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This is Michael Wynn (today's date: 1/30/2014), yes I am still ok :-) I just haven't made anything in a while. Thanks for asking for those who did. I will strive to not be so distant.
Hollywood Insiders & The Soul Travelers is a documentary series focusing on the Illuminati, Magic, the Occult, and Hollywood. My newest video is Symbols of Satanism 1: The All-Seeing Eye and Symbols of Satanism 2: The Bible and the Occult
Download Michael Wynn's Entire Collection [4.3Gb]


The Bible & The Occult (released Nov. 27, 2011)
The All-Seeing Eye (released Nov. 8, 2011)
How to Operate and Maintain your Personal Computer (released Apr 15th, 2011)
The Soul Travelers (released Dec 31st, 2010)
Illuminati Symbolism Presentation [1:52hr] (released July 6th, 2010)
Beneath the Surface (released June 20th, 2010)
Illuminati Esotera (released Jan. 31st, 2010)
Magick & The Matrix (released Dec 15th, 2009)
Full Disclosure (released Oct. 6th, 2009)
Dark Stars (released Mar. 6th, 2009)


Steve Jackson's Illuminati cardgame
The Fiction Paradox
George Lucas: Recreating Myth
Red Ice Radio interviews Michael Wynn (Ricin)
The Repeating Story
The Lady in Red
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Download: DVD Symbols of Satanism Part 1 & 2
Symbols of Satanism 2:The Bible and the Occult [630Mb]
Symbols of Satanism 1: The All-Seeing eye [630Mb]
How to Operate and Maintain your PC [620Mb]
The Soul Travelers DVD [4.3Gb]
Michael Wynn youtube-ready documentaries with Massive Occult & Satanic ebook collection[3.1Gb]
Download: Michael Wynn Entire Collection [4.3Gb]
The Soul Travelers 1.8Gb
Illuminati Symbolism/Predictive Programming presentation 700mb
Combo DVD (ver 6) 4.2Gb
Combo DVD (ver 4) 4.3Gb
Beneath the surface 1.5Gb
Illuminati Esotera 620mb
Magick & The Matrix 560mb
Dark Stars 660mb
Fallen Angels 1.3Gb


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