltergeist activity. The book is full of tales of mysterious men in black, with non-human qualities.

The sequel to Hollywood Insiders: Full Disclosure is Hollywood Insiders: Beneath the Surface.
Illuminati Symbolism Presentation [1:52hr] (released July 6th, 2010)

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Download Full Disclosure [Video: 970Mb] [DVD:3.3Gb (cover) (Purchase @ Conspiracy Market) ] [Combo DVD: 4.2Gb] Illuminati Symbolism & Predictive Programming presentation [Video: 700Mb]

Hollywood Insiders: Full Disclosure [SCRIPT]

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About Full Disclosure
Hollywood Insiders Full Disclosure started as a documentary named Hollywood Insiders: Fallen Angels ( no longer supported, but available ). In fallen angels, I discussed the connection between the man who would be king, the book of Enoch, and movies like Starwars, Dogma, The Road to El Dorado, Harry Potter, and The Matrix. In Full Disclosure, I covered virtually the same topics, but much more. Fallen Angels, and consequently Full Disclosure, also discussed the many connections between Darth Vader and Jesus Christ. George Lucas Interview regarding the mythological origins of his Starwars.

A smaller series, Hollywood Insiders: Revelations, would also be absorbed in Full Disclosure. Revalations ( no longer supported unavailable. Sucks too much ) examines John Keel's "The Mothman Prophecies", its references to vampirism, and it's connection to the Men in Black films.

My biggest regret with Full Disclosure, and most of my other documentaries, was the audio. The script was long, my microphone ( and settings ) were poor, and some segments sound radically different from others. Worse still, the noise reduction program I used interpreted the S's at the back of the word as noise, which made me sound as though I had a speech impediment. I tried, but don't worry, it'll never happen again.

Full Disclosure is available alone on DVD, an AVI file, or on a Combo DVD.